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  1. 2012 Feb 16

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: So Suh Me - America's Perception of Ndamukong


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Chris Labenz

    Ndamukong Suh has been a vital part of the Detroit Lions’ recent resurgence, both on the field and as a brand. The second overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, Suh immediately lived up to the hype, garnering All-Pro and Defensive Rookie of the Year honors after his first season.

    By all accounts, Lions fans have embraced him as the new face of the franchise, a player who embodied the toughness and grit of the city. Suh’s presence was also felt nationally as he appeared in commercials for Subway, Chrysler and Dick’s Sporting Goods, not to mention his appearances at several major sporting events.

    Heading into his second NFL season, it appeared that Suh could do no wrong. However, his reputation as a dirty player began to evolve. This stemmed from multiple incidents involving questionable hits on quarterbacks, including the Bears’ Jay Cutler and the Browns’ Colt McCoy. People stood on both sides of the issue with a majority of fans and columnists eventually concluding that Suh wasn’t necessarily dirty.

    He was old school, the type of player that went to the whistle and inflicted large amounts of pain on opposing players, a primary goal of any star defensive tackle.

    Suh went so far as to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell to discuss ways in which he could avoid penalties and continue to play at a high level. Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2011, and defending the former Nebraska big man became much more difficult.

    During a heated battle between the Lions and division rival Green Bay, Suh was ejected from the game after stomping on the leg of a Packers’ offensive linemen following a play. After the game, Suh tried to downplay the incident, telling the media he was merely trying to regain his balance and not intending to hurt the other player.

    Uproar from fans and pundits sprung up immediately on Twitter, eventually finding its way to nearly every major sports media radio and television show. No. 90 was out of control. He was the poster boy for a team that was getting flagged for personal fouls at the highest rate in the league. Many called for Suh to be suspended for multiple games and pay enormous fines.

    Not only was Suh now being considered dirty, he was branded a liar and a fake. A professional in front of the cameras, but a menace in real life. The Lions’ star was eventually suspended for two games and his play became mediocre for the remainder of the year, as if he had been hit with a tranquilizer dart. Fans recently gave Suh a new title: The fourth most-disliked athlete in America.

    The truth about Ndamukong Suh likely exists somewhere in the middle. Detroit defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, long-regarded as one of the NFL’s top defensive minds, has stated that Suh is a once-in-a-generation talent. His work ethic is unquestionable. Combine this with his freakish athletic ability, and there’s no reason that he can’t consistently perform at an All-Pro level.

    Off the field, he has been applauded for his charitable efforts for the city of Detroit, not to mention his generosity in supporting the University of Nebraska. The positives appear to outweigh the negatives in regards to Suh, but because of modern media, the negatives attract far more attention.

    History shows that fan and media perception of athletes is a roller-coaster ride, with the lows and highs overemphasized every hour of every day on all outlets. At the same time, we’ve seen that athletes can be switch between being hated or adored in a matter of one season of solid play. A prime example is Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

    Ripped apart for his adultery and questionable transgressions, Bryant lost sponsorships and support. After showcasing his world-class ability in later seasons and winning an NBA title, the fans, media, and sponsorships returned as if his poor conduct never happened. World-renowned golfer Tiger Woods is on a similar path.

    When athletes win and entertains, fans are willing to look beyond a troubled past and cheer for future success. Suh has a great opportunity in front of him to regain these cheers and overcome negative perception.

    It’s crucial that his play begins to mirror his rookie year's and he avoids costly personal fouls that will only cause negative media attention to worsen. If Suh gets back to tormenting quarterbacks and garnering praise from analysts, fans will look at last season as a hiccup during the growth of a great athlete.

    Charles Barkley once said, “I am not a role model.” Suh doesn’t need to be one to realize his goal of being an NFL and commercial star, but he can’t embrace the “bad boy” image in the extreme manner he did last season. If he does, it will tarnish his reputation and that of any team he is or was a part of, including the Cornhuskers.

