Why, Dennard, Why?

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Why, Dennard, Why?

It’s less than a week until the NFL Draft.

If you aren’t picked up in the first round, you’re probably not going to slip past the second. Either way, you’re going to make bank for an average of three years assuming no major injuries occur.

Even if you float around the league for a few years after your initial contract, you’ll be able to live comfortably. Not only that, you get to be a part of the incredibly small percentage of football players who participate in the National Football League.

Then you get into an argument leading to a brawl, demand the attention of four cops and to top it all off, you pop one.

All the details aren’t out about why Alfonzo Dennard did what he did, but barring that argument being about how big the gun on the other end of it was as it was flashed around and there was a legitimate fear for safety or even his life, this is going to sting badly.

Maybe Dennard pays a fine and does some community service, he’ll still get paid. When you combine this incident with getting tossed from the Capital One Bowl, he’s done NFL head offices a huge favor. They can get a high round draft pick from the clearance bin.

Bottom line, all a future millionaire did was set that status off a bit longer. Unfortunately, he’s losing more than money. He’s starting to lose respect.

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