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2010 Aug 10



By HuskerLocker

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Our 50 Huskers to Know series returns for the fall, as we count down the key players on Nebraska’s 2010 team. Check back throughout fall camp for the countdown, and scroll to the bottom for links to the whole list.

No. 48 Ryan Hill, FB/TE, 6-3, 255, Jr., and Tyler Legate, FB, 5-10, 235, Jr.

This tandem should rotate at the fullback position depending on what offensive coordinator Shawn Watson wants to accomplish. Legate is a more traditional kick-out blocker who can get low under a guy’s pads and drive him back. He’s also a decent short-yardage runner, as rarely as he shows it.

Hill, meanwhile, can be an effective H-back, running routes out of the backfield, picking up blocks against a pass blitz or serving as a third tight end in heavy sets. Hill is a decent blocker, but a dangerous receiver at that position. He’ll be one to watch down by the goal line.

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With 50 slots for Huskers to know, does the author really need to split one? Ha ha ha!

– Aug 10, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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Home > Blogs > Official Husker Locker Blog > 50 HUSKERS TO KNOW: No. 48