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  2. 2012 Feb 11

    NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS: The Husker Locker Weekend Roundtable


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Every week, the Husker Locker staff sits down and is presented a number of questions addressing various aspects of Nebraska Cornhuskers sports.

    This week:

    Simply put: is Doc done?

    Brian: My #FIREDOCSADLER Twitter hashtag worked!

    Seriously, Doc was done with the loss to Minnesota, let alone the combination of the Michigan debacle and his comments afterwards. He probably shouldn’t pimp his defensive effort out when his opponent shoots north of 70 percent in a half to blow his squad out of the water.

    Was his extension the right idea? Yes and no. Yes to take him out of "lame duck status" for recruiting, but the way it was constructed didn’t benefit the University considering how things are playing out.

    On the bright side, can Doc truly lose if he gets $3.4 million as a parting gift?

    Also, why was Doc given that big buyout? What was the purpose of that? Only one man can truly answer that, and that is Tom Osborne.

    Erin: If he's not, he's close, but I've been thinking that for awhile and he's still here. He just hit 100 wins this season, so maybe he'll get his contract extended until 2020 instead (heavy sarcasm).

    Greg: It'd be expensive to buy him out, but it'll cost the university more to lose out on higher-caliber players and rack up even more fan disinterest. Read into that whatever you will.

    Brandon: At this point, it seems unavoidable. Nebraska’s a 3.5-point underdog going into today’s game against Penn State, one that appeared a likely win earlier in the year.

    You wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find a large number of fans who think the Cornhuskers drop that game without even thinking at this point. Sadler’s a great guy, but personality will only take you so far as a head coach.

    Would it be expensive to buy Sadler out? Yes, but the long-term gain over any short-term financial pain would more than cover a large monetary loss. What will make or break the overall decision is should Sadler be let go, the actual best coach available must be hired.

    Not the nicest guy or the one with the best penmanship, but one interested in building Nebraska men’s basketball into something it’s never been – a contender. A nice personality would be a plus, though.

    Ndamukong Suh was voted the No. 4 most-hated athlete in America in a Forbes poll. Your reaction?

    Brian: I don’t know if people should put a lot of stock into that. Yes, he’s done some stupid stuff and it has cost him. However, he’s young enough and hopefully being led by enough of the right people to realize his poor choices.

    I do wonder if the attitudes of the head coaches he’s played under (Bo and Jim Schwartz) hasn’t rubbed off on him a bit. If he acts like this three years down the line, our questions will truly be answered because he won’t be around to be noticed.

    Erin: I'm honestly not surprised. He's an aggressive player. Other players have spoken out against him, and I think that does affect how anyone from a coach to a fan views him. Call him "dirty," but he's just a passionate player. If that puts him on the most-hated list, then so be it.

    Greg: The Thanksgiving Day Stomp is a huge black mark on his image. I find it difficult to consider him the fourth most-hated athlete in the NFL, let alone the entire country. Who do I hate more than Suh? I'm glad you asked.

    Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, Aaron Rodgers (you can't tell me that many a Packer fan didn't vote for Suh as most-hated), Chad soon-to-be-Johnson-again, and that's just the NFL.

    Open it up to other sports and there's LeBron, Carlos Zambrano and others, but that's just me. I don't have any problem with the way Suh plays the game between the whistles. That being said, I definitely feel he needs to curb his "extracurricular activity" a little.

    Brandon: Suh’s an aggressive guy, and believe it or not, he wasn’t chummy with everyone in Lincoln. He obviously has the emotion and talent to have a successful NFL career, but the switch he flips before heading onto the field needs to be dialed back a bit before it breaks off after getting turned up to 11.

    He does his own thing and not everyone’s going to like him, especially those whose quarterbacks he messes up (using legal maneuvers), but he’s young and he can correct the mistakes he’s made.

    There’s no reason to compare him to individuals such as Michael Vick who's been vilified for far worse actions, regardless of how you or I personally feel. He’s done some bone-headed, at times bush-league things on the football field. If he corrects his actions next season, he won’t even be a thought when a list of this sort comes around next year.

