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  1. 2011 Dec 22

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Audible Audibles Feat. Elika Sadeghi of Eleven Warriors


    By HuskerLocker

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    Husker Locker's Brandon Cavanaugh sits down with some of the biggest and brightest minds in college football with the site's newest feature: Audible Audibles.

    This week, Elika Sadeghi, a contributing writer of one of the elite Ohio State athletics web sites Eleven Warriors stops by.

    Topics include:

    - Sadeghi's take on Nebraska
    - Capital One Bowl intrigue
    - The NCAA's verdict on Ohio State
    - NCAA punishment reform
    - The Gator Bowl featuring Ohio State vs. Florida
    - And more!

    Finally, the bewitching Buckeye goes Three and Out. Will Sadeghi answer the three questions given or call an audible?

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    Tags: huskers, capital one bowl, ohio state, gator bowl, florida, urban meyer, ncaa

  2. 2011 Dec 07

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Huskers Coaching Search Q&A


    By HuskerLocker

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    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    We reached out to Pete Roussel of CoachingSearch.com to get his take on who Nebraska should tab to replace the departed Carl Pelini, his thoughts on current Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini and the staff as a whole.

    BC: How do you see Carl Pelini’s departure from Nebraska in terms of positives/negatives from both Nebraska and Florida Atlantic’s perspectives?

    PR: It’s about players. As long as Bo Pelini is coaching Nebraska, they will maximize the talent on defense. Don’t expect a big change in philosophy or scheme. A new coordinator will come in, however, and tweak some drills, techniques, and terminology.

    BC: With Carl Pelini’s departure, who are some candidates that you feel would fit the defensive coordinator role for the Huskers well?

    PR: There won’t be a shortage of quality candidates because coaches know that Bo Pelini is always going to pour resources into the Huskers’ defense. There is a commitment to being great on defense in Lincoln and that’s what coaches want. I’d be surprised if Mike Stoops doesn’t land the job. Coaches are always comfortable with people they know. Illinois interim head coach Vic Koenning could be another option.

    BC: Do you think there’s a possibility that Bo Pelini may hire from within, perhaps moving current defensive line coach/recruiting coordinator John Papuchis to defensive coordinator?

    PR: I expect Bo to go outside the staff on this hire.

    BC: How good of a fit do you feel Bo Pelini is for Nebraska?

    PR: Bo Pelini fits Nebraska. You can tell in media interviews when coaches don’t take ownership in their university or state. I get sense that at all from Pelini.

    BC: With Urban Meyer taking over at Ohio State, do you see him staying at Nebraska until Meyer departs?

    PR: Urban Meyer will be at Ohio State for a long time. I think it’s safe to say Ohio State will be his last job.

    BC: Do you feel that Nebraska has the coaching staff necessary to win a national championship?

    PR: Expectations are always high at Nebraska. Any team that wins eleven or twelve games has the ball bounce their way a little bit. Yes, they do create those opportunities, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of to win nine games. Think about how many games come down to the last two to three minutes in college football.

    Keep winning nine, ten, nine, ten (games) and then you’ll have your special season. I think Nebraska has a better chance to play for a national championship in the Big Ten than when they were in the Big 12. Stay the course. Get two or three more game changers in there and you may earn your way into a BCS game.

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    Tags: bo pelini, carl pelini, mike stoops, urban meyer, ohio state

  3. 2011 Dec 02

    The OFFICIAL Husker Locker Podcast 12/02: The Heavy-Hitting Championship Week Edition


    By HuskerLocker

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    Subscribe to the podcast

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    On the docket:

    Special guest Adam Kramer of the popular college football blog Kegs 'N Eggs joins us.

    A podcast featuring ONLY questions asked by you, the Husker Locker fan base:

    - Where will the Big Ten rank among all other conferences with Urban Meyer joining Ohio State and other shakeups in the league?
    - What's in store for the 2012 Blackshirts?
    - The Big Red Award Show Snub-a-thon
    - Husker Locker's Secret Santa Projections

    Have a topic or question that you'd like to hear discussed? Send us an e-mail or a message to any of us on Twitter.

    Follow the roundtable on Twitter:

    Adam Kramer: @KegsnEggs
    Brandon: @eightlaces
    Erin: @helloerinmarie
    Greg: @thehooch36

    More info on the Husker Locker intro voice:
    Rob Kugler's Profile

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    Tags: big ten, ohio state, urban meyer, blackshirts, big red, santa, podcast, podcasts

  4. 2011 Nov 30

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Audible Audibles Feat. Adam Jacobi


    By HuskerLocker

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    Husker Locker Editor and Community Manager Brandon Cavanaugh sits down with some of the biggest and brightest minds in college football with a brand new feature: Audible Audibles.

    This week, Adam Jacobi of CBSSports.com and Black Heart Gold Pants, one of, if not the premiere Iowa Hawkeyes site on the Internet rocks the mic.

