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2010 Sep 16

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Practice Report 9/15


By HuskerLocker

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Such a lovely day Wednesday afternoon in Lincoln. Warm temps, breeze, cotton ball clouds. Shame the Nebraska football team was stuck in the Hawks Championship Center, cargo doors slammed shut, having their brains blasted with artificial crowd noise.

“You couldn’t even talk,” offensive line coach Barney Cotton told reporters after NU’s two-hour workout. The noise is designed to simulate - with extreme prejudice - the kind of reception that the Huskers may face Saturday at Washington’s Husky Stadium.

“You could not coach your guys,” Cotton said. “You had to get somebody’s ear to coach them when they came out. There was no coaching between huddles. It was very game like. Very, very, very loud.”

That’s by design, wide receivers coach Ron Brown said.

You have to be pretty well organized,” Brown said. “Little things have to be taken care of. Logistics are huge in games like this - without a doubt…people stay up late at night trying to figure out how to get communication across the board.”

Brown’s coached twice at Husky Stadium - 1992 and 1997 - while at NU. The 92 game, a 29-14 UW victory, is considered one of the loudest crowds in college football history. That night Nebraska quarterback Mike Grant - “kind of a soft-spoken guy” - struggled in the atmosphere, taking a safety in the end zone and throwing two interceptions.

“We had a tough time getting it going,” Brown said. “We had a tough time communicating.”

Brown said head coach Bo Pelini’s approach to the problem reflects his attention to detail.

“Every drill is game-like,” he said. “Every meeting is game-like. You’re trying to replicate the scenario and the little nuances that go on game day.”

On with the report:

Particulars: NU practiced for two hours in the midst of major, artificial crowd noise, doing so in just shoulder pads and shorts. Wednesday has been a full pads day during some weeks.

What’s New: Right tackle Marcel Jones appears to be practicing at full speed, though Cotton declined to say if he’d be starting Saturday.

Coach Quote: “It’s the same blocking scheme. You have to do it just as physically. You do nothing differently. Tight zone is tight zone, wide zone is wide zone, power is power. It’s just happening out of the shotgun.” - Offensive line coach Barney Cotton on power football out of the shotgun.

Coach Quote II: “Sometimes I have to realize he is a red shirt freshman. He’s done a good job since he’s been here. We expect an awful lot out of him…we quit classifying how old guys are once the season starts.” - Cotton on left tackle Jeremiah Sirles


***Cotton was pleased to get back sophomore guard Brandon Thompson for last week’s game vs. Idaho. Thompson missed game one with an injury, but played roughly 30 snaps against the Vandals. He can back up either guard slot - and potentially at tackle, as well.

“It’s really nice to have that piece you can move around a bit,” Cotton said.

Next Practice: Thursday.

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I think the guys will respond well to the noise. There used to it. You know why? Because us Husker fans are just as loud if not louder!! And they deal with that at home games. Don't see any reason why they can't deal with it at the Husky's stadium. I'm sure Bo has been working on the communication this week.

– Sep 16, 2010 at 3:28 pm

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