    Nebraska appears to be ramping up recruiting early with multiple heavy-hitters offered early. Do you think this effort continues throughout the year?

    Brian: Honestly, no I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that there is some work being done to get kids into the Spring Game and to get early commitments. However, what will the coaches do in during summer after all the camps?

    Get back to me on this after Thanksgiving when we'll be able to see what effort was put in from May through November, then we’ll talk.

    Erin: We can only hope so. Nebraska need some big heavy-hitters in the next class. I cannot stress that enough. I don't need to say anymore. Fans know this.

    Greg: I certainly hope it does. The best recruiters know that it isn't something you do from the end of the regular season to National Signing Day. It's a year-long process.

    If you want the best prospects, you have to work for them. You have to court these kids and always be on their mind. It's your job as recruiters to make them feel like Cinderella going to the ball with the clock perpetually stuck on 11:59pm. No pumpkins allowed.

    Brandon: Consider me a temporary resident of Missouri when it comes to Nebraska football recruiting and “show me.”

    New recruiting coordinator Ross Els can say whatever he wants in regards to strategy and Nebraska can continue offering the best prospects in the country. If the staff can’t lock them down and fill up this class, words and offers ultimately mean nothing.

    Prediction time: When can Nebraska expect its next football commitment?

    Brian: Maybe one or two at the Spring Game. If not that, nothing until July or so.

    Erin: I defer this question to Brandon and trust whatever he says. He's the recruiting expert, after all.

    Editor's Note: Thanks, Erin. No pressure.

    Greg: Spring Game week.

    Brandon: Following Junior Day and I’ll take it a step further for fun: it’ll be linebacker Josh Banderas

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  3. 2012 Feb 09

    Husker Heartbeat 2/9: Suh One of the Most-Hated, Els Settling In and Doc Still "Proud"


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Ndamukong Suh is one of America's most-hated athletes

    - Ross Els is wasting no time getting in the groove as Huskers' new recruiting coordinator

    - Doc Sadler is still "proud" of his team following the wheels falling off against Michigan

    - Connie Yori's squad's best friend may be tunnel vision

    - Erstad: "We have enough talent to win"

    Note: Husker Locker will be hosting a live chat tonight at 7 PM CST. Set your reminders and please join us for fan-centric Husker chat!

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  4. 2012 Feb 05

    NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS: Knee-Jerk Reactions (2/5)


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    - Still feeling the sting of Peat’s decision to go to Stanford. Yeeowch.

    - JINX ALERT: Sure would be cool if Prince Amukamara got a Super Bowl ring during his rookie year.

    - Anyone else intrigued at how Crick’ll perform at the NFL Combine?

    - Anyone else think he’ll dominate?

    - The cause of Bo Pelini’s car accident: A Nickelback/ Justin Bieber collaboration.

    - If you haven’t, vote for Rex Burkhead to win the 2012 Rare Disease Award for his work with Team Jack

    - Selling Spring Game tickets on National Signing Day’s a fine marketing strategy. Kudos to whomever thought that up.

    - Just put Suh and Slauson in an octagon and let’s settle this whole thing.

    - Zac Taylor’s coaching career continues to take off with his new gig with the Dolphins. Wouldn’t surprise to see him back in the FBS ranks as an assistant within the next three years.

    - Not sure who’s more excited about Nebraska baseball beginning: Erstad or the fans.

    - Of course, when you’re playing in one of the worst teams based on RPI, you’d be excited as a first-year coach with his staff, too.

    - If you tell yourself that NU men’s basketball plays on a court that was flooded, then dried using handheld hairdryers, their record looks impressive.

    - Despite the recent losses, Nebraska wrestling’s at home in the Big Ten.

    - It’s time for Bill Belichick to regenerate his powers. Another Lombardi Trophy must be sacrificed so that he doesn’t turn on the children.

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  5. 2012 Jan 31

    Husker Heartbeat 1/31: Suh Disputes Slauson's Claims, Zac Taylor a Dolphin and Dennard a Lion?


