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  1. 2009 Sep 25

    Guess The Score! NU-ULL!


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    It's that time again!

    Guess the exact score of the Nebraska-Louisiana-Lafayette game and win a throwback poster. Your choice - offense or defense!

    Last week, Smokin was the only one of 17 commenters to predict a Virginia Tech win, so he was closest. Roy Helu was easily the offensive MVP, while Ndamukong Suh pretty much stole the defensive MVP honors.

    Who will it be this week? Remember to give us your:

    1. Score
    2. Offensive MVP
    3. Defensive MVP

    We'll post our prediction in this spot on Saturday!

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  2. 2008 Oct 26

    There's Only One (Red) October or How a Husker Became a Phanatic


    By NEPhootballPhanatic

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    Saturday night, I had the extreme pleasure of representing HuskerLocker fans at Game Three of the World Series, between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays.

    It began with a 1 hour, 31 minute rain delay. My husband, a Philadelphian, and I stood underneath a sheltered walkway, crammed up against thousands of other fans. And nobody was going anywhere. It was cold. It was wet. But it was the World Series.

    Born a Husker, I have now married into Philadelphia’s sports scene and I find myself wondering if a Husker fan can find a place among the Phanatics.

    Philadelphia is a town that’s proud of its blue-collar demographic, its steakhouse restaurant scene and its infamous “atty-tood.” Philadelphian’s themselves, are the ones that grumble about “Filth-adelphia” and “The City of Brotherly Shove.” But you’ll notice that they complain with both a tinge of disgust and a hint of pride.

    And before you jump to conclusions, it turns out there are more connections between the Phillies and the Huskers than just the team colors.

    It starts with Grover Cleveland Alexander, who was born in Nebraska and became a star pitcher for the Phillies in 1910. The block letter “P” from the 1915 season uniform was retired in 2001 in his honor. And even Ogden Nash, the witty poet, wrote him a tribute that’s worth a quick Google search.

    And of course there’s the Phllies favorite Ritchie Ashburn, from Tilden, Nebraska. He was one of the famous “Whiz Kids,” a lineup of young players, brought up through the Phillies' farm system. As an expert centerfielder, the Phillies have named centerfield Ashburn Alley. His .308 lifetime batting average helped lead the team to the 1950 World Series where the Yankees took the trophy.

    It was a long road to that World Series. The Phillies franchise saw only one World Series championship in its first 125 years. And it wasn’t until after a run for three straight division titles from 1976 to 1978, that the Phillies won the World Series in 1980. With the failed 1993 bid for the championship, Saturday’s Game 3 marks the first World Series game in Philadelphia in 15 years.

    But these fans were ready to wait a little longer still—until the rain passed.

    And it was worth the wait.

    Carlos Ruiz hit a home run in the second inning. Then, in the bottom of the 6th, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit back to back homers. So the Phils entered the 7th inning with a 4-1 lead over the Rays.

    During those first six innings, I had a lot of time to think about how a Husker fan might reconcile becoming a Phillies fan.

    “We want to be a part of the community as much as we can, but does that mean that we have to take on a love for Philly sports?” Bobby Kolb asked.

    He and his wife Rachel recently moved to Philadelphia, too. He grew up in Illinois and she’s a Husker. They’ve run into the same predicament I have.

    Looking around at the fans, there are a few questions about reputation that bubble to the surface. Philadelphia fans cannot be painted with a single brush, but it is fair to say that, generally speaking, they’re a rough crowd. For every scruffy, cheese-steak eating, Rocky-aspiring tough-guy there’s an arugula-eating, latte-drinking “Philadelphia Lawyer”. They both love their Philadelphia teams. And none of them try to hide their amusement when recalling an Easter egg hunt for players’ children, when the fans booed the kids who didn't find any eggs.

    So now the question becomes: Is this a community I really want to participate in?

    At one point during Saturday's game, my husband started booing with the rest of the crowd. Very confused, I asked why everyone was booing. He said, “I have no idea. We’re in Philadelphia.”

    I grew up in Husker country, where booing was frowned upon, where the opposing team always got a standing ovation and where excessive celebration was a cardinal sin. These core Husker values are completely foreign to Philadelphia fans. Whenever I ask Philadelphians about their reputation, they shrug it off with a half smile--a little false disgust and little pride.

    But it’s my theory that this pride may just be misplaced, because Philadelphia does have reason to be proud of its sports history. You only need a short list of its sports heroes to prove it: Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins, Vince Papale, Ron Jaworski, Billie Jean King, Julius Erving (Dr. J) and Mike Schmidt. There really is a lot to be proud of.

