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2010 Nov 02

11 Memorable Nebraska-Iowa State Games


By HuskerLocker

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There's never been much animosity between Nebraska and Iowa State's football program. Just an unspoken good cheer between the two fan bases - plus some frigid football games in November!

NU has its share of blowouts in the series but, over the years, ISU notched surprising upsets and victories, too. Here's 11 games we remember fondly as this rivalry ends after Saturday.

1972: Nebraska 23 Iowa State 23 The Huskers rolled into Ames as the nation's No.2 team. They rolled out lucky to get a tie, as ISU tied the game with 23 seconds left on a touchdown pass, then missed the extra point that would have given the Cyclones the win. Nebraska lost eight turnovers that day, a stat that would rear its head again some 27 years later. One of the last games at Clyde Williams Stadium, built more for track than football.

1976: Iowa State 37 Nebraska 28 The Cyclones took advantage of nine NU turnovers (weird how that keeps happening) and schooled the No. 9 Huskers with their option offense. A late comeback led by Vince Ferragamo fell short and the Huskers plummeted from the top ten. It was this loss that made some Nebraska boosters question whether head coach Tom Osborne was the right guy to lead the team. If you can believe it.

1977: Iowa State 24 Nebraska 21 Another Cyclone stunner, as ISU running back Dexter Green outdueled I.M. Hipp in Lincoln. This is the last Iowa State win over Nebraska until 1992. From 1976-1978, ISU was 24-11. Not bad.

1983: Nebraska 72 Iowa State 29 The combined 101 points were the most ever scored at Memorial Stadium at the time (later eclipsed on several occasions). The teams racked up 1,170 yards (ISU had 503 overall, and 346 passing). Mike Rozier rushed for 212 yards and four touchdowns on 26 carries, Turner Gill threw for 241 yards and Irving Fryar caught five passes for 114 yards.

1986: Nebraska 35 Iowa State 14 NU overcame a brutal wind, frigid temps and a sluggish first half to score 28 second-half points and rebuff ISU's upset bid. Ken Kaelin and Tyrese Knox both rushed for 126 yards. Osborne reputedly used one of his rare fire-up speeches at halftime.

1992: Iowa State 19 Nebraska 10 Marv Seiler. This small, relatively unknown ISU quarterback ran the wishbone with beauty and speed against a Husker team that was coming off of back-to-back wins over top 15 teams. ISU rushed for 373 yards, and Seiler sealed the win with a long run on third down on the Cyclones' final touchdown drive.

1994: Nebraska 28 Iowa State 12 The Huskers were flying high two weeks after beating Colorado and headed toward an Orange Bowl. And yet, ISU took NU into the fourth quarter, trailing just 14-12. Remember, too, that NU had to win pretty to stay ahead of undefeated Penn State. Nebraska scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns, one from Damon Benning, one from Lawrence Phillips. Phillips rushed for 183 yards on 36 carries, one of his great performances.

2000: Nebraska 49 Iowa State 27 NU iced a dead heat with a 28-point fourth quarter. The Huskers led just 21-20 heading into the final 15 minutes, before an overpowering running game – featuring Eric Crouch and Dan Alexander – steamrolled the previously-undefeated Cyclones. ISU quarterback Sage Rosenfels put up a good fight, throwing for 346 yards. Iowa State won nine games that year.

2004: Iowa State 34 Nebraska 27 ISU held off a furious Husker comeback after staking a 34-13 lead off the arm of redshirt freshman quarterback Bret Meyer. Bittersweet game for then-Iowa State offensive coordinator Barney Cotton, who served in the same role at Nebraska in 2003, and now coaches the Huskers' offensive line these days.

2005: Nebraska 27 Iowa State 20 OT A crisp, well-played game that also served as Zac Taylor's coming-out party. He completed 36 of 55 passes for 431 yards, while running back Cody Ross caught 8 passes for 131 yards and a touchdown. NU sealed the win with a key stop in overtime.

2009: Iowa State 9 Nebraska 7 The Huskers commit eight turnovers – which includes Niles Paul's bizarre fumble halfway toward scoring a go-ahead touchdown – in one of their worst losses in Memorial Stadium history. ISU pulls a massive upset despite missing its starting quarterback and running back.

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My favorite moment from any ISU game: http://www.yo...ayer_embedded

– Nov 2, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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The first game you referenced, the 23-23 tie on a muddy field at old Clyde Williams Field in 1972, is as memorable for me as if it were played yesterday. Lyell Bremser went nuts when ISU missed the potential game-winning PAT. However, a game not mentioned, was Nebraska's 23-13 victory over ISU in 1974. The Husker battled both a muddy field and smoke bombs thrown on the field by ISU students. It was the final college football game ever played at Clyde Williams Field .... which begs the question: What parent in their right mind would name their kid, Clyde?

– Nov 2, 2010 at 10:35 am

Profile image for bigred1

I'll never forget the Marv Seiler game. It was Tommie Fraizier's 4th start and he hit a wall. Seiler's big 3rd down run went for somewhere around 70 yards and it broke NU's back. I remember seeing the replay and he looked sooooooo slow...I couldn't believe that happened!

– Nov 2, 2010 at 9:54 am

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