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2010 Aug 30

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Practice Report 8/30


By HuskerLocker

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The clocks ticks for the Nebraska football team toward a game nobody suspects the Huskers will sweat, much less lose, and the questions accompanying NU’s preparation for Western Kentucky are appropriately few and threadbare.

It’s suited Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini just fine, thank you, as he pleasantly met the press after Monday’s workout on the fields east of the Hawks Championship Center. Pelini, who faced even fewer queries during the Big 12 coaches teleconference, said the Huskers needed “better attention to detail” and a full week of practice before kicking off vs. the Hilltoppers.

“There were some mental errors that weren’t up to our standard,” Pelini said. “I saw a lot of good things, too.”

Players interviewed Monday focused on the process of improving - not a WKU team that’s lost 20 straight games dating back to September 2008, and is breaking new offensive and defensive schemes unseen by Nebraska.

“We’re repping stuff over and over and over so it becomes reaction when we get out there,” linebacker Eric Martin. “So we can do it without thinking…I’m not thinking about the game. Just about practice.”

Pelini’s tango with the media on the three-man quarterback race continued in its leaden manner, as reporters posed questions to which, at this point, they can nearly recite the answers.

Are Zac Lee, Cody Green and Taylor Martinez still splitting reps three ways at quarterback?

Bo: “We manage the reps at the quarterback position in a way that we think will enable us to play the best.”

Will the competition extend into the season?

Bo: “That’s how the culture of this program is built - ongoing competition. It’s a constant evaluation.”

Do the quarterbacks know who’s starting?

Bo: “No…I wouldn’t tell you if I did.”

For you behavioral psych majors out there - Pelini was smiling during that last bit.

On with the report:

Particulars: Nebraska practiced Monday in full pads on the fields outside the Hawks Championship center in unseasonably hot weather. You could feel the storms a-comin in the humidity of the air.

What’s New: Austin Cassidy received NU’s 85th scholarship. On the injury front, unknown. Reporters did not ask Monday and appear to be on a need-to-know basis.

Coach Quote: “I know there are some other deserving guys and I think we’ll be able to reward some other guys down the line.” - Head coach Bo Pelini on awarding Austin Cassidy a scholarship

Player Quote: “It’s possible. We’re more comfortable with the scheme this year. That’s a plus. We got a lot more depth. It’s not going to be a letdown if I have to go out of the game. - Senior defensive end Pierre Allen, on whether Nebraska’s defensive line can improve on 2009 without Ndamukong Suh


***Pelini announced that backup quarterback LaTravis Washington would play special teams this year. Washington, who moved from linebacker to quarterback in spring 2009, has played sparingly in mop-up duty.

“He’s as good a guy in the locker room as you’re ever going to have,” Pelini said. “We love having him around. Great attitude. He’a a winner.”

***Pelini supported a potential college “exhibition game” or scrimmage during fall camp that helps teams work out kinks on some other team.

“It’d break up the monotony of camp,” Pelini said. “I don’t think that will ever happen with the NCAA. I think that’s an advantage. It gives you a chance to get out there. Even if they let you practice against somebody else it would be good…I’d welcome it.”

***Center Mike Caputo has to work a little extra on snaps each day because he’s dealing with three different quarterbacks of three different sizes and three different styles, shall we say, of taking a snap from under center.

“Everyone’s a little different underneath, but I kind of look at it as their job to adjust,” Caputo joked. “I just snap the ball. Just to be blunt.”

Next Practice: Tuesday. Full pads again. Heavy install days. Coaches and players are typically very tired afterward.

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Ahh. Another great practice report. By know the reporters should know better then to ask Bo about the QB position.
Were just going to have to wait until Saturday night to find out. I'm extremely happy for Austin Cassidy! Good for him!
We only have four days until Western Kentucky! The guys are tired of hitting each other,and are itching to hit an opponet. Let the games begin!

– Aug 31, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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