    “I still pull for [the Cubs],” Kolb said. “But I think that I can follow a team like the Phillies. They don't really have a superstar player—just a bunch of guys that are scrappy and play hard. I like that in a baseball team.”

    But as Kolb and I sat cheering for a scrappy team that plays hard, the local fans sat nervously, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it turns out they were right.

    The trouble began in the seventh inning.

    Carl Crawford, LF for the Rays, hit a slow roller down the first-base line. Jamie Moyer, starting pitcher for the Phillies, dove, fielded the ball with his glove and flipped it to Howard in one swift motion.

    The umpire couldn’t see Howard bare hand the ball, so he called Crawford safe. The missed call was obvious to the fans in the stadium. And the subsequent scored runs were devastating to the crowd—particularly since no runs would have scored, if the umpire hadn’t blown the call.

    But instead, it was 4-3.

    Then, in the eighth, Ruiz’s throwing error to third base let the tying run score. And in the bottom of the inning Jason Werth, RF for the Phillies, was picked off second just before Howard struck out.

    The life was sucked out of the stadium.

    The fan on our left said, “This is absolutely unbelievable.”

    And the fan sitting on our right said, “No. This is 100% believable.”

    My husband said, “That’s the worst part.”

    And suddenly I began to understand the plight of the Philadelphia sports fan.

    Recently, Philadelphia teams have performed well. But they are still plagued by missed championships and devastating moments of failure at crucial junctures. You can hardly blame them when they don’t show unfettered optimism. Philadelphia is a city with one of the longest championship droughts in major sports. Here are their most recent championships:

    1960 Philadelphia Eagles (football)
    1974-75 Philadelphia Flyers (hockey)
    1980 Philadelphia Phillies (baseball)
    1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers (basketball)

    On one hand, Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation for being rude and crude, but you cannot deny they are also avidly devoted—in good times and in bad. At any given moment, they can recite for you exactly how many championships were lost, and when and where. And you can see that clearly, they are partly disgusted but partly proud of their struggle.

    Then the magic happened.

    In the bottom of the ninth, the Rays loaded the bases and Ruiz took the plate. With a 5-man infield, Ruiz bobbled a 60-foot infield hit down the third-base line and brought home the winning run.

    Up in the satnds, a fan returned to his seat near me and said, “I was just up there hugging complete strangers!”

    And I thought, Maybe deep, deep down Phillies fans really are Huskers at heart.

    Then a fan from a few rows down said, “We’ll be sending you back up there in a minute!”

    And I thought, Maybe not.

    But I have to admit, I do find myself looking back on that eighth inning with utter exasperation, although in the end I was really quite elated by their win.

    And so, it is with a tinge of disgust and a hint of pride that I admit I am, after all, both a Husker and a Phillies fan.

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  3. 2008 Oct 15



    By okieskerfan

    It was one year ago this day, that we Huskers were freed from the black cloud of death known as “Pediocrity”.

    It was on this day October 15, that the silver haired snake, was relieved of his duties as athletic director of all Husker sports. The Lord returned to us the gift known as “Tom Osborne”, in order to rebuild what Steve Pederson ruined. Personally, I am debating about the value of a commemorative tattoo for this joyous occasion. Let us all share in the exuberance of a resurrection of program we know and love.
  4. 2009 Aug 13

    Nebraska "Weak"?


    By huskermaniac28

    This is a small part of a preseason ranking of Virginia Tech from Walterfootball.com, who rates the hokies 16th:

    "2009 Virginia Tech Hokies Schedule and Intangibles:
    We have to give VT a lot of credit. Despite playing in a very weak conference, this athletic department has the cojones to schedule Alabama for their season debut as Clemson did last year, and we saw how it really hurt Clemson's season. Make no mistake about it, Tech doesn't stand a chance against the Crimson Tide. They simply don't have the passing game to move the chains and their rushing game will be smothered.

    The rest of the out of conference schedule is comprised of Marshall, a weak Nebraska team (not VT's fault), and East Carolina. With so much parity in the ACC, Virginia Tech stands a great chance to repeat."

    I know a lot of respected sites that rank Nebraska lower than the top 25 (as low as 34th on SI.com) but this is just ridiculous. How can anybody call a team as resilient as this "weak"? Obviously Nebraska still needs to prove themselves, and they will. And I think Nebraska will prove this guy wrong.
  5. 2010 Jun 06

    June 11th, 2010: Nebraska Independence Day


    By Casker

    Blog post image

    Numerous reports are coming out today that the Big 12 has given Nebraska (as well as Missouri and Colorado) a deadline of this coming Friday to commit to the Big 12 conference or attempt to join the Big 10 or other conference of their choosing.

