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2010 Aug 17



By HuskerLocker

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Our 50 Huskers to Know series returns for the fall, as we count down the key players on Nebraska’s 2010 team. Check back throughout fall camp for the countdown, and scroll to the bottom for links to the whole list.

No. 41 Alonzo Whaley, LB, 6-1, 225, So.

Whaley progressed more slowly, perhaps, than Will Compton and Sean Fisher in terms of picking up the defense, but it’s hard to keep his prototypical size and speed off the field once everything falls into place, Whaley had a strong spring game performance in 2010, which signaled that he’s begun to turn the corner.

We predict that, while Whaley is not likely he start, he’ll push for playing time - especially as a run stuffer - while remaining a fixture on special teams.

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This is what I mean by DEPTH. Guys are buying into the system, competition is adding up, guys that weren't slated to start are pushing for playing time. This kind of depth didn't seem to be brewing under Callahan. Starters got entrenched, and the product suffered.

– Aug 17, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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Home > Blogs > Official Husker Locker Blog > 50 HUSKERS TO KNOW: No. 41