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2010 Oct 12



By HuskerLocker

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The natural sibling rivalry between sophomore Nebraska linebacker Alonzo Whaley and his little brother Chris – a freshman Texas H-back - gets kicked up a notch this week. But miss a day of talking to each other? Forget it.

“I'm texting him right now, actually,” said Alonzo, patting the cell phone in his pocket.

The brothers will see each other exactly one time during the 2010 regular football season – Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

“I'm excited to see him,” Alonzo said, “but I'm also excited to give him something we've been waiting to give him.”

Call it payback for that Big 12 Championship ring Chris likes to sport after the Longhorns nipped the Huskers in the 2009 league title game.

Alonzo will enlist the support of his mom for the game, too. She's pledged to sit with other Husker parents instead of in the Texas' section - two little slivers in West and South Stadiums.

“I think she's more of a Nebraska fan than a Texas fan,” Alonzo said.

He's more likely to play than Chris, who's been moved from running back to H-back because his weight consistently stays above 250 pounds. Alonzo said he and Chris talk little about UT's two-game losing streak, and more about, well, brother stuff. Family. School. Life.

Nor does it bother Alonzo too much that he and his brother ended up at different schools.

“I wasn't worried about going to Texas,” he said. “They tried to jump on me a little late just to make sure they got Chris, but I wasn't interested in Texas at all.”

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