    Since its clear that the realignment talk is for real, expect big things to happen this football season. Heck, look for big things to happen before this football season. In fact, they are happening now. Some of you are thinking "So what, we already know this." True, so the next question is what to do about it.

    Well, we can sit back, play it safe and stay in the Texas - I mean Big 12 - Conference. Or we can pursue the Big 10/11. For all we know, Nebraska has some type of verbal offer. Perhaps a third option is to look at joining another conference or forming a new conference with other frustrated schools.

    My choice: Go Independent.

    Here are a few supporting reasons off the top of my head:
    - We aren't happy with the Big 12.
    - Dan Beebe is more concerned about keeping his way instead of talking about the issues (he is firm that the Big 12 championship would remain in TX until 2013).
    - Other schools in the Big 12 are not happy or are looking to expand (Missouri, Colorado)
    - Rumors continue to flow about TX schools going to the Pac 10, Big 12 North schools heading to Big 10, and even teams like OU and OSU being lured into SEC talk.
    - At Nebraska, our word is our word (at least that's how I feel). If we commit, we actually hold to our word. Nebraska committing doesn't mean other schools will commit or hold to their word. Missouri could commit, only to leave for the Big 10 next year.

    Everything is unstable! In an environment like this, why commit in any direction?

    If Nebraska decides to go Independent, this allows Nebraska to make a graceful exit and remain available for any conference realignment opportunity in the future. This would maximize Nebraska's opportunities without locking themselves up as the first team in what will soon be a massive, massive overhaul of the college football conferences.

    Besides, I am pretty sure ABC, ESPN, CBS, NBC, FOX, or Versus would love an exclusive Nebraska Football TV agreement. I know I would enjoying seeing all the games on TV - and so would millions across the nation!

    What do you think? Is it a horrible idea to go independent for Nebraska? Even for only a year or two until the conference re-alignment settles a bit? Worried about losing our intense matchup with Kansas State?

    Tags: independent beebe deadline dead line husker football conference expansion alignment

  6. 2009 Jul 07

    Niles Paul Update


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Because we believe in telling you the whole story, here's how it shook out with wide receiver Niles Paul's DUI arrest from way back:

    The DUI charge was dumped.
    The MIP was put into pre-trial diversion
    The driving under suspension charge was dumped.
    Paul copped to reckless driving, got a $150 fine.

    If Niles misses a second of the Florida Atlantic game, we'd be surprised. He and his lawyer handled this nicely.

    Tags: niles paul

  7. 2009 May 06

    To Booze or Not to Booze


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    That, now, is a question for Nebraska’s skybox owners, as NU athletic director Tom Osborne has promised a crackdown on the Huskers’ toniest fans, many of whom have indulged an alcoholic beverage or two – we’re thinking a tomato beer with a little salt drizzled around the rim of the glass – since the palatial estates opened back in 1999.

    “We had an individual who stopped breathing last year,” Osborne told The Lincoln Journal-Star. “(We) had to call the paramedics. It was an alcohol episode in one of our skyboxes, and that triggered the thought that this would not be good for the athletic department or the school if it appeared we were turning our heads on state law.”

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, you see, is a dry campus. Now, there are probably thousands of beer cans stashed all over campus by enterprising, sneaky college students, but the official rule is that, if you’re caught drinking alcohol within campus boundaries, you’re doing something wrong. Whether it’s worthy of punishment or not is debatable, but, well, you know, you’re not supposed to do it.

    Exceptions are made. A wedding reception at the Wick Alumni Center, for example. On Husker game days, the booze flows freely at the NU Champions Club across the street from Memorial Stadium, and, well, on the backseat of every flatbed truck being used as a mobile tailgating bar.

    The campus police aren’t skulking around like the cops out of “Minority Report.” Nobody’s trying to ruin the good time.

    And, surely, alcohol finds its way into the giant bowl of Memorial Stadium. Old folks tuck a flask in their coat. Students tuck just about anything where the sun don’t shine.

    Trust us: There’s more people getting blitzed in the stands than there is on the field. And trying to prevent any booze from getting in the stadium is more trouble than it is truly worth.

    But it won’t be as hard to track skybox owners, especially if Osborne takes strong measures to stop them from smuggling the alcohol into the suite days before the game. Osborne won’t be commanding room raids but, if he’s serious – and T.O. is kind of a serious guy on matters like this – enforcement outside the suits could be fairly significant.

