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2011 Apr 06



By HuskerLocker

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The 50 Huskers to Know returns for the 2011 spring season! We count down the players you absolutely have to watch heading into spring football, culminating with No. 1 during NU's spring break.

The spring list, remember, is about players who are currently in the program, with an emphasis on redshirt freshmen and sophomores who might not have played much yet; in the fall, you'll see a list with more projected starters and incoming contributing recruits.

Not included on this list is wide receiver Khiry Cooper, who spends the spring with the Husker baseball team.

No. 2 Running back Rex Burkhead

Here is the glue of the Huskers' offense, that one dependable, versatile guy who can do a little bit of everything over the course of a game, and knows how to gain two yards when you need one. Burkhead's numbers over two years at NU have been good – but that doesn't entirely measure his impact on the team. Aside from a few bizarre, somewhat forced miscues as a Wildcat quarterback late last season, Burkhead doesn't turn the ball over. He can stay in on passing downs to catch or pass block. He can return punts in a pinch. He plays through injuries. He's a guy you want on your side – period.

And, subtly, he's become more of a leader this spring. He already was a leader by example. Now he's speaking up a bit more, taking more ownership and standing out even more than he did. Burkhead isn't the type to hog the spotlight. But it finds him just the same.

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My favorite player on this team and fast becoming one of my all time favorite Huskers. He might not ever have the numbers of some of the greats, but his dependability and character make up for it. I am excited to see what he brings to the table as a leader over the course of the next two years.

– Apr 6, 2011 at 10:15 am

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