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June 11th, 2010: Nebraska Independence Day


By Casker

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Numerous reports are coming out today that the Big 12 has given Nebraska (as well as Missouri and Colorado) a deadline of this coming Friday to commit to the Big 12 conference or attempt to join the Big 10 or other conference of their choosing.

Since its clear that the realignment talk is for real, expect big things to happen this football season. Heck, look for big things to happen before this football season. In fact, they are happening now. Some of you are thinking "So what, we already know this." True, so the next question is what to do about it.

Well, we can sit back, play it safe and stay in the Texas - I mean Big 12 - Conference. Or we can pursue the Big 10/11. For all we know, Nebraska has some type of verbal offer. Perhaps a third option is to look at joining another conference or forming a new conference with other frustrated schools.

My choice: Go Independent.

Here are a few supporting reasons off the top of my head:
- We aren't happy with the Big 12.
- Dan Beebe is more concerned about keeping his way instead of talking about the issues (he is firm that the Big 12 championship would remain in TX until 2013).
- Other schools in the Big 12 are not happy or are looking to expand (Missouri, Colorado)
- Rumors continue to flow about TX schools going to the Pac 10, Big 12 North schools heading to Big 10, and even teams like OU and OSU being lured into SEC talk.
- At Nebraska, our word is our word (at least that's how I feel). If we commit, we actually hold to our word. Nebraska committing doesn't mean other schools will commit or hold to their word. Missouri could commit, only to leave for the Big 10 next year.

Everything is unstable! In an environment like this, why commit in any direction?

If Nebraska decides to go Independent, this allows Nebraska to make a graceful exit and remain available for any conference realignment opportunity in the future. This would maximize Nebraska's opportunities without locking themselves up as the first team in what will soon be a massive, massive overhaul of the college football conferences.

Besides, I am pretty sure ABC, ESPN, CBS, NBC, FOX, or Versus would love an exclusive Nebraska Football TV agreement. I know I would enjoying seeing all the games on TV - and so would millions across the nation!

What do you think? Is it a horrible idea to go independent for Nebraska? Even for only a year or two until the conference re-alignment settles a bit? Worried about losing our intense matchup with Kansas State?

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I really don't think Nebraska should go independent for the long term. But I do think Nebraska should weigh their options carefully - and they are - but unless the Big 10 is really where we want to be, I'm nervous that our decision is limited to the Big 10 or Big 12. I'd hate to see us sign up to the Big 10, only to watch a giant realignment scheme happen right after our commitment and wish that we would have waited to commit.

In other words, why break up with your girlfriend today just to marry your neighbor tomorrow when this weekend their is likely to be a sorority party at your friends house.... I say, break up, be single for a while and see what opportunities present themselves. Because this whole conference realignment scenario will get very messy very fast.

– Jun 10, 2010 at 1:57 am

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I don't think that Nebraska should go independent. I mean,we never have before and that might be a risky step.I'm not worried about losing to Kansas State. We have a stable offense that is going to be much better this season,and a unmovable defense.
I would LOVE to see all of the games on T.V too. Overall if you read my blog post,I think Nebraska should stay in the Big Twelve. I'm a avid Husker football fan,and I would hate to see Nebraska leave the Big Twelve,for a smaller and unstable conference.

– Jun 7, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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It might work in football. Considering 50,000 of us are willing to pay $30 to watch NU/ASU, it makes you wonder how much pay per view on line streaming could bring in, if network contract doesn't work out? Other sports could do a Notre Dame and play in a MVC. or some other conference. Interesting thought.

– Jun 7, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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Notre Dame plays the rest of their sports in the Big East. I would be very surprised if the Big 12 lets our Basketball team hang around if our football team went independent.

Notre Dame is a national team, not a regional team. Everyone in the country either loves Notre Dame or hates them. They are the Yankees of college football. Nebraska has a very large fan base, but not the clout to pull off independence.

To say that Nebraska could flourish as an independent is allowing your pride to cloud your judgement.

– Jun 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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Notre Dame football hasn't mattered that much in a very long time, yet they still have a contract and seem to also get by in their other sports.

Independence may not be a long term solution, but if we aren't sold on the Big 12 or the Big 10, Independence would make us a "free agent" for the oncoming storm that will be conference realignment.

– Jun 6, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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As much as I would love to think that NU football matters this much, it doesn't. Not to mention who would we play in baseball and basketball? What would happen to our gymnastics team and our wrestling team? Independence is not an option at any level for Nebraska.

– Jun 6, 2010 at 3:39 pm

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