    Where do you stand on the matter? Consider the options and give us your feedback?

    Should Osborne proceed as is?

    Should he understand that skybox owners have earned a few extra perks with their donations and push for a realistic change in the law?

    Should NU do away with its dry campus status? If so, do remember that Nebraska is one of the ten highest states in America for binge drinking, with a rate well above the national average. A wet campus means transferring at least half of the drinking that’s done downtown back to the campus, and all the potential problems that could go with it.

    What's your take, Husker fans?

    Tags: booze ban, tom osborne, football

  8. 2009 Feb 28

    Favorite Tailgating Recipes


    By BandiolaSpice

    Blog post image

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    Cover photo for the Tailgating album
    9 photos
    Trophies: 25
    Check out, Bandiola Spice .We have Husker fans throughtout the World. Share your favorite tailgating recipes with us in forums. Share the love, April 18th. coming soon. Let's see how many places in the World we can hear from. GO BIG RED!

    Tags: food, friends, football, recpies, tailgating, grilling, pre game

  9. 2009 Jun 09

    10 Truths About Boofs...Er Colorado Fans


    By MrGoodLife

    Blog post image

    I am a prisoner being held partially against my will behind enemy lines in Colorado. I’ve lived here long enough to study and investigate the strange specimen that is…the Boof. Even though I reside in Fort Collins, behind CU enemy lines as the home of Colorado State, the area is still reasonably infested with them. And, of course, I must contend with them every other year when the Big Red punches its ticket for Boulder.

    You may know one. You may, out of the goodness of your own heart, love one. The Boof is a fan of the University of Colorado football team. A particular kind of fan, I’ve noticed, as Boofs grown out of their behavior around 60 years old, then live the rest of their lives in deep regret over the Boofworm that possessed them for most of their adult lives.

    Through careful study of them over the years, and direct abuse taken from them after, let’s see, five games, I have learned some of their most important traits, or…

    …Ten Truths About Boofs!

    Enjoy, and keep notes for future travels. And by all means…share with a Husker fan you know…

    And if you’re a CU fan and see this…please…don’t take it too seriously.

    1. Boofs always travel in packs. They’re usually smallish and wiry, with shaggy hair, weak chins, squinty eyes and expressions that look like they just smelled a trash can full of fish. Often, they stumble around. How much is dependent on the time of day, the rate with which they’ve consumed Boof Beer, and whether they sufficiently cured their hangover from the night before with a plate of eggs and chili burritos (Boofs fashion themselves “Southwestern” for reasons I’ve yet to discern.)

    2. They define liquid courage. If you’re anywhere in Colorado, and you hear sharp “Hey!” followed by an expletive, expect to see a miniature Boof behind you, at the ready, armed with false hope and a half-empty longneck of whatever microbrew the barmaid tricked them into drinking. Which brings me to…

    3. They’re fascinated with urine. This explains why they drink almost exclusively beer, why they pour beer on themselves and others, why they urinate on themselves and others, and why they put urine (and beer) in water balloons. I am convinced their love affair with pee accounts for almost all of the violent incidents in Boof history.

    4. They can’t drive. You may think Boofs drive fast in Nebraska, and indeed they do. Nebraska roads are open, uncongested, and sensible. But in their natural habitat, with bike lanes and ridiculous speed limits and arterial roads and surface roads and mountain roads and tree-lined roads and putt-putt cars, Boofs drive like they’re in Cairo.

    5. The rich ones have phony California accents. To be fair, many very rich people do develop an odd, self-satisfied tone. But the Boofs who weekend in Aspen tend to have plastered smiles and inexplicable beach voices. Sentences are punctuated are with “wow” and “boy” and “I’ll tell you” and “this is some fragrant”…lines like that. When the Colorado team makes a good play, they cheer by smashing their palms together in exaggerated ways and yelling “terrific!” These are the male Boofs, of course. The female Boofs come from a mix called “Snow Bunny” sold exclusively at Colorado ski resorts. By contract, they divorce and retire to Phoenix at 42 generally just want to leave wherever they’re at to shop.

    6. They care little for their own team’s history, much less anyone else’s history. I can name players off their national championship team better than they can.

    7. They can’t tell time. That must be why they show up late. To every game.

    8. They don’t eat. Well, they must, but I’ve just never seen them. Some of them smoke. Almost all of them drink. But you try to get something resembling a sandwich within three miles of Boulder, and good luck. No, not a piece of cheese, bean sprouts and avocado in between two halves of a garlic bagel. A sandwich. Almost impossible. Even the fast food restaurants in Boulder are packed with workers who take off their professor glasses behind the glasses, clear their throat and say “I don’t really think you want fries with that.”

