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2010 Sep 20

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Practice Report 9/20


By HuskerLocker

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The tradition and history of South Dakota State’s football program - from its days in the North Central Conference with UNO and Morningside to a Division 1-AA program that heads to Nebraska for a money game this Saturday - was a bit lost on Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini.

“I don’t even know what FCS is,” he quipped after Monday’s workout inside the Hawks Championship Center. “That's the next opponent on our schedule and they're the next team we play, and we’re playing, so let's roll. We have to get better this week.”

In the next breath, Pelini conceded that FCS/1-AA teams have spearheaded their share of upsets this season. South Dakota beat Minnesota. Jacksonville State beat Ole Miss. And James Madison shocked Virginia Tech, which could still contend for the ACC title.

He’s not “big on” scheduling 1-AA teams - the SDSU contest is the last game of Steve Pederson’s parting gift - but securing home games - especially once the Big Ten rotates to a nine-game conference slate in 2014 - may require it.

“I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about their program, what their values are, their traditions,” Pelini said during the Big 12 Coaches Teleconference.

Pelini praised NU’s practice Monday, citing “good tempo” in all three phases. It was as upbeat as Pelini’s seemed in weeks.

“I like the way we came out,” Pelini said. “Good practice. We got a lot out of it.”

The 56-21 victory might have had something to do with it.

“There was a lot of good stuff in all three phrases of the game,” he said. “…There were some little things you always see, technique issues, that you may not see in the course of the game, especially with the line. But the major things we already saw.”

On with the report:

Particulars: NU practiced in helmets and shoulder pads for two hours in the Hawks Championship Center. Bo Pelini was pleased as were, clearly, many of the assistant coaches. Nebraska brought its lunch pail on Monday.

What’s New: Left guard Keith Williams did not practice, and it appears he won’t be practicing on Monday for the foreseeable future to save on some of the wear and tear.

“We kind of have a plan for him going forward,” Pelini said. “He’s actually feeling really good and he’s playing good football. We’re going to stick with the plan.”

Linebacker Will Compton is no longer zipping around on a scooter, and he made the trip to Seattle. Pelini said Compton is still several weeks from returning after a broken foot.

“To me he’s ahead of schedule, I think,” Pelini said “But time will tell. I’m not exactly sure.”

Coach Quote: “The high point, at least for mem of the season, for me thus far is that the next time we got the ball we had a big answering touchdown. ” Offensive line coach Barney Cotton, on NU’s response after a Cody green fumble.

Player Quote: “”


***Cotton said Brandon Thompson is progressing well and is the top backup left guard. Thompson was the first Husker backup lineman on the field Saturday. Could Nebraska be regretting burning the redshirt of Andrew Rodriguez because Thompson missed the first game with an injury?

***When asked to point out which part of the defense he thought played the best Saturday, Pelini picked out the defensive line.

***Wide receivers Ted Gilmore has high standards, so he had a small bone to pick with Brandon Kinnie’s 55-yard reception on Saturday: He got caught at the 1-yard line.

“He got tracked down there,” Gilmore said. “He didn’t get the ball in the end zone….if we get that ball in the outside arm, we can stiff-arm that (defender) and get in. So there’s still things he can correct.”

Next Practice: Tuesday. Full pads and a presser. Shawn Watson will be at the Tuesday podium.

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