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2010 Mar 10

BIG 12 TOURNAMENT: Five Keys to Missouri


By HuskerLocker

Guess what? Nebraska's basketball team has a remote chance vs. banged-up Missouri at the Sprint Center. Here's how:

Dish to Diaz: With the season-ending injury to Missouri forward Justin Safford and a wrist injury that may limit forward Lawrence Bowers, minutes, NU center Jorge Brian Diaz must bring his "A" game. And Nebraska must make a concerted effort to get him the ball.

Outside/In: In two losses to Mizzou, Nebraska has allowed shooters Miguel Paul and Marcus Denmon to sink far too many open shots. NU has to deny the long jumpers and make the Tigers earn their points. If it gets physical, so be it. NU has the fouls to burn.

Board Battle: Missouri is beatable in the rebounding department, and Nebraska has to protect and eat glass with ferocity. Guards Lance Jeter, Ryan Anderson and Sek Henry need to have big afternoons.

Plan for a 40-minute game, not a 28-minute one: Too often this year, Nebraska checks out of its offensive gameplan - which should be to feed Diaz the ball as much as possible - to chuck up ill-advised 3-pointers the minute an opponent gets a small lead. For once Wednesday - do the opposite. Work, work, work for openings inside, and let Diaz kick out as necessary. He's a good enough passer to do it. NU doesn't immediately have to resort to panic mode.

Create some turnovers: Nebraska has to give Mizzou a dose of its own medicine with stingy defense. NU hasn't played great defense in...some time. Possibly since the Oklahoma game earlier this year. The Huskers are due for it.

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Home > Blogs > Official Husker Locker Blog > BIG 12 TOURNAMENT: Five Keys to Missouri