The Truth About Transfers Today

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The Truth About Transfers Today

Transfers and JUCO kids have been a part of college football for a while now. Whether they are coming (Mike Marrow, Jonathan Rose) or going (Aaron Green and Ryan Klatchko), bringing in kids who didn’t start their career with your program can be a tough fit, but at the same time, a great way to patch holes in your program until a program can get high school recruits ready to take the reins.

Let’s have a look at a few such transfers that will need to step up and contributors for Nebraska to succeed in 2012.

Mike Marrow: The former Alabama and Eastern Michigan fullback/big back is expected to get the call for short yardage situations to spell Rex Burkhead through the Big 10 season.

Being 6’2″ and 250 pounds with a year in James Dobson’s S&C program, Marrow is going to be considered a battering ram in front of either Burkhead or Ameer Abdullah. He could also play the role of ball carrier when the distance marker features a one or two.

Marrow is going to save Rex some of the hits and (hopefully) bumps that he took last October. With a year in Tim Beck’s system and his dad Vince as a graduate assistant, there’s no reason Marrow can’t contribute immediately.

Mohammed Seisay: Being one of the top 10 JUCO players as ranked by Rivals, Seisay enters a defensive backfield that he should have a starting role in versus Southern Miss.

With two good years at Memphis and one at Eastern Arizona, Seisay has done well on the field where ever he’s gone. He earned All-Freshman Conference USA honors during his time with the Tigers, which shows that even though he was in a lowly program, he didn’t let the small expectations affect his play.

One can only imagine what will happen when he gets pumped up in Lincoln.

Zaire Anderson: The defense’s new No. 8 should be a force in 2012. Anderson was a stud at Riverside Community College in California, helping his team to a 21-1 record in the two years he was there.

While at Riverside, Anderson racked up over 190 tackles and 15.5 sacks. Word out of camp is that he’s earning playing time, but it’s just a matter of time till Zaire is a household name basis like Lavonte David had beens.

As we’ve seen, when Bo brings a JUCO kid to play in Lincoln, it means he expects said player to be on the field immediately. To take a scholarship from someone else justifies that type of player impact, and there shouldn’t be an issue with these three finally earning time on the field at Memorial Stadium.


Now comes the hard part.

Many people have said that in order to grow in life, you must have the ability to bring things to an end. Because, I mean, everything that you start ends right?

This is my last piece for Husker Locker for now.

It’s nothing bad, just a matter of it’s time for me to move on. I’m not disappearing, as I’ll just be doing my thing somewhere else. Is it easy to do this? Of course not, but it’s a part of life that, as you get older, you learn on how to deal with it.

I want to thank people like Greg Mehochko, James Stevenson, Jeff Mason, Brett Baker and others who I was privileged to work with on here in both writing and audio stuff. Last year was both awesome and scary for me, and I am glad I could have folks like that who had my back on things as I had theirs.

As I told them, we share the love of Nebraska sports and that alone will keep our friendships alive.  I also wanna thank the upper staff at Husker Locker that does a lot of work you don’t see. You see the new shiny website we whipped out earlier this year? That all them, so purchase ’em a beverage for it.

Finally, a big thanks to my friend Brandon Cavanaugh for giving me my start in this whole damn Husker sports writing stuff. When he asked me last May to take this on, I figured I’d flame out by the start of the season and so be it.

A year plus later, I can’t think of not going without writing about what’s going on in the Big Red World. He believed in me and didn’t let me quit, which is better than I could have ever imagined. If you ever wanted to give this a try, ask him and he will give you that chance and help you along. (No really, ask him, I’m out man and he needs a writer)

I won’t be gone long, so don’t freak out or anything. Follow me on Twitter to find out what’s next.

Take care, stay safe, Go Big Red.

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