    9. They were deprived as children. How else to explain why they feel the need to scoop up the snow inside the stadium and throw it all over the place? Their mothers must have kept them inside.

    10. Most of them hate Nebraska and have no idea why. At least in the last 10 years or so. Woody Paige is barely a fart in the wind out here anymore now that he fries bigger fish on ESPN, and the red-letter stuff is over, dead. Dan Hawkins is too busy fashioning his ten-win, tin foil hat to really put his heart and soul into it. In fact, Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins being an area of self-proclaimed cultural acuity, the Omaha rock bands – Bright Eyes, Cursive and others I’ll never hear of – have quite a bit of cred out here. And the last significant game between these two teams was won by Colorado in 2001. Yet they hold disdain for us Huskers for better reason than holding it. I think they resent us for not being as fascinated with bodily fluids.

    If you’ve got some of your own, by all means. Hope you enjoyed.

    Tags: boofs

  10. 2008 Sep 16

    Duster Husker Group for Holdrege Area Fans


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    If you are a Husker Fan from Holdrege, please join the most recent group on HuskerLocker.com

    It is called Duster Huskers and is for you, your friends and family, and of course the Huskers!
  11. 2008 Sep 10

    SMACK TALK!?!?!?!


    By okieskerfan

    New Mexico State cornerback Davon House that the Aggies' receivers "are like 10 times better than their receivers."

    Really are we THAT poorly thought of that NMSU can talk some smack about us? Have we really fallen to those depths?
    This is a bunch of horse crap. I hope our safeties break their recievers legs.
  12. 2011 Dec 23

    Kenny Bell, a player and a role model


    By jocko327

    Blog post image

    Once every year I go out to a Husker game. I live in Michigan and so it gets pretty tough to see myself at more than one game per year. When Nebraska joined the Big Ten and the divisions were announced, I knew what game I would be attending each year. I circled October 29, 2011 on my calendar the day they announced this season's schedule. This day was my favorite Husker experience to date.

    I began to follow Kenny Bell last year when he was named the scout team MVP. He is very fun to follow in social media. He talks about the preparations he makes for the "zombie apocalypse" among other extreme ideas. He proudly displays his love for his hometown in Colorado. Most importantly, he responds to his fans. If you talk to him, odds are he will talk back. That means the world to me as a fan.

    I asked him before the trip out to Lincoln if I could meet him and get his autograph. He had responded with one word: "Absolutely" he said.

    I found out where I could meet him at the stadium on gameday and he came out to a crowd of supporters. There were probably 30 people circled around him at any given time for the next 15 minutes. I patiently waited for the kids to get their chance to meet him before I would take my turn. He stood there for at least 40 minutes before I even saw a chance to get near him. He happily signed every autograph that was requested. He took pictures with any fan that asked him to. He hoisted children onto his shoulders for family shots.

    He thanked each individual fan for coming out to the game.

    I thought it was my job to be thankful! He expressed sincere gratitude to each person that he met that day. I was floored. He was not looking for a way to escape a burden, he was happy to be there meeting his fans!

    When I finally got up there to meet him, he knew who I was. He recognized me as the guy from michigan and thanked my brother and me for driving so far to watch him play. He asked how long it took us to drive and seemed floored that we would make such a trip to see our Huskers play. I asked him to take a picture with us while putting up his signature touchdown move, "the 303." He let us get a picture with him and again thanked us for supporting him.

    The first thing I did when I got home was to post it to my facebook page. I was excited to show my friends! I tagged him in the picture with myself and my brother. He commented on the picture again thanking us for driving so far to see the game!

    Kenny Bell is truly a gifted athlete that represents our football program as good as anybody. The gratitude that he shows to his fans is unmatched by anybody that I have ever met. He made this husker fan's day with his actions.

    Kenny Bell has set the new standard for being a great Nebraska Football player!

    Tags: kenny bell, nebraska, husker

  13. 2011 Mar 14

    Join Husker Locker's NCAA Tournament Challenge!


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Hey There! Husker Locker's NCAA Tournament Challenge returns for another year - with prizes to give away!

    Join our Tourney Pick Em Conteston Yahoo!

    Group number: 107088

    Password: gobigred

    The winner gets a free year's subscription to Locker Pass and a DVD of one of last year's games! Second and third place get Locker Pass subscriptions, too!

