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A Day Off on Labor Day?


By Sporty_Broad

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When it comes to working on Labor Day, most would grumble and kick rocks. It is a day for relaxing after all, right?

Well, not if you're a Nebraska football player.

The players will be conditioning today and practicing drills on the gridiron.

"I don't get the day off today because Bo doesn't take days off," WR Brandon Kinnie said.

With Coach Pelini expounding upon what areas could be improved after the 40-7 win against UTC just two days ago, it also seems best to fix was is broken right away.

Coach Pelini did say that "overall it wasn't a bad day," but we know at Husker Nation that those are words that actually mean, "we are going to work hard at getting even better."

In fact, getting ready for Fresno State this Saturday also means that the Nebraska offensive system is going to need more guidance and solidity in order to improve, respectively.

Along with this practicing and guidance comes discipline. These players are being coached by a figure that takes the sport (and his job) very seriously.

After all, this is Nebraska football!

These players are instilled with the foundation that excellence is a process, not an event.

When a football team of this stature is working towards excellence, indeed, there will be no days off.

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Editor Note: The quote from Brandon Kinnie was a tweet from Twitter. The actual quote came from Robin Washut, the assistant team publisher for HuskerOnline.com
Thanks to Erin Sorenson, at Husker Locker, for bringing this to my attention.
I apologize for any confusion it may have caused.

– Sep 7, 2011 at 9:15 am

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