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2011 Dec 11

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Knee-Jerk Reactions - Heisman Edition


By HuskerLocker

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- RG3 wins the Heisman and justice is restored. The BCS may be 15 kinds of screwed up, but the Stiffarm Crew got it right. The reasoning behind the trophy is vague as it is to be awarded to the “most outstanding player in collegiate football.” However, RG3 is an outstanding football player and human being.

- Someone get Rex Burkhead a pair of these:

- Kevin Sumlin to Texas A&M’s a quality hire. Sumlin got out while the getting was good with the departure of Case Keenum and slips into a brand new SEC school. Recruiting Texas talent to the nation’s best conference doesn’t seem like a far-fetched goal.

- Charlie Weis ducks Florida and signs with Kansas. The college football comedy gods smile on us all.

- Jim Delany’s fondness for tradition can be appreciated. That said, he needs to let go of his demand of ties to the Rose Bowl for the sake of a Plus-One system for the good of the sport.

- UCLA picks up Jim Mora, a guy whose one year of college coaching experience was 27 years ago. Forget a California monopoly. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

- Utah’s Kyle Whittingham’s apparently being pursued by both Arizona State and Penn State. Go for the matte black helmets if you’re going to ditch the Utes, Kyle.

- Seriously, who’s going to take that Penn State gig?

- From the “For the Benefit of Those with Flash Photography” File:

“That’s who this guy is?!”

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Enjoyed the comments as usual, but...

We should not mistake Jim Delany’s respect for tradition as simply "fondness". Without this "fondness" of tradition, college football would not be what it is today and we all know it. Those that want a playoff (ESPN, yeah that's you), you will eventually get it because of the almighty dollar. However, I would argue that college sports are exciting because it is not about the dollar, but about the game. That's why you have articles written as recent as TODAY about this same phenomenon:


"The biggest difference between the Army-Navy game and most recent Redskins affairs? FedEx Field was packed for the college football game."

– Dec 12, 2011 at 7:47 pm

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The best thing about the Heisman show was that Eddie George wasn't there to remind us of the Greatest Injustice of All Time!

– Dec 11, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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