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Ndamukong Suh disputes fellow former Husker Slauson's claims of dirty play

    - Former Husker QB Zac Tayloris now a Miami Dolphin

    - Husker DE commit Greg McMullen ready to leave home to dominate in Lincoln

    - Try to tackle a heart-breaking Husker recruiting quiz

    - An ESPN mock draft has Alfonzo Dennard headed to Detroit

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  6. 2011 Dec 29

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Capital One Bowl Can Help Make or Break 2012


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Ryan Donohue

    The Nebraska football team is already taking in the sunny skies, seventy-degree temperatures and learning firsthand that Orlando isn't a bad place to be in December. While it’s easy to get swept away by all the Sunshine State has to offer, Bo Pelini says he has these Huskers focused on the task at hand: winning the Capital One Bowl.

    It's a January matchup between one of the Big Ten’s best against a rising star from the top conference in football. In this case, the SEC representative is coached by a familiar foe. In other words, it’s the perfect opportunity for Nebraska to get a quality win.

    Lurking in swampy surroundings, behind the high-powered media focus and the pageantry of the bowl events, a true prize for the Cornhuskers awaits: the prize of momentum. An impressive win positions Nebraska as the co-favorite to win the Legends division along with Michigan and vaults them into national title talk for 2012.

    Perhaps most importantly, a win over the Gamecocks would bring good vibrations to the program for the next seven months. If you don’t believe a bowl game can create a lasting effect, think back no further than the 2010 Holiday Bowl: a muddy, maligned mess of a game that hung a cloud over the Big Red throughout the offseason and into the inaugural Big Ten slate.

    Ask the Old Ball Coach on the opposing sideline what a win could do for South Carolina as they attempt to notch an eleventh win for the first time in school history, not to mention position themselves firmly near the top of the conference pecking order, a goal all too familiar to Nebraska fans.

    Let’s not forget that Florida is fertile recruiting ground and National Signing Day is roughly a month away. Big Red has cast a long reel this recruiting season, and is in on a number of high profile recruits waiting until all-star games and Faxing Day itself to announce where they’ll play. Nebraska will likely fill half of their recruiting spots for their unusually small class all in the next month. An impressive showing sends a signal that the program is back on the rise.

    While the Huskers aren’t among the nation’s elite again yet, the idea of hopping aboard a winning program ready to return to its former full glory is an intriguing proposition to many recruits. A bowl victory could be far more than a much-needed feather in Nebraska’s 2011 cap. The necessary nudge that lands one or two more big fish is something else a bowl win provides.

    One needn’t explain how important a couple of freakish athletes are: just roll some highlights from the decorated careers of Ndamukong Suh, and most recently Lavonte David. There’s an overall feeling that Nebraska is on a razor-thin edge from returning to elite status. With one or two small breaks, this bowl game could provide the motivation for the program to take the next step in 2012. This is assuming the Huskers walk away winners, of course.

    If they lose, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s hard to imagine the letdown last year’s Holiday Bowl provided. The rematch with Washington was rendered lifeless as soon as it was scheduled. To find empirical data on the damage a bowl can do, let’s venture back to 2006.

    The Huskers found themselves in a familiar spot. Back in a January bowl, this time the Cotton, against a strong SEC opponent in Auburn. Former head coach Bill Callahan appeared to be turning the corner in his third season as Nebraska’s head man.

    A few bad decisions and perhaps the worst fake punt attempt in Cornhusker history officially branded the season as a mixed bag. Callahan didn’t add the exclamation point to a year that may have been pivotal to his career. Instead, Nebraska tenuously stepped into 2007 still not sure if it belonged with the big boys and, well, you were there.

    Is Bo Pelini’s job on the line? Not when you look at his performance over the past four years. What’s missing from Pelini’s resume is the signature wins, those milestones that could elevate him to the level of Bob Stoops and Les Miles. The Capital One bowl is easy to overlook because there isn’t anything tangible on the line.

    Ten wins in a season is nice, but a nine-win year is more than survivable. A preseason ranking boost is great, but means nothing come the season opener. However, these sleepy bowl games, the ones that can creep up on player and fan alike, are often the ones that count most.

