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  1. 2009 Jul 22

    More Missouri Jabs


    By HuskerLocker

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    This time, it's Kansas City Star's Missouri beat writer Mike DeArmond, who declares, in his first official blog:

    "Those people picking Nebraska to win the Big 12 North are abso-tooting-lutely nuts."


    "The only reason I can see anyone picking Nebraska to win the North over either Kansas or Missouri this fall is they think Tom Osborne is recruiting and coaching the Cornhuskers instead of recruiting and being the athletic director and boss to Bo Pelini."


    Here’s where I shake my head in wonder at anyone picking Nebraska over Missouri but over Kansas as well.

    The Cornhuskers have an inexperienced quarterback, lost just as much as Missouri on offense, don’t have a running back of the caliber of MU’s Derrick Washington. Shouting The Blackshirts Are Back! seems based more on t he hope that Bo Pelini is a defensive genius rather than a first-year college head coach that was simply better than Bill Callahan.

    He goes on to make fun of some Nebraska from London.

    His rationale for picking Kansas tends to be the same rationale used by many: The return of Todd Reesing, Kerry Meier and Dez Briscoe.

    Reesing we get. Great QB. Better leader.

    But two wide receivers, however talented they might be, have never, not ever won a championship by themselves. They are, after all, receivers. Someone has to throw the ball to them. And that someone, Reesing, has to have enough time to do it.

    In other words, pooh-poohing a weak offensive line that gave up 31 sacks as it was last year doesn't reflect well on your analytical abilities.

    As for Nebraska v. Missouri, we'll see. But Mizzou has an awful lot to replace on both sides of the ball, plus the best kicker in school history, plus their return guy.

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