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2010 Oct 22

Five NU Players to Watch


By HuskerLocker

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Five Nebraska Players to Watch in NU’s Tilt with Oklahoma State.
Cornerback Prince Amukamara: Time to earn that NFL money by matching up against one of the better downfield receivers in the Big 12, and perhaps college football in OSU’s Justin Blackmon. Amukamara has the talent, speed and physicality to do the job and take away one of Cowboy QB Brandon Weeden’s key weapons.
Linebacker Will Compton:
If defensive coordinator Carl Pelini eased Compton back into action last week vs. Texas, look for the DC to lean heavily on the sophomore in Stillwater. OSU runs the ball enough out of power sets that NU needs to place a second linebacker on the field to stop it, and that guy’s likely to be Compton. After missing the first five games with a broken, can Compton shine in his second game back much like Rex Burkhead did in the 2009 Colorado game?
Defensive tackle Jared Crick: He’s been pretty quiet since a breakout game vs. Idaho, but Crick could have a feast against an OSU line that can give up sacks and tackles for loss. There seems to be something holding back Crick. Does the Pelini scheme take advantage of Crick’s top-end speed properly? Maybe this is the game where the Huskers turn him loose.
Quarterback Taylor Martinez: Pressure’s on. Martinez seems to excel beyond his years on the road, and he may need to again to keep up with the Cowboys’ high-powered offense. Martinez has to prepare for an attacking defense that forces him to throw. Martinez isn’t a terrific passer, but he can make the throws to beat OSU’s so-so pass defense.
Wide receiver Mike McNeill: His on-field complaint Bo Pelini was a bit much, but it pointed to this truth: McNeill was open over the middle for most of the Texas game. Look for him to get some touches on Saturday.

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Let's not make McNeill the heavy on this"complaint". Bo's getting about $1.5 million a year to see these blinding flashes of the obvious. Three receivers dropped touchdown passes; but, one of them dropped three. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice and a third time and it's time to be looking at proven receivers. Why did it take three quarters to figure out that there were two Texas defenders on Martinez on every play and go with Lee (begrudgingly). And, why in the world risk a very low-percentage-of-success onside kick with more than three minutes to play. Great show of confidence in both your offense and defense. This was not a well-coached game.

– Oct 22, 2010 at 5:52 pm

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