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2010 Nov 23

Carl Clears the Air


By HuskerLocker

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Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini apologized Tuesday for an incident with a cameraman from TexAgs.com after Saturday night's 9-6 loss to Texas A&M. In releasing a statement, he drastically changed his brother Bo Pelini's explanation of the incident, which had Carl attempting to retrieve a Husker football player from a mob of A&M students.

Here's Carl's statement:

“I apologize for the events that occurred after Saturday night’s game at Texas A&M. It was a very emotional situation and the mob scene on the field after the game amplified that. Having been involved in a similar situation in 2003 at Missouri, and in witnessing the situation on the field, I made a poor decision in trying to prevent a reporter from recording the scene.

I have acknowledged this from the very beginning. Unfortunately, in trying to prevent a scene, I created one. We have been in contact with Brandon Jones and I have apologized to him directly for putting my hands on his camera. I offered to pay for any damages to the camera, but Brandon indicated there were none.

“Unfortunately, Bo did not have all the facts prior to yesterday’s press conference and wasn’t fully prepared for the question. Hopefully, this statement will erase all doubts about the situation and allow everyone to put it behind us. Again, I apologize for any negative publicity this has caused for our football program, Athletic Department and the University of Nebraska."

Here's how Bo described the incident Monday at his press conference:

"There was a player in a group of people trying to get out of it, and Carl saw it and went over to try and pull the player into the locker room. I guess it happened on the way to the locker room, and as he did so apparently he went through the camera to get it, and if something happened to the camera, I know Carl regrets that it happened. That’s what happened and I talked to the player that was involved too.”

Observations/questions here:

1. Bo didn't appear unprepared for the question Monday, although he could have been.

2. How could Bo not possess "all the facts" two days after the incident occurred and a video had emerged of the confrontation?

3. The incident to which Carl refers at Missouri was a cameraman capturing former Husker Kellen Houston landing a knockout punch square in the kisser of some Mizzou fan. Was Carl attempting to prevent the filming of such an altercation, or an actual altercation between a cameraman and a player?

4. Who was this mystery player Bo talked to, and was Bo referring to a different situation closer to the locker room?


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Comments (6)

Profile image for runfaster3

Can we just PLAY BALL? I feel like we are on an apology tour??

– Nov 24, 2010 at 10:14 am

Profile image for gettinerdone

Frankly, given the circumstances I don't see that much difference in the two versions of the story. At his press conference, BP obviously was retelling the story based on the info he had at the time. He wasn't an eyewitness to the events that transpired so there were bound to be some differences in the retelling.

Remember, too, BP was responding to a question at his press conference. In doing so he was left responding extemporaneously, which often opens the door to misstatements or missing details.

CP, on the other hand, by virtue of being in the midst of the altercation, was an eyewitness to what transpired. He wasn’t left relying on secondhand information.

Further, in presenting his version of events he provided the information in a written statement. This method of response provided him with time to collect his thoughts, then precisely present them in a written format.

In hindsight BP probably would have been better off stating he did not have all the facts regarding the matter and until he did it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment. Of course, that leaves it incumbent upon him to state how soon information will be forthcoming, which in cases such as this, it best be quickly. Like “later today.“

In the final analysis, it's commendable that CP apparently contacted the young man, apologizing and offering to pay for any property damage. Having said that, the fact remains CP could have addressed the situation in a much better, less confrontational manner. If he had we wouldn't be having this discussion or wishing we could un-ring the proverbial bell.

– Nov 23, 2010 at 9:23 pm

Profile image for HuskerBoPower

I hate all of this negative publicity and the all the distractions are going to make it tough for this team and this staff to come back and beat a resurgent CU team, on a short week. Martinez is likely out for the CU game, and who knows if Lee will ever get another meaningful snap for the rest of his career. I still think that NU has the better team than CU, and don't want to be negative, but I hate to think how NU fans and the NU culture will turn on itself if we lose to CU and miss out on going to the Big 12 championship. People are going to look at that as a huge letdown at the end of the season.

That being said, I take a little bit of an issue with Carl lying about this incident with the camera. You can bet that Carl would not have said anything if he wasn't faced with video and photographic evidence to the contrary. Bo was out of control during the game. These coaches preach doing everything right at all times to their players. Yet, these coaches let their emotions get the best of them, and then turn around and lie about it. I really detest hypocrites and double-standards. The Pelini's should practice what they preach, or they could easily have the great culture that they have created at NU come crashing down.

In no way am I saying that the Pelini's are saints, nor should they be held to those standards. Everyone makes mistakes. In no way am I advocating that Pelini be fired. I love the coach and I love this team. I want them to win, and I want what is best for the program. I want to see continuous improvement, if even by just a little bit each year. But, the aTm game was a step back, and the coaches' behavior is why this hurts so much. I hope the coaches can learn to take constructive criticism and forge ahead and learn from their mistakes.

– Nov 23, 2010 at 6:12 pm

Profile image for HuskerDougLocker Pass member

Sounds like Bo just says what he wants and hopes that it sticks. I knew what he was saying yesterday did not jive with anything I had seen. Think it might be time to teach Bo a little bit about honesty so he can pass it on to the players that he is all about. Hasnt been a correct injury report in quite some time either.

– Nov 23, 2010 at 6:07 pm

Profile image for woot

I could care less about Bo's story vs. Carl's story. If nothing was damaged and no one was hurt, it is time to move on. Carl apologized to the guy, geez!

– Nov 23, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Profile image for MrGoodLifeLocker Pass member

Nothing beats two stories that completely contradict each other because the real truth came out in photos.

God I hope we beat the crap out of Colorado. I feel like the Wonder Bros. owe me one.

– Nov 23, 2010 at 1:49 pm

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