    Here's the key: You have to use your own name or your Husker Locker user name as your picks handle to claim the overall prize. That way we can track your progress and declare a winner at the end! So go for it!


    Group number: 107088

    Password: gobigred

    Tags: ncaa tournament

  14. 2010 Apr 30

    Lombardi Watchlist...


    By huskermaniac28

    I'm glad the they recognized Pierre Allen's possible big season, but where is Jared Crick? Who puts North Carolina's Marvin Austin (42 tk, 4 sk) on the Lombardi watchlist and leaves off Jared Crick (73 tk, 9.5 sk)? No big deal (he will probably be in the hunt by the end of the season), but these are just the annoying little snubs that aggravate me. lol
  15. 2009 Aug 03

    FANS: What's Your Favorite Husker Item?


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Derek Rau got his favorite Husker item the night before the Nebraska Cornhuskers won their most recent national championship.

    Rau, then 17, was in Miami for the 1998 Orange Bowl and staying at the same hotel as the NU football team. While their parents were partying in the lobby with other Husker fans, Rau and his brothers were peeking through the window of the hotel’s game room watching players like Ahman Green shoot pool when one of them motioned for the brothers to come in.

    “We were just admiring the players,” said Rau, a former Marine and currently a security guard from Omaha. “They said we could come in and I was like huh-uh, no way.”

    When Rau and his brothers got inside, everyone in the room came up and signed the Husker jersey Rau’s brother was wearing. That jersey would become Rau’s favorite Husker item, not just because he cared about the autographs, which he did, but also because of the story behind the signatures.

    That’s the same way with most Husker fans and their favorite piece of Big Red memorabilia. The item isn’t just cherished for what it is, it’s cherished because it reminds them of the story when their favorite NU icons became real humans before their eyes.

    That’s why Stan Schleifer, a administrator at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Husker fan from Bennington, and several members of his family have a picture of a sweaty Tom Osborne with Schleifer’s son hanging from their fire place mantles.

    It was 1987 and Schleifer and his son were visiting Nebraska and they went up to the practice field to watch the Huskers run through plays. Afterward, Osborne was running around the track and eventually, he stopped and walked over to Schleifer and asked if he could do anything for them.

    “How about a picture with you and my son?” Schleifer asked him.

    “Not too many people would have stopped,” Schleifer said more than twenty years later.

    Why is the sweaty picture of the former coach so cherished?

    “It wasn’t the idea of having it as much as it was the story of how we got it,” Schleifer said.

    Blake Jackson, an 8-year-old from Omaha, got his favorite Husker item at the end of last year’s Virginia Tech game. He and brothers were looking at the players near the end of the game with another group of kids, all of whom were asking the players to throw them their gloves.

    Jackson said his brothers weren’t saying anything, which is why, he thinks, Marlon Lucky made sure the group left with a pair of gloves. He said they saw Lucky look at them and then walk over to Lester Ward and tell him something before Ward walked over and handed the brothers his gloves.

    The used gloves are now sitting on Jackson’s dresser and remind him it takes more than a loss for Husker players to avoid recognizing their fans.

    So what's your favorite Husker Item? BLCleveland from Husker Locker said he has n old Nebraska T-Shirt that he cherishes, let us know what your favorite item is, and be sure to describe how you got because, more often than not, that’s the whole story.

    Leave us a comment down below!

    And don't forget to visit Best of Big Red for more cool gifts and great Husker items!

    Join today and get Husker updates every day throughout the fall!

    Tags: fans, husker item, ahman green, tom osborne, marlon lucky, lester ward

  16. 2009 Apr 04

    SPRING FB: Getting Better...


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini kept his comments brief and general after NU’s seventh spring practice Saturday. It was the final day of the coaches’ clinic and the coach was getting geared up for the expanded scrimmages the Cornhuskers would be engaging in Sunday.

    “I’ve seen a lot of progress,” Pelini said. “We’re getting better in some areas. Overall I think we’re a better football team than we were seven practices ago.”

    Just where the progress has been made, and who’s improved, Pelini didn’t really say. He brought up only one player during his five-minute chat: Redshirt freshman strong safety P.J. Smith.

    “I like our depth at safety right now,” Pelini said. “We’re getting better. We’re way ahead of where we were last year.”

    Three players sat out all or part of Saturday’s workout, but Pelini deemed none of their situations as serious. Roy Helu “felt a twinge in his hamstring,” while linebacker Blake Lawrence and wide receiver Chris Brooks both wore protective boots. Pelini expects both back sometime next week.
    NU practices again Sunday. The session is closed to the media.

