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  1. 2012 Mar 09

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Mucho Hooch-O - Who's at Second...Behind Rex?


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    The fifteenth edition of Mucho Hooch-O, an audio blog by Husker Locker's own Greg "Hooch" Mehochko examines one of the biggest questions that may not be answered until the fall. Who's Nebraska's No. 2 running back?

    Topics on the docket:

    - Redshirt remorse
    - How will Mike Marrow affect the race?
    - The hybrid that is Imani Cross
    - The Husker backfield's favorite superheroes

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    Tags: rex burkhead, ameer abdullah, braylon heard, aaron green, mike marrow, imani cross

  2. 2012 Jan 28

    NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS: Senior Bowl Game Day Thoughts


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Every week, the Husker Locker staff sits down and is presented a number of questions addressing various aspects of Nebraska Cornhuskers sports. What's in the Big Red's future?

    This week:

    What does the commitment of running back Imani Cross tell you about Nebraska's remaining spots for this recruiting class?

    Brian: That the staff felt the urge to have a “big” back in the fold. Been told that Cross would be similar to a Quentin Castille or a Trey Robinson in that aspect. Nebraska could certainly use one, especially in short yardage/goal line situations to help take some of the beating Rex gets.

    Erin: First, Imani Cross is a huge get. His commitment also gives me a lot of hope for the remaining spots. It shows that a lot of work has been put in to get some top recruits. I do question the need for a standout running back in the class however, seeing as Nebraska has three young guys sitting and waiting behind Rex Burkhead as it is. A top get is a top get, so we'll leave it at that. Ultimately, Cross shows a lot of promise for the remaining spots in the class.

    Brandon: If Nebraska was scrambling to secure bigger and better recruits, Cross wouldn’t be on the commitment list. There’s likely a number of guys lined up, ready to announce on Signing Day.

    Stanford received their fifth offensive lineman commit of this cycle last Thursday. Does this help Nebraska's case with Andrus Peat?

    Brian: Maybe. If Stanford is stockpiled at offensive line and Peat knows he could play immediately in Lincoln, that has to help him make his decision. That being said, who knows what will happen if Andrus does come to Nebraska? We all thought Tyler Moore would see the field a lot last season.

    Erin: It can't hurt it, can it? Andrus Peat would be a fantastic grab for Nebraska, so hopefully Stanford's long list of lineman's in one recruiting class will encourage him to consider Nebraska more than ever.

    Brandon: Not only does it help Nebraska’s case, but you’ve got to think Peat’s decision has already been made. Depth chart comparisons favor the Huskers, but so does family in Andrus’ brother and cousin (Avery Moss).

    Nebraska basketball is now 11-9 with their road win over Iowa. How does this team need to finish for you to consider the season salvaged?

    Brian: if Nebraska can squeeze 16 wins out (which, after seeing two of their last three games, isn’t as far fetched as you would like to believe), then it’s a season worth something.

    Does that keep Doc around? Who knows? I do think 15 wins is his Mendoza line. Anything below that and he’s as good as gone. If Doc does stay, I will be truly disappointed in that there are much better coaches out there who would cherish this job.

    Erin: To consider this season salvaged... I don't think this season was ever at a point to salvage. Nebraska fans knew what to expect so at this point, any big win is just that - a big win. The inconsistency is still too strong. For me, the season would have been "salvaged" had Nebraska beat Ohio State after beating Indiana. At this point going forward, I'm just going to cheer for a win and enjoy it at that.

    Brandon: Wins against Northwestern, Minnesota (twice), Penn State, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa (again) along with a split between Michigan and Michigan State to finish the regular season 19-10. At least one win in the Big Ten tournament to be 20-11 at worst heading into the postseason.

    At that point, Nebraska would likely get into the NIT as a mid-level seed. Win one more game there and Doc has a reason to keep his job.

    Do you believe Alfonzo Dennard's injury and non-participation in the Senior Bowl will cost him come the NFL Draft?