    They instill confidence and dampen negativity, pick up the beat of spring and fall camp and cultivate championships down the line. They are the seeds of revival. One of those wins will be the one Pelini needs to start chiseling his head coaching credentials in stone, and that Nebraska needs to finally take that big step forward. A loss means more rumblings, more questions, more waiting for a team growing restless in the rebuilding phase to step up.

    Surely there are some hoping Nebraska wins, but secretly believe that it doesn’t matter much if they lose. That warm, comfortable feeling can melt into complacency, the kind of feeling easily found in states bordering Nebraska, but not in Big Red country…yet. It’s a feeling that should be avoided at all costs. The Huskers still sit perilously between reestablishing elite status and becoming the next Iowa.

    Any game that can create positive or negative energy extending towards next season is a game worth pulling out all the stops for, not just because it’s the last game of the year. The next contest Nebraska must win is not a September 29 date with the Wisconsin Badgers, but their upcoming bout with the Gamecocks.

    Everyone across the program, from coaches to fans, knows from experience that sometimes it’s the games not taken as seriously that matter most in the end. Pat Fitzgerald and Paul Rhodes can tell Husker fans all they need to know about that.

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  7. 2011 Dec 18

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: The Curious Case of Ndamukong Suh


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brett Baker

    There is a player during every generation that grabs Nebraska fans’ hearts. In the 1950s, it was Bobby Reynolds. In the 1960s, Bob Brown and the 1970s, Johnny Rodgers. Turner Gill and Mike Rozier laid claim to the 1980s.

    Tommie Frazier ran away with the 1990s. Heading into the 2009 season, it seemed like Eric Crouch would own "the aughts." That was until Ndamukong Suh wrested the decade away from the Heisman Trophy winner like it was an over-matched Texas offensive lineman.

    On the field, Suh played with ferocity that old school football fans loved. Off the field, he carried himself in a manner that made every Nebraskan proud - thoughtful, articulate and inspiring. He was as we Nebraskans would like to see ourselves. Suh was tough enough to get the dirty work done and personable enough to charm even the most cynical and jaded media member.

    When he was drafted by the Detroit Lions, I'm sure I wasn't the only one pricing Ndamukong Suh gear at NFL.com. That's how big his impact was. It wasn’t about whether we liked the Lions or not, we were going to follow an entire team because of him.

    That's what has made the last few weeks as difficult to digest as they are to understand.

    It was Thanksgiving Day and I was where I've been every other for the last 11 years, the sports edit suite at the television station where I work. I was preparing the 5 PM sportscast and I had the Lions-Packers game on, paying about half-attention to it as I went about prepping my show.

    The Packers were well in control when all of a sudden I heard Joe Buck say that Suh had been kicked out of the game. My attention was grabbed and I watched along with the rest of the nation to see what Ndamukong had done to merit an ejection. Upon further review, it was clear that he had to go.

    I'll be honest. I wasn't offended or upset with his actions. From a competitor's point of view, I thought I could size up what had transpired. The Packers had owned the line of scrimmage for the better part of the contest and the Lions had been backed down to their own goal line.

    On the play in question, Suh was tangled up with Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith who wrestled him to the ground. At this point, the second year All-Pro snapped, shoving Dietrich-Smith's head into the turf several times before getting up and stomping on his arm.

    Suh has always played with an edge. That's one of the reasons why fans like him and he was always accountable for his actions. That's what made his postgame comments so bizarre. I expected him to be honest, to say that as the game wore on and the Packers took control he began to lose his cool. I expected him to say that on the play in question he just lost it, that he regretted it and that he would accept whatever punishment the league seemed fit.

    That did not happen.

    Not only was he defiant and oblivious, but he was also playing the media and the fans for fools. To suggest that the stomp was him simply trying to regain his balance as he extricated himself from the pile was the height of idiocy. I saw it, you saw, the nation saw it.

