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2011 Nov 20

Another Fight?


By MightyMartin

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It's a sad news for all Pacquiao fasn out there. The commonly called People's Champ is not a champ anymore in the eyes of all the boxing analyst and boxing fans out there. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao has been sweeped off in the tops spot in almost all the top sports channels and sites worldwides. It really was a surprise for me being a fan of Pacquiao for long years now. But I guess the saying that goes like this "You really can't have it all!" suits Pacquiao the most. In a research paper that I have read about him, he was really successful in his own hometown and he really got into lots of things before recieving all teh fame in this world. Considered to be the "mortal enemy" of Mexico in the field of boxing. Now after the recent fight that he had with Juan Manuel Marquez, has gotten to be a controversial one.

The trilogy fight of Marquez and Pacquiao has been the center of all attention and it gotten worst during the result and a lot of things has been said regarding the controversial winning of Pacquiao in that match, when all thought it was Marquez who really deserved the belt after all. Pacquiao wins but yet not all are convinced with his performance. The controversial fight that slpits the decison of many boxing enthusiast on who they really think is the best. Pacquiao's current rank from being always at the top drops down to the second spot which brings back Mayweather to the Top Spot once again after his controversial fight with Ortiz that also gained a lot of controversy.

Since both Mayweather and Pacquiao came from a very controversial fight this year. Could I still expect that there could be a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight by next year. A fight that will name who is the greatest between the two of them. This could probably one of the fight that all have been waiting for. Or should I expect for a Pacquiao-Marquez fight again,

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Home > MightyMartin’s Locker > Blog > Another Fight?