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2010 Jan 15

MBB: Five Keys: ISU


By HuskerLocker

Stop Staiger: In two games vs. NU last year, ISU guard Lucca Staiger - a sharpshooter with 25-foot range, especially deadly from the corner - hit 11 3-pointers and averaged 17.5 points. Staiger’s hit 49 field goals this year - and 46 of them have been treys. It’s what he does. It’s all he does. Nebraska’s struggled in recent games with overplaying screens and failing to rotate out on 3-point shooters. Can’t happen against this guy.

Dish to Diaz: The light’s come on for the lanky freshman in the last two weeks. Now the Husker guard need to keep ringing his bell. He’s a tough matchup because he has 15-foot range and can score with either hand.

Calm down Christian: We suspect Christian Standhardinger won’t commit an offensive foul and a travel within the first two minutes of his playing time Saturday night like he did vs. Kansas. The key with this kid is keep him on the floor. He’s not exactly instant offense. But he draws fouls and frustrates defenders more as the game wears on. Sadler’s been good about letting the kid work through his mistakes.

Quincy, MD: Junior Quincy Hankins-Cole was brought to Nebraska to rebound and play defense, and he only sees the floor sparingly - not at all in the last two games. We think Doc will give him a look early vs. the Cyclones, who pride themselves on offensive rebounding.

Press to impress: NU is still quicker than Iowa State, the league’s slowest, often most methodical team. ISU is thin and mediocre at guard, and Nebraska boasts depth and talent at that position. Standhardinger can be an active weapon in the press, too.

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