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2011 Apr 14

SPRING GAME: 6 Red Roster Players to Watch


By HuskerLocker

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Defensive end Jason Ankrah: At 6-foot-4, 265 pounds, he's already part of the “off the bus” team. Now this sophomore from Maryland eyes a shot at the first team. He faces stiff competition from Eric Martin and Josh Williams, but if you had to pick one prototypically-built player out of the bunch, it would be Ankrah by a landslide. Looks aren't much on the football field, though.

Safety Corey Cooper: Is there a more competitive position at Nebraska right now than safety? Not really – because Cooper, a stout redshirt freshman, would be starting at a lot of schools by this spring. At NU, he has to fight for time with veterans Corey Osborne, Austin Cassidy and P.J. Smith. Not easy, even when Cooper's made a strong impression on coaches and teammates with his practice work.

Linebacker Sean Fisher: Time for his junior from Millard North to stay healthy for a whole season. If he can, he's a valuable defensive quarterback on the field for Bo and Carl Pelini. Watch for how Fisher plays the interior running plays, and whether he gets low enough on lead blockers and pulling guards.

Kicker/punter Brett Maher: This mild-mannered, friendly junior strikes an eerily similar tone to the preternaturally calm Alex Henery, who left gigantic kicking cleats to fill. Maher will have to battle true freshman Mauro Bondi in fall camp for both jobs, but he can head to the back nine with a healthy lead if he kicks well Saturday.

Defensive end Eric Martin: Each spring camp seems to include a few big splashes, and Martin – who converted from linebacker midway through the 2010 season – is one of them. Don't let the 6-foot-2, 255-pound frame fool you – the junior has plenty of natural, raw strength, and what he lacks, a hot motor can make up for it. Coming to a blind side near you. He should be one of the standouts of Saturday's game.

Wide receiver Kenny Bell: The minute this speedy, smart kid starts making plays and filling up reporter's notebooks, he'll become an instant fan favorite. Whenever you see him, Bell and his mushroom cloud of hair just seems to have “it.” He's been billed thus far as a natural playmaker blowing up the No. 1 defense last fall and camp in general this spring. We'll see what he's got.

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Home > Blogs > Official Husker Locker Blog > SPRING GAME: 6 Red Roster Players to Watch