    The only one who apparently didn't see it was the man who had committed the actions in question. As I listened to the rest of the interview, I was astounded. Where was the young man that we had grown to know as the face of the new era Cornhuskers? Who was this delusional imposter?

    I think the part that bothered me the most was when he said that his "true fans" would back him. This is to suggest that if you were able enough to form a cognitive thought of your own and it somehow differed from his, then you were not among his "true fans.” I am an Ndamukong Suh fan. That doesn't mean I blindly fall in line with the bunk that he was shoveling out that Thursday afternoon.

    I wasn't upset with Ndamukong. I was embarrassed for him.
    In the days that followed, he was chastised, ridiculed and mocked by the talking heads that are paid to have an opinion on such things. I didn't disagree with any of them.

    Suh had gotten wrong which was why I was looking forward to his return. I wanted to see if his stint away from the Lions during his two-game suspension had done him any good. Had he taken time to adjust his ego and set aside his pride to give an honest and forthright take on his absence from the game and what had led to it in the first place?

    He did not. With his suspension over, he addressed the media and took turns at being dismissive and somewhat condescending. I was stunned.

    So now I'm left to wonder, who is Ndamukong Suh? The truth is he's still all of the things that made me and thousands of others become unabashed Suh fans, but he's also callow, arrogant and naive. At the tender age of 24 these traits can be forgiven, but at 34, not so much. Hopefully between now and then his emotional range and sense of accountability will catch up to his immense physical talent.

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  8. 2011 Dec 16

    Husker Heartbeat 12/16: SC Native Targets Gamecocks, Marvin Sanders Surfaces and Suh's Shoe Drama


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Several Huskers dig the fast track to a diploma that Nebraska offers

    - South Carolina native DE Joe Carteris looking forward to battling the Gamecocks

    - Former Husker coach Marvin Sanders joins Carl Pelini at Florida Atlantic

    - Lady Nebrasketballers know that they need to crank up the physicality as the season continues

    - Could the untying of shoes have led to the stomping that caused former Husker Ndamukong Suh's recent suspension?

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    Tags: joe carter, marvin sanders, carl pelini, ndamukong suh

  9. 2011 Nov 30

    Husker Heartbeat 11/30: Hardrick Happy Hoisting Hardware, What's Next for NU and Suh Sits Two Games


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Nebraska's win over Iowa meant the world to Yoshi Hardrick as did getting his mitts on the Heroes Game trophy

    - Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa has shaken his initial jitters and is starting to make significant contributions as his confidence soars

    - After a roller coaster season, what's next for Bo Pelini's Cornhuskers?

    - Three Husker volleyball players were named first-team All-Big Ten

    - Ndamukong Suh will miss two games without pay for his actions this past Thanksgiving

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    Tags: yoshi hardrick, quincy enunwa, bo pelini, volleyball, ndamukong suh

  10. 2011 Nov 09

    Husker Heartbeat 11/09: Marlowe Returns to PSU, The DL Contingency Plan and Suh Voted Dirtiest Player


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Wide receiver Tim Marlowe is returning to Penn State as a Husker

    - Flipping through the contingency plan to shore up the defensive line

    - Defensive tackle Chase Rome is back on the practice field

    - Former Husker Ndamukong Suh was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers

    - NU volleyball's Lauren Cook faces felony charges stemming from her automobile wreck

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    Tags: tim marlowe, chase rome, ndamukong suh, lauren cook

  11. 2011 Nov 01

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Top Five Things the Huskers Must Do To Be Big Ten Champs - No. 2


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Ryan Donohue

    - Less Us vs. Media/Fans and More Us vs. The Opponents

    There’s been far too much infighting among Nebraska’s stakeholders. That includes players, coaches, fans, and the media.

    Why is Bo taking time to acknowledge the boo birds? The “us vs. the world” mentality only strengthens your enemy because it acknowledges them – they just boo louder. Also, is it truly “us” if there are players commenting to the media about team efforts? Keep that in the locker room.