    Topics include:

    - Jacobi's take on Nebraska
    - Reviewing the Heroes Game
    - Is Nebraska-Iowa a true rivalry?
    - Jacobi's thoughts on Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini (which may surprise you)
    - An unexpected history lesson
    - Urban Meyer and his impact on the Big Ten

    Finally, the humble Hawkeye goes Three and Out. Will Jacobi answer the three questions given or call an audible?

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

    Follow Adam on Twitter: @Adam_Jacobi
    Read his work on CBSSports.com: The Jacobi Archive

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    Tags: iowa, heroes game, kirk ferentz, bo pelini, urban meyer, ohio state

  5. 2011 Nov 22

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Audible Audibles Feat. EveryDayShouldBeSaturday.com's Luke Zimmermann


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Husker Locker Editor and Community Manager Brandon Cavanaugh sits down with some of the biggest and brightest minds in college football with a brand new feature: Audible Audibles.

    This week, Luke Zimmermann of EveryDayShouldBeSaturday.com, one of college football's premiere sites, rocks the mic.

    Topics include:

    - Zimmermann's take on Nebraska
    - Bo Pelini vs. Urban Meyer as Ohio State's next head coach
    - Big Ten referees
    - Is college football better than the NFL?

    Finally, the verbal virtuoso goes Three and Out. Will Zimmermann answer the three questions given or call an audible?

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

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    Tags: bo pelini, urban meyer, ohio state, big ten, nfl

  6. 2011 Nov 02

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Blackshirts Aided By Beatdowns and a Break From Stiff Competition


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By James Stevenson

    Last Monday, 20 (that’s twenty, not a typo) Nebraska defenders found black practice jerseys in their lockers. Eight defensive linemen and nine defensive backs were among those honored in Bo Pelini’s tweaked version of the Blackshirt tradition.

    While the Huskers certainly earned the right to their black practice jerseys after dominating Michigan State, the resurgence on defense may have as much to do with the competition as with the Blackshirts actually improving.

    There’s no question that Nebraska’s defense has statistically improved since the non-conference schedule. After the debacle at Wisconsin, Nebraska’s was ranked No. 68 in pass defense, No. 58 in pass effeciency defense, No. 64 in total defense and No. 73 in scoring defense.

    Heading into the game against Northwestern this week, those rankings have improved to No 12 in pass defense, No. 23 in pass efficiency defense, No. 29 in total defense and No. 33 in scoring defense.

    That’s some massive improvement. Bo Pelini’s defenses are known for gelling over the course of the season, as players learn to trust each other and the system in his Zone Pattern Match defense.

    For example, the 2010 defense had improved from No. 35 to No. 12 in total defense from the third to the tenth week of the season. The 2009 team improved from No. 50 to No. 9 in the same category.

    The last two seasons prove that Bo Pelini defenses improve during the middle of the season, evolving into the fearsome units he is known for coordinating. The 2011 Nebraska squad seems to be following this pattern, but the competition faced during October is decidedly different than what was seen in the Big 12.

    In 2009 and 2010, Nebraska faced two teams ranked No. 2 in total scoring (Texas Tech in 2009, Oklahoma State in 2010). They usually had another date with a Top 25 scoring outfit (Missouri in 2009 and 2010).

    Unlike those seasons, the 2011 Blackshirts have padded their stats since the Wisconsin game, playing against the Nos. 108, 110, and 66 scoring offenses in Ohio State, Minnesota and Michigan State, respectively.

    Neither Ohio State (No. 111 passing offense) nor Minnesota (No. 108 passing offense) featured any sort of significant threat against the Huskers’ secondary. Even Michigan State, despite star quarterback Kirk Cousins, was merely average in both total offense (No. 66) and scoring offense (No. 58).

    Aside from the first half against Ohio State, Nebraska did what it should have done against the offenses it faced: shut them down. Over the last ten quarters of play, Nebraska has only given up 24 points. That’s good defense no matter how you slice it.

    The big question that remains going into the November contests is if the Blackshirts can contain a mobile quarterback. Nebraska was exploited early in the season by slippery signal-callers.

    Ohio State’s Braxton Miller gashed the Huskers for big gains before his second half injury. Wisconsin, Washington and Fresno State used rollouts and plays designed to get their quarterbacks on the move and into space effectively.

    Much like Michigan State, two of Nebraska’s upcoming opponents, Penn State and Iowa, don’t feature much mobility at the quarterback position. The real test for the improved Blackshirts will be Northwestern and Michigan.

    The first mobile quarterback will be Northwestern’s Dan Persa. Hampered by an injured Achilles’ tendon, he hasn’t quite returned to his 2010 form. Last week against Indiana, he still rushed for 41 yards on four attempts with his longest gain being 22 yards.

