Unsung Husker Heroes: The Nebraska Football Video Crew Part Two

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Unsung Husker Heroes: The Nebraska Football Video Crew Part Two

Yesterday, you got a feel for how my day with the Nebraska Football Video crew started.

Today, we’ll go into about my second tour of the football floor showing me how the crew’s work impacts the team outside the video office. The crew also got their hands on the audio mixer to end all audio mixers and planned an experiment for the now infamous BeatLab.

After a mid-day meal with Nobler and friends, I snapped a quick shot of the “travelling” trophy between Nebraska and Colorado. With the Buffaloes now a member of the Pac-12, it appears to have a permanent home.

It was time for a look at how the team benefitted from the crew’s work. Nobler’s right hand man, Tate Guillotte would complete our party as we made out way into the auditorium, a room with theater-style seating and $7,000 projector.

I was shown me how coaches would punch up plays using a touchpad system via a podium just off to the size of a ginormous screen by Nobler before he, Guillotte and I sat down to enjoy said system along with some other crew members.

Earlier in the day, a package came that contained an extremely detailed audio mixer for the BeatLab, a cart used to blast music during practices. I don’t claim to be an expert on audio hardware, but even I could see that, to paraphrase Guillotte, the mixer was way more advanced than what he needed.

The crew also had a spare sub-woofer salvaged from the old basketball facility.

Being people who clearly enjoy the audio experience along with video, we three set out on a perfectly sane experiment. We (by which I mean they) were going to attach a completely unnecessarily large audio mixer and sub-woofer to an audio cart already packed with equipment used to blast music audible over the length of a football field.

Long story short, the mixer worked well, the subwoofer did not. While the football team will continue to enjoy their music, extreme bass isn’t an option…for now.

Chilling out before practice, players began filtering in and out as the football floor became a den of activity. Thanks to the Golden Tee arcade machine, I found out just how knowledgeable the 2012 roster is about golf. A Rich Fisher influence, perhaps?

Finally, I had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Guillotte to find out why he’s at Nebraska rather than LSU, more about his role in the crew, how he helps coordinate the crew during practice and advice for future technicians.

It was now time to walk with the crew and players down to the practice fields to see how the crew went about their business during practice putting a big red bow on this look into  the Nebraska Video Crew tomorrow.

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