    Why is the media obsessing over fan reaction and issuing apologies to players? Are we too swayed by an always-on, social-media-fueled environment? Are we bored? I surmise one cause is the disorientation that comes with a new conference. We are the new kid in class, and we seem to be in the back row picking our own scabs.

    It’s time to make a friend, or better yet an enemy.

    If players are frustrated about how they – or others – are playing then take it out on the other team. Tackle them, knock them down, talk a little trash. Take Wisconsin’s attitude of “you don’t belong here” and turn it on its head. Use it and show every remaining opponent – including possibly Wisconsin for a second time – that Nebraska can stand up to anyone in the Big Ten.

    That Nebraska is more “Big Ten” than most teams in the conference, and has been for decades. The Cornhuskers don’t have any rivalries built up yet, so Nebraska needs to dig deep for sources of motivation. Taking advantage of the root cause of what made players like Ndamukong Suh so fun to watch might benefit Nebraska greatly.

    Take out aggression on the field and things fall into place. The one thing the players, coaches, fans, and even media have in common is they want Nebraska to win. Everybody loves winning. If the Nebraska family can restore the focus to beating up on the opponent instead of themselves, good things will come.

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    Tags: big ten, bo pelini, wisconsin, ndamukong suh

  12. 2011 Oct 28

    Husker Heartbeat 10/28: Cousins vs. Martinez, A Lincoln Red Alert and Warren Sapp on Suh


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Kirk Cousins vs. Taylor Martinez - Whose team will rally the most with everything on the line for the Cornhuskers?

    - A special red alert for those in Lincoln

    - Running back Rex Burkhead is persistence personified

    - Bo Pelini is all for the NCAA's additional $2,000 stipend

    - Why Husker fans will be happy (or sad) following Saturday's game against Michigan State

    - Offensive Tackle Paul Thurston ignores UCLA's overtures and remains solid with his pledge to Nebraska

    - Warren Sapp on the NFL's reaction to Ndamukong Suh: "It's gotten sissified, it really has."

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    Tags: kirk cousins, taylor martinez, rex burkhead, bo pelini, paul thurston, warren sapp, ndamukong suh

  13. 2011 Oct 25

    Husker Heartbeat 10/25: Husker Playmaker Returns, Pelini on Burkhead and Suh Fires Back


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Kyler Reed should be healthy enough to return to action against Michigan State

    - Pelini: Coaches know Burkhead's name; college football fans are a different story

    - Nebraska knows what's at stake in this weekend's season-defining showdown

    - The Huskers brace for a battle in the trenches against the Michigan State Spartans

    - Early bonding pays big dividends as the Husker volleyball team has been on a rampage on their way to No. 1 in the polls

    - Ndamukong Suh fires back at allegations of him being a "dirty player."

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    Tags: kyler reed, bo pelini, rex burkhead, volleyball, ndamukong suh

  14. 2011 Oct 17

    Husker Heartbeat 10/17: Jamal Turner's Taken, Blackshirts Take Backseat to Spartans and Suh Backs Safety Device


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Jamal Turner overcomes losses with the help of his special someone

    - Nebraska's defense takes a backseat to the Spartans'

    - JUCO players are helping to pave Pelini's road to success in Lincoln

    - Eight questions the Cornhuskers need to answer

    - Husker volleyballers rally past No. 14 Minnesota after being down two sets

    - Former Husker Ndamukong Suh backs helmet safety device

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    Tags: jamal turner, volleyball, ndamukong suh

  15. 2011 Oct 07

    Husker Heartbeat 10/7: Pelini & Martinez Feeling the Heat, NU's Other Big Game and Bowman Issues a Suh-nami Warning


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - The chips are down for Pelini and Martinez. Can they recover?

