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2010 Jun 15

NEBRASKA BIG TEN: Sunnier Days for Doc?


By HuskerLocker

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After concocting several recruiting formulas only to find them unfulfilling, Nebraska basketball coach Doc Sadler seemed to find one Friday to his liking: Switch to the Big Ten, and start beating the big-city bushes for talent, much like NU football forages around in Texas for its prospects.

As ESPN’s Andy Katz reported Monday, Sadler will be beefing up his recruiting in the Great Lakes well, pretty much immediately.

"I'm only going to spend one or two days outside of the Big Ten states now," Sadler told Katz. "When you're at Nebraska before, all the population is down in Oklahoma and Texas in the [Big 12] league [so] that you had to be involved with kids from that area. I would go to Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois but those kids want to be in the Big Ten. I'm now closer to that than before."

Three questions:

1. Will Sadler win enough in the Big 12 this year to reach the Big Ten next year?
2. Will Sadler’s current roster and style translate to the Big Ten?
3. Can Sadler actually pluck a stud or two out of Big Ten country?

Our answers:

1. Yes.
2. It’ll be harder than you think.
3. He’ll have to.

We’ll examine this more closely at the appropriate. Just be swirling it around in your brain.

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Comments (3)

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I'm scared for Doc because I like him and I think he did a great job two years ago. Honestly, I think that team played to a higher level given it's actual talent(And size) then any team in the conference that year. Obviously recruiting is not what it needs to be right now and none of the attempted longshots have paid off at all. For NU going forward in hoops, two things:
1) For recruiting, it would be really tempting to hire a Big 10 assistant with recruiting ties as the HC at the end of this year. It won't hurt with most NU fans, it can't hurt with Big 10 recruits and it will signal to high school coaches and players that we mean to compete in this conference.
2) It's going to be harder in the Big Ten. The elite of the Big XII is better then the Big Ten except Michigan St. Throw out Michigan St, Ohio St, Illinois, Indiana(When they recover from Sampson's debacle) and Wisconsin. Tell me out of the next four teams, who are we supposed to be better then year in and year out? Michigan? Iowa? Minnesota? Purdue? It would be quite a leap forward for us or a leap backward for those programs if that is the case.

Whoever is in charge needs to find one Chicago or Detroit raw diamond and get him on campus and turn him into a player, make a run into the NCAAs and win a game, then we'll see. (Even if it's a Michael Beasley one and done thing)

Either way, I won't have to keep the ESPN full court to see the games year after next, so there are positives.

– Jun 16, 2010 at 9:59 am

Profile image for huskermaniac28Locker Pass member

My guess is blackshirtfaninSCland is not a doc sadler supporter.

– Jun 15, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Profile image for BlackshirtfaninSCland

2.What roster?
3. The only Big10 stud he is going to get is some eastern euro who transfers into a HS in the BIG10. Guy cant recruit if his life depended on it.

– Jun 15, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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