Why Can’t Home be Where Help is for Husker QBs?

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Why Can’t Home be Where Help is for Husker QBs?

Out-of-state guidance, fourteen spring practices and no scrimmage in front of a near-sellout crowd. What’s next for Taylor Martinez?

It’s a fair bet that he’ll return to California to work on refining himself as a true dual-threat quarterback.

Martinez could use more time with Steve Calhoun, creator of the Armed and Dangerous football camps and his teacher earlier this year.

While Martinez only had three sessions with Calhoun, his instructor praised his ability to digest a wealth of information during that time.

Over the past year and a half, there have some encouraging signs of improvement by the junior-to-be. Last season, Martinez leaned on his teammates more often, slid when appropriate and panicked less.

However, his mechanics still offer a punch line that sits right next to any statements about Joe Bauserman’s accuracy.

During this part of the year, it’s understandable why Martinez would visit Calhoun again as coaches aren’t supposed to have anything to do with their players’ development.

No. 3 doesn’t spend most of his days back home in California, though. Why can’t he receive proper instruction in Lincoln to reinforce Calhoun’s teachings?

Tim Beck works to apply his template for success as he tries to address Martinez’s problems, but the lack of a full-time quarterbacks coach has to be an inconvenience to Nebraska’s offensive coordinator.

Considering the tools that the Corona, California native came in with to run Shawn Watson’s Big 12 offense and now Tim Beck’s tweaked Big Ten-oriented attack, it’s rather impressive how far he’s come.

By comparison, true freshman Tommy Armstrong looks like a polished FBS gunslinger. Every 2013 prospect that Nebraska’s targeted does, too.

It seems unfair (and unnecessary) to handicap Beck by asking him to essentially do his job knowing he has quarterbacks to refine on the side.

Nebraska has two coaches officially working with the offensive line.

Including interns that may assist, that duo becomes a handful of assistance for linemen. The offensive line is clearly a priority, but development is lacking despite having numerous cooks attending to the soup.

Surely there must be some way to provide Nebraska quarterbacks additional help without leaving the state border or even city limits.

If not, Husker fans had best cross their fingers that Taylor Martinez can take in another Bill Callahan-esque playbook of Calhoun’s knowledge. Then they’ll need to hope he won’t blank on his final exam – Snap decisions with Big Ten defenders gunning for him.

This issue goes far beyond Martinez. While Nebraska will likely make the best of his talents, when quarterbacks who are familiar with the position and have proper tendencies come to Lincoln, who’s going to correctly and efficiently build them up?

The silence is deafening.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/garrett.karls Garrett Karls

    Why Isn’t Joe Ganz The full time Quarterback’s Coach???

    • http://twitter.com/eightlaces Brandon Cavanaugh

      There are no vacant coaching spots and even if there were, I don’t know anyone that’s thrilled with the lack of development seen.

  • Spen

    as much as i disagree with almost every article that a Journal Star journalist writes, as much as it hurts to admit the Writer does make a solid point………WHO IS DEVELOPING OUR QB’S?????