    Brian: Oh yes. The draft is fairly deep at cornerback, and Dennard didn’t have a great practice before the injury was disclosed. The week more than likely cost him the first round. Still hoping that the Cowboys take him to be a replacement to Terrence Newman.

    Erin: What's going to hurt him more is the comments that were made about him prior to the injury. Those reporting he wasn't as quick as once though, or not as agile. All of that will come back to haunt him more than an injury.

    The injury hurts his draft status more now that he can't prove anyone wrong. NFL teams are going to have to take Dennard at face value and hope his college stats meant something. However, if they listen to the reporters saying he wasn't "that" great, it could be pretty costly.

    Brandon: There seems to be about a 75/25 split saying that he’s a great athlete or that because of the altercation at the Capital One Bowl, his practice performances and injury, he’s slipping fast. NFL offices know what Dennard’s capable of. If he shows up at the Combine and dominates, any negatives he may have picked up during this past week will be wiped away.

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    Erin: @helloerinmarie

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    Tags: imani cross, andrus peat, recruiting, basketball, alfonzo dennard, senior bowl

  3. 2012 Jan 27

    Husker Heartbeat 1/27: Commit No. 14 is N, NU's Chances with Fuller and Spring Game Tickets


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Georgia RB Imani Cross makes commit No. 14 for Bo Pelini

    - Greg Schiano's departure to Rutgers could open the door just enough for Fuller to become a Husker

    - Dennard and David considered the cream of the Senior Bowl's North roster's defensive crop

    - Doc Sadler's crew bounces back, picking off Iowa on the road

    - Spring Game tickets go on sale next Wednesday at 8 A.M. CST

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    Tags: imani cross, devin fuller, lavonte david, alfonzo dennard, doc sadler, basketball, spring game

  4. 2012 Jan 17



    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    As National Signing Day grows closer, we narrow the Big Board from ten prospects down to five. Who does Nebraska need, who do they want and who feels the love going both ways?

    1. QB Devin Fuller Art Briles can't seem to keep his eyes off Nebraska’s paper. First, he whispers sweet nothings into commit Tommy Armstrong’s ear and now he’s after Fuller. The multi-faceted athlete just got back from a trip to UCLA and is prepping for a trip to Rutgers this weekend. If Briles can talk him into visiting Waco, that’s a victory in itself.

    2. DT Vincent Valentine Last week’s No. 3 gets bumped up a spot after Brent Wilkerson chatted with new Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien and decided to stay put. Big Vince’s recruitment has been weird since day one and it’s very difficult to pinpoint just what his wishes are on a daily basis. As of this point, I’d say he signs with Nebraska, but wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ended up at Illinois or Florida.

    3. CB Brandon Beaver With Oklahoma's Brent Venables (Beaver’s recruiting contact) having one foot out the door, this battle comes down to UCLA, Washington and Nebraska. All three can essentially guarantee playing time, so Nebraska’s going to have to come at Beaver hard if they want to secure his commitment. He was scheduled to visit Oklahoma this weekend, but we'll see if that holds up with his Sooner connection departing.

    4. CB Devian Shelton Shelton just returned from a trip to Lincoln and likes what he saw. He recently received an offer from Tennessee and will be visiting Knoxville this weekend. While he visited Arizona, it’s highly unlikely he ends up a Wildcat. He could realistically be a Vol, a Husker or remain an Oregon State Beaver. There is talk that he’s already made up his mind, however.

    5. DT Aaron Curry Curry will be visiting this weekend with the guy he knocked off of the Big Board (running back Imani Cross) and cornerback Amos Leggett. If the Cornhuskers miss with Valentine, Curry’s a fair consolation prize. He also has a relationship with Nebraska’s new defensive line coach, Rick Kaczenski. Yes, he has an Iowa offer and did visit Iowa City already back in early November.

    A Telling Trio: Curry, Cross and Leggett would all be solid gets, but what speaks louder than their talent or rankings is where they’re from. When defensive backs coach Corey Raymond was hired, word spread fast that he wasn’t afraid of the SEC in recruiting battles. This mindset must be sinking in as natives of Georgia (Cross) and Leggett (FL) are visiting in January. Curry’s a Texas guy, so naturally Tim Beck’s on him, but it’s nice to see Nebraska not totally detach from one of the country’s most talent-laden areas.