    Tags: springtime with bo, bo pelini, pj smith

  17. 2009 Mar 19

    The 401k(id)


    By SMcKewon

    Blog post image

    Laundry lists don’t make me chuckle. Usually, they involve my wife, asking me to separate socks and reds from the hamper.

    But Eugene Marve ditty of pre-requisites to the Lincoln Journal-Star tickled my irony bone a little.

    He’s the dad of Robert Marve, the quarterback who left Miami Dec. 30 after spending most of the season as the starter. Marve sat out UM’s bowl game for missing class. He also missed the season-opener for, effectively, smashing in a car window. His transfer out of Coral Gables was a mess, with a lot of he said/he said between Marve and Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon.

    Now, Nebraska is interested in Robert Marve. And the Marve family is interested in Nebraska, presumably because NU fits dad’s profile.

    You can read the LJS story here, but the gist is this: Eugene Marve wanted a school where the competition would be open, where a three-or-four-year starter wouldn’t be in place, where a school was on the “verge” of being great, and where a solid offensive line was in place.

    My knee-jerk reaction: Et Tu, Patrick Witt?

    How interesting, after NU fans vilified the former quarterback for daring to put Bo Pelini in a corner, that a different quarterback who’s been open with his grievances – and clearly not a student of Witt’s caliber, given the skipped classes – was trying the Huskers on for size. And that Nebraska’s brain trust returned the calls. It smelled of – something. Right?

    As with most knee jerks, it was nothing more than a convulsion, really. Eugene Marve has to represent his son in these matters. He’s being honest. We may not appreciate the “dressing room notes,” but a player of Marve’s talent – and he is gifted, as much as Zac Lee – has been well-schooled in having expectations. When one joins a college football program – especially at “U” – prestige, complimentary threads, adulation and, yes, female companionship is part of the package. A college quarterback turns into a dutiful soldier for a few hours each day, per NCAA guidelines, during football practice. Outside of that, he doesn’t have to buy his own Pepsi – or, you know, whatever else he might imbibe.

    So if Marve and his family felt slighted by Shannon’s interest in co-No. 1 quarterback Jacory Harris, well, we should not be any more surprised than we were about Witt’s supposed “demand” and subsequent departure. Nor should we be shocked that Harrison Beck, former NU and North Carolina State quarterback, is taking his arm and stomach pooch to a one-year-show at North Alabama.

    Listen to your local athletic director, Husker fans. Or Michael Corleone. It’s not personal. It’s business.

    Set aside college sports for a minute. Youth athletics is a serious business. Has been for 20 years. Club teams are everywhere. High school football programs often employ more coaches than the NCAA allows for college teams. Kids now awake as early as 5 a.m. to head to a “morning” practice before school. Anybody who’s studied the adolescent needs for sleep would tell you that kind of regimen is entirely detrimental to the creativity and problem-solving needed America needs to turn around its lagging performance in academics. Some coaches simply do not care, or have not been told by their bosses that they must care. For many of them, it’s a choice between baseball and science club, or basketball and debate. Or, for that matter, between basketball and baseball.

    For parents, it’s an investment. They sink thousands of dollars – sometimes all of their savings – into getting their kids the training, exposure and, most importantly, the opportunity needed to win a coveted scholarship. And if the parents are too poor, an opportunistic “handler” – an AAU coach, a “mentor” like Wichita’s Bryan Butler, a relative - steps in to do the investing for them. Every camp, performance and lesson boils down to one thing: The future. A starting job somewhere. A career. Maybe a legacy.

    Once those athletes get to college, it’s about using that scholarship to open doors after graduation – in sports or some other pursuit. That’s why Nebraska is wisely sinking millions into a new Life Skills Complex for its student-athletes. The more parents can see their “401kid” is growing, prospering and setting them up for an emotionally happy retirement, the more apt they are to send their children to Lincoln.

    It’s a Communist zeal for achievement and dominance poured into a capitalist template.

    These values are downloaded into the quarterback – often the lead athlete at a given high school – more than any other football player. He is unique, and he is taught to think so. He touches the ball on every play. He often controls the outcome of the game. In many of the best high school programs, he is groomed in junior high. Like Witt, some quarterbacks shop their services in high school, looking to match supply with demand. They are young men with a skill, looking for a company that needs it.

    Does character matter? Is the big picture – the lessons of sport and teamwork – still there? Sure. But it’s in the background. In the foreground is the “new reality” we’ve all chosen to accept, the one described above. Nobody’s quite sure who started this culture or how it started – although TV revenues are a damn good start – but, like corporate drones, they press on until calamity or enlightenment, whichever comes first.

