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2011 Apr 14

SPRING GAME: 6 White Roster Players to Watch


By HuskerLocker

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Quarterback Brion Carnes: Nebraska fans will get their first look at the redshirt freshman nephew of former Husker great Tommie Frazier. Carnes proved himself to be as a agile, heady playmaker at Bradenton (Fla.) Manatee High School; watch for his ability to keep passing plays alive with his feet. Also see how handles the stage of a relatively-full Memorial Stadium.

Offensive tackle Jake Cotton: Son of position coach Barney, youunger brother of Ben, this mountain of a kid worked on the defensive scout team last year. A switch to offensive tackle came at the right time, and Jake's taken to it quickly. Reports are that he's still a little raw, but his 6-foot-6 frame seems to be carrying a little more than his listed 285 pounds. Which is a good thing.

Quarterback Cody Green: He enrolled early as a true freshman to get a jump on an offense Nebraska no longer runs. The stars have never quite aligned for the junior from Dayton, Texas, but it hasn't dimmed that megawatt smile and friendly demeanor. Green's reportedly made stride this spring with his passing skills; he'll have to show that Saturday. It could be his last, best chance to secure significant playing time at NU.

Offensive tackle Tyler Moore: He didn't enroll early to push a mop around, let's put it that way. Nebraska's depth at every offensive line position is thin, and tackle is hardly an exception. Moore has the frame and the want-to; if the details of the tackle job click into place Saturday and over the summer, he'll be in the two-deep or very close.

Wide receiver Jamal Turner: Speed to burn. It's not easy for a true freshman to so quickly ingratiate himself with his teammates, but Turner's positive outlook and competitive spirit has done just that.

Defensive tackle Kevin Williams: This true freshman early enrollee from the Toledo area wowed defensive coaches early in camp with his instinctive feel for the game. Then he hurt his foot and watched practice for more than a week. He's on the roster now, however; expect him to get a few snaps. Williams is likely a redshirt candidate for 2011, so this may be your last peek at him for awhile.

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It is disappointing to hear that O-line depth is thin when the Huskers continually bring in good O-line recruiting classes. It's hard to understand how Barney Cotton proclaims at the beginning of the last 2 seasons that O-line depth is great, only to see them wear out, wear down, get injured, and still not be willing or able to rotate in some of that depth. It seems like double-speak at times. I sometimes think that one possible weakness of this coaching staff is that they sometimes get in a rut with the starting personnel that they are willing to play on the field. They find the horses that they want to ride, and while they may change the starting lineup, they have trouble rotating guys at many positions when their starters are playing well. Cases in point - how many times have we seen Martinez playing with a bum ankle, Zac Lee playing with a torn arm tendon, or Williams playing with a torn peck muscle, etc. We always see a couple players each year that the coaches burn their redshirt early, only to watch them ride the bench for the rest of the season (Rodriguez).

– Apr 15, 2011 at 11:08 am

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