    On Hold: OT Andrus Peat Apparently, Scout and 247Sports think that despite handling FSU commit Mario Williams in the Under Armour game, Peat's not a five-star player anymore. Williams is considered to be one of, if not the, best defensive end prospects in this cycle, by the way. I’m the last person you’ll hear touting stars as gospel, but to classify this kid as anything but one of the best seems silly.

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    Tags: devin fuller, vincent valentine, brandon beaver, devian shelton, aaron curry, imani cross, aj leggett, andrus peat

  5. 2012 Jan 11



    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    As National Signing Day grows closer, we narrow the absent Big Board from ten prospects down to five. Who does Nebraska need, who do they want and who feels the love going both ways?

    1. QB Devin Fuller Do you know how many scholarship quarterbacks are on Nebraska’s roster right now? Two. Assuming Tommy Armstrong signs, and that’s as certain as you can get in recruiting, that’s a big step in the right direction. Fuller’s commitment would be huge in winning a recruiting battle, signing an amazing athlete and improving overall quarterback depth.

    2. TE Brent Wilkerson Committed to Penn State? At this point, he may as well be a free agent as Wilkerson’s looking around and Nebraska’s in the running. The Huskers have Kyler Reed and Ben Cotton, but both are juniors and there’s no one proven behind them. Wilkerson’s a hoss and could/should see playing time early.

    3. DT Vincent Valentine With the departure of Jared Crick, things are thin at Nebraska’s interior defensive line. The good news is Chase Rome is improving, Baker Steinkuhler appears to have finally upped his game and a host of talented youth backs them up.

    In Pelini’s scheme, he needs a guy to occupy space. Enter Big Vince. There’s been love back and forth, but Illinois and Florida made things complicated. In the end, I think he pulls the trigger and becomes a Husker.

    4. CB Brandon Beaver At this point, landing Beaver’s an uphill battle. UCLA’s been snagging kids left and right from around his area despite their record and Brent Venables represents Oklahoma’s dog in this fight.

    Corey Raymond’s capable of bringing Beaver in, but his official visit was back in early October while he’s taking two this month alone, one of those to see the Sooners. The Huskers need talented cornerbacks in a big way. They’re in it just enough with Beaver for him to remain on this list…for now.

    5. RB Imani Cross Remember this past season when Rex Burkhead almost set the single-game carry record and then eventually broke it in another game shortly after? It’s no secret that Burkhead will be the man next season and look for the now playable Mike Marrow to switch to fullback with Tyler Legate gone. Cross is a big, bruising back that could soften up the Big Ten’s larger lines allowing for Burkhead to bash through and the speedier backups to break free.

    Sleeper: DE Kache Palacio Palacio's name came up recently, but he looks like a solid investment. Nebraska’s pretty well stocked at defensive end this season with Cameron Meredith, Josh Williams, Joe Carter and others returning. Palacio’s a guy that appears to have tremendous upside. See for yourself:


    He appears worth an offer to me.

    On Hold: OT Andrus Peat Peat’s been No. 1 on the Big Board since day one. Since he’s announcing on Signing Day, there’s not much point in repeating that he’s one of, if not the, potential crown jewel of this class.

    It seems like he’s enjoying the process which is absolutely fine. In the end, I think he’s a Husker thanks to his brother being here. It’d be costly for mom and dad to fly to two different destinations when they could just see both baby boys in Lincoln. If Nebraska does land Andrus, it’s time to move on to Peat No. 3: Cassius.

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    Tags: recruiting, devin fuller, brent wilkerson, vincent valentine, brandon beaver, imani cross, kache palacio, andrus peat

  6. 2011 Dec 26

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: “Cross”ed Wires Concerning New Prospect on Huskers' Radar


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A new contender for a big back spot has emerged on Nebraska's radar, but would he stay on the offensive side of the ball if he commits?

    Tags: imani cross, mike marrow, rex burkhead, tyler legate, christian powell

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