    - Another big game will be played on the Nebraska sideline at 7 PM: Recruiting

    - Nebraska's offensive line is shouldering a heavy load in 2011

    - Ohio State hopes their "Sliver Bullets" can pierce Nebraska's defense

    - The Nebraska baseballers begin their first Red-White Series under Darin Erstad

    - Husker volleyball faces a duo of Indianan teams this weekend including the No. 11 team in the country

    - Former Cornhusker and Chicago Bear Zack Bowman warns about his former teammate Ndamukong Suh

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    Tags: taylor martinez, bo pelini, darin erstad, zack bowman, ndamukong suh

  16. 2011 Oct 05

    Husker Heartbeat 10/5: Martinez's Irate, Fall Camp Comes Twice and Suh Saves a Season


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Martinez is as mad as he's ever been and is preparing to bounce back

    - The Huskers hit practice like it's fall camp all over again

    - Nebraska defensive assistants Ross Els and Corey Raymond are feeling the heat as they work to mold inexperienced units

    - Coaches are still tinkering to find the right combination of players for the secondary

    - Ndamukong Suh helps rescue the season for a Detroit-area football team following the theft of their equipment

    - As the Red-White Series nears, Darin Erstad's baseball team is working hard

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    Tags: taylor martinez, ross els, corey raymond, ndamukong suh, darin erstad

  17. 2011 Sep 30

    Husker Heartbeat 9/30: Stafford's New Position, Suh's Shout Out and NU-UW About More Than Football


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    Stafford finds himself fitting snugly in at the nickel position

    - Ndamukong Suh gives Husker Nation a pre-Wisconsin shout out

    - Fans should be patient with Martinez' option aptitude

    - Know Thy Enemy: Wisconsin

    - Nebraska-Wisconsin's one of the hottest tickets around

    - The bout between the Badgers and Cornhuskers will be about more than football

    - Can Nebraska's Big Three hoist up the Husker's defense?

    - Husker volleyballers face their first Big Ten road tests

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    Tags: daimion stafford, taylor martinez, ndamukong suh

  18. 2011 Sep 12

    Husker Heartbeat 9/12: O-Line Baby Steps, Ciante Evans Angry and Suh Dominates; Overachieves


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Will little steps cut it for the Huskers' 2011 offensive line?

    - The coaches were pleased that players kept their cool against the Bulldogs

    - Ciante Evans isn't happy about last Saturday's coverage breakdowns

    - The return of Alfonzo Dennard would tighten up Nebraska's defense against the run

    - Nebraska opens as a 17.5 favorite vs. Washington

    - Former Husker Ndamukong Suh: Dominant on the field; Grand achiever off of it

    - A bad week exposes the Big Ten's problems

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    Tags: ciante evans, alfonzo dennard, washington, ndamukong suh

  19. 2011 Sep 02

    THE OFFICIAL Husker Locker Podcast 9/2: To Throttle a Mockingbird


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Subscribe to the podcast

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

    On the docket:

    A podcast featuring ONLY questions asked by you, the Husker Locker fan base.

    - The effects of Tim Beck and Barney Cotton being moved to the booth
    - How to recharge Memorial Stadium
    - Brion Carnes and the current Nebraska quarterback situation
    - Is Ndamukong Suh a dirty player?
    - UTC Predictions

    Have a topic or question that you'd like to hear discussed? Send us an e-mail or a message to any of us on Twitter.

    Follow the roundtable on Twitter:

    Brandon: @HuskerLocker
    Brian: @btbowling
    Brett: @BigRedinTejas
    Erin: @helloerinmarie
    Greg: @thehooch36

    More info on the Husker Locker intro voice:

    Rob Kugler's Profile

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    Tags: tim beck, barney cotton, brion carnes, ndamukong suh, podcast, podcasts

  20. 2011 Jul 21

    Husker Heatbeat 7/21: '95 Nebraska is the Best (Again), D-Wade's Girl a Hardcore Husker and Suh Out to Break Own Record


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - The 1995 Cornhuskers were the greatest team that Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden ever covered

    - Dwayne Wade's girlfriend prefers Nebraska football

    - Eight different Huskers land on 2011 college football award watch lists

    - Nebraska's seven best victories of the past seven years

    - Suh looks to break his own TweetUp record

    - The Huskers are one of college football's top ten title contenders

    - The Lady Husker roundballers pick up a commitment from Ohio

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    Tags: ndamukong suh

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