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2010 Dec 28

HOLIDAY BOWL: Five UW Players to Watch


By HuskerLocker

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Five Washington players to watch in the Holiday Bowl:

Linebacker Cort Dennison:
He missed the first Nebraska game, and NU's ability to plow over the Huskies run defense was evidence of his absence. Dennison isn't the most athletic guy, but he can slow down a power running game, and he serves as an emotional rallying point for his teammates. Washington will stuff the run better with him in the game.

Linebacker Mason Foster: Coming to a NFL Sunday near you for many, many years. Foster, an All-American in some publications, is the Huskies lead woofer, and he probably did more talking than producing in the first game (although he did force a Cody Green fumble). Foster doesn't get much help from a terrible defensive line, but he still shows up on film.

Quarterback Jake Locker: A lot is on the line for the kid. NFL scouts will be watching to see how well Locker manages a muddy track and one of the nation's best secondaries for a second time. It's a rare opportunity for a college player to show “hey, I've learned from my mistakes.” To us, Locker is still a surefire first-round pick – you've seen some of the bums playing NFL quarterback this year, right? - but a big game in San Diego would confirm it.

Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse: Largely shut down in the first game – save for a long touchdown reception – Kearse is one of the nation's purest, best deep threats, averaging 16 yards per reception. He gets in and out breaks quickly, and if the track's muddy at Qualcomm Stadium, that could favor him on certain routes. The Huskies win when Kearse gets his. He's Locker's key, primary target.

Running back Chris Polk: NU fans will be very tired of seeing this kid by next September, when he's played the Huskers for a third time. At 5-11, 215, Polk is a bruiser with good speed, as his 1,238 rushing yards attest. UW will try to establish a between-the-tackles running game with Polk as the centerpiece.

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