    What’s interesting is that the old values remain in the hearts of sports fans, clinging to the ledge by their fingertips as social Darwinism tries stubbornly to pry them loose. When athletes bolt town because they can’t handle the competition, there’s still a pang of frustration among the faithful. Guys like Joe Ganz, who stuck it out and made good at NU, make us smile, although Ganz will point out that he wished he had started more games, the implication there being Sam Keller didn’t really win the job in 2007. (An implication I admittedly embrace.) He and Zac Taylor are good friends, but you sense a game of H-O-R-S-E between them would have been as heated as two lions fighting over a scrap of meat.

    What Witt and Beck have done with their careers – and what Marve is doing now with his – is perfectly sensible, given the business of athletics. And yet it offends our sensibilities. Our nature – whether it’s “better” or “naïve” is for you to decide - looks askance at their decisions and judges their character with trepidation. Why do we do that? I’m not arguing – just asking.

    And if fans care about those values – and most fans tend to be parents, too – why are we so suckered into social contracts for our 13-year-olds? Is it so hard for us to appreciate that club and high school coaches are peddling the equivalent of a no-credit mortgage loan? Of course it benefits them if your sons and daughters sign their summers away to youth sports. It’s money in their pocket. The next time you head to some soccer tournament and you’re forced to pay five bucks to park in a field of mud, it may be helpful to ask yourself: Who am I subsidizing here? My kid? Or her coach?

    I’m probably just overthinking it. In a vacuum, Americans tend to have certain values that don’t carry over into their personal lives. When the star athlete is the neighbor’s kid, it’s a symptom of crumbling society. When it’s family, well, you’re just blessed and trying to do the best you can, and others don’t understand your reality.

    Maybe the conflict relates to that famous line from F. Scott Fitzgerald, who knew a thing or two about culture and its funny rules: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

    Or maybe our conflict is simple hypocrisy.

    Values reflected tend to be values protected. If fans balk at nosy parents and their entitled kids, don’t expect it to change the minute they step on a college campus. Coaches may partially create the system, but they also have to operate within it.

    They’re not breaking in a choir. They’re trying to build a football team.
  18. 2011 Nov 01

    We the Huskers...


    By Casker

    Another blogger wrote an article with a sentence beginning with the phrase "Also, is it truly “us”...".

    Funny thing is, I've wondered that about Husker Nation early this year. Sure, now that we are winning, its easy for all Huskers to be an "us" and for us to act like one happy family. However, we all know the divisions that existed (or should I say, exist?). I think its time we support our team, win or lose, our favorite player or not, our favorite coach or not, etc.

    If the team were headed in a certain direction such as the Pedersen/Callahan days, I would be all for starting a website to remove the coaches (*wink, wink*), but we are not in that situation. We have a team that is fighting with the Husker spirit of old. We have a defense bouncing up and down before the snap with an attitude like the Huskers of old (you know what I am talking about). You have a team that rallies around it's coach - say it with me - like the Husker spirit of old. The more we support our team, the more our team will embrace us.

    We are headed in the right direction, aren't we? I say we enjoy the ride and where we are today. We have one loss - just ONE! Let's enjoy it and support the team we have. After all, this team just might be playing for a B1G Championship in a few weeks ;-)

    Tags: support huskers one loss big ten championship steve pedersen bill callahan

  19. 2011 Oct 29

    Show the Defense some love


    By huskerhemi

    Blog post image

    Finally the Huskers put together a complete game. Nice to see the D make some plays especially in the secondary. The D made Cousins look alot like Locker in the first game last year. Just a very good game all around on the defensive side of the ball. As for the offense. Rex is a stud. I think Superman wears a #22 jersey. I was glad to see the team just show up and play. All I heard all week was how great MSU was and how average Nebraska was. Well I would say the final score would beg to differ with that scenario. I know we have some big games coming up but I see a very good November ahead of us. The team is really starting to come together and this was a 4 quarter effort. GO BIG RED!
  20. 2011 Mar 20

    Husker Plates


    By prancer

    Blog post image

    As a Husker, stuck behind enemy lines in Austin, Texas, I approached the State of Texas to approve Husker license plates for all of the Husker fans down here in Texas. They finally approved them late last year and are now available for all Nebraska fans who live in Texas.

    I ordered my plates a few weeks ago and when you open the attachment this is what they will look like. I hope you get a kick out of them.

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