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2010 Aug 29



By HuskerLocker

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No. 20 Cody Green, 6-4, 225, QB So.

What to do with this big, athletic guy who neither throws quite as well as Zac Lee nor runs quite as well as Taylor Martinez? Here’s a hint: Don’t give up on him. Although it would appear that Green isn’t right at the top of the QB heap, game performance - not work in scrimmages - will truly decide who commands NU’s offense for the Big 12 season. And it just might be Green. Yes, it may depend on Lee and/or Martinez faltering, but don’t count out that possibility. It’s happened before.

Green’s biggest challenge is settling down in the pocket, carrying out his reads, and playing the game at college speed. Physically, Green is the most gifted of NU’s quarterbacks. But his short stints during the 2009 season - and the 2010 spring game - revealed a guy who still seems a bit antsy.

If Lee and/or Martinez do steer the ship in the right direction, Green could be in line for a redshirt season. He could use what he never got to get last year.

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I don't see Green redshirting.

From the team's point of view, they may need him. I don't think it's a given that Lee or Martinez are that much ahead in the race, and I think he'd get at least some playing time in those first two games to see what he can do.

From his perspective, I don't see what a year on the scout team will add to his game. It would seem to be a better idea, even as a third string guy if that's where he ends up, to get whatever garbage playing time you can get and hone your skills that way. Plus, with Carnes, Turner, and maybe Starling coming on, his time is now--not three years from now.

– Aug 30, 2010 at 8:22 am

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