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2010 Dec 03

BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP: Five OU Players to Watch


By HuskerLocker

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Five Oklahoma players to watch in Saturday's Big 12 Championship:

Defensive end Jeremy Beal:
The one OU defensive player that Nebraska will really struggle to account for because of his pass-rushing talents. On third down, NU absolutely has to know where he is and have help to block No. 44 if necessary. Beal is necessarily a top-shelf run stopper, but for pure speed off the edge, there are few better in college football.

Quarterback Landry Jones: Streaky passer who runs hot and cold – sometimes in the same game. Tough, though – and a better leader than some think. Jones can throw an interception and come right back to throw three touchdowns. And vice versa.

Running back DeMarco Murray: The straw that stirs the Sooners' drink. Because he can run and catch the ball with equal skill, Murray is the cog that makes OU's no-huddle offense really hum. Will a knee injury suffered in the Oklahoma State game hold him back? If so, Oklahoma loses a crucial weapon. He'll play, of course – but how effective will he be? It's always a question with the oft-injured Murray.

Linebacker Travis Lewis: The emotional and strategic quarterback of OU's defense hasn't had a great year in 2010, but he's still a mean cuss and the kind of athletic talent who can turn it on in a play. Nebraska will run power, and Lewis, the Sooners' best lateral pursuit artist, will be asked to make plays against those counters and sweeps backside with his speed.

Wide receiver Ryan Broyles: Mr. Move the Chains. Broyles is a technically proficient, tough-as-nails slot receiver who kills a defense with a thousand little cuts, also known as eight catches per game. Terrific in the red zone and elusive after the catch, Broyles will get his touches. Nebraska has to limit what he does after he gets the ball.

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Home > Blogs > Official Husker Locker Blog > BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP: Five OU Players to Watch