    The Wildcats’ change-up option at quarterback, Kain Colter, is more of a runner than a thrower, and accounted for 38 yards on five attempts gaining 20 yards on his longest run. Northwestern doesn’t sport much of a defense though, which should reduce pressure on the Blackshirts.

    The biggest test will be in two weeks in Ann Arbor. Nebraska will face one of the most dangerous dual-threat quarterbacks in the country in Michigan junior Denard Robinson. “Shoelace” leads the Wolverines in passing and rushing, and is averaging over 100 yards on the ground in his last seven games. If Nebraska can contain Robinson and limit his running ability, they have a chance to win at the Big House.

    For the Cornhusker defense, being able to defend a mobile quarterback will be paramount during the November stretch if they want to win the Legends Division. Given that dual-threat quarterbacks Braxton Miller and Russell Wilson lead two of the three teams that could hypothetically oppose the Huskers in the conference championship game, a conference title may rely on that improvement, as well.

    The Blackshirts have come a long way since that fateful night in Madison, but to win the inaugural Big Ten Championship, they’ll have to step up and prove they can to shut down the conference’s highest-octane signal callers and offenses.

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    Tags: bo pelini, blackshirts, northwestern, dan persa, denard robinson, kirk cousins, kain coulter, ohio state, wisconsin, penn state, iowa, washington, braxton miller, fresno state

  7. 2011 Oct 13

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Zero Towlerance - Sometimes You Feel Like a (Buck)Nut


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Husker Locker's own Brian Towle steps up to the plate to give his thoughts on the world of Huskerdom and address questions asked by you, Husker Nation.

    This week, Brian reviews the Ohio State game, goes over the positives of a bye week, addresses the loss of Jared Crick and gives advice on where to find the best hot dog. His answer may shock you.

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

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    Tags: ohio state, jared crick

  8. 2011 Oct 13

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: The Angst and Adulation of Bo Pelini


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brett Baker

    If you had told me prior to the 2011 season that Nebraska would rally from 21 points down in the second half against THE Ohio State University to beat the Buckeyes, I would have downed a celebratory shot, danced a jig and reached for my iPad. I'd need to use the Orbitz app to scout trip prices to Indianapolis for the inaugural Big Ten Championship game. Sadly, that's not what I did last Saturday night.

    No, this win, while exhilarating, was not what one dreams of when envisioning victory. This was a depleted Buckeye squad that owned Nebraska for the better part of the game. Don't get me wrong, I respect the comeback as much as the next guy.

    Those young men in scarlet and cream did themselves and their school proud, but let's be honest. The Cornhuskers should have rolled THAT Ohio State Unveristy football team. After a deep exhale and a few high tens following the game, I gathered my stuff from my buddy’s place and headed home with my daughter.

    Before I got there, heck, before I got halfway to my doorstep, my Twitter feed started to fill with chatter about some kind of "moment" between the Huskers head coach Bo Pelini and Omaha World Herald reporter Dirk Chatelain.

    Apparently, Bo had taken exception with Dirk's article from the day before. This was an article that was critical of both Taylor Martinez's play and of Pelini's handling of his sophomore quarterback.

    Fellow Husker Locker contributor Brian Towle had sent the piece to me shortly after it was posted online and I'll be perfectly honest - I thought Dirk nailed it and I've said as much long before now. Evidently, Bo did not share that sentiment. Brian also said that "the gloves were off." Apparently, this is a sentiment that Bo shared.

    As I began to piece together the events of that postgame press conference, I thought, “We should have seen this coming.” Nebraska fans should have seen it coming because personally, I think Bo was ready to pop before Saturday. During his brief meeting with the media on Thursday, he went out of his way to tell the assembled members of the press how little their work affected him or his players.

    He went on to say that they neither read, watched, nor cared what was written or said about them. He said this in a manner as to belittle the people who were there to do their jobs. I recognized this behavior the moment I saw it.

    Having covered San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich for more than a decade now, I'm more than familiar with the snide, back-handed manner in which a perfectionist and condescending genius can regard the media.

    Popovich can be charming and playful during one session with the media, then dismissive and sarcastic the next. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps he does it because he can. When you are the biggest fish in the nation’s seventh-largest pond, you don't really have to worry about pleasing the media when you have brought four NBA championships home.

    Spurs fans love him because he wins, so they don't need for the media to love him. The thing about San Antonio is that it's a softball media town. It's not Philadelphia, Chicago or New York.

    There is no adversarial relationship with the press because sadly, most of them are fans more than they are journalists. What they also know is that to cross Popovich is to risk being shunned, mocked or cut out of the process more than they already are.

    I see a lot of Gregg Popovich in Bo Pelini.

    Over the past few days, a number of people have taken sides in the fallout of the Pelini & Chatelain brouhaha which is ridiculous, but to be expected. As I was sorting through the aftermath, I asked a friend of mine (a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist) for his take on Chatelain's piece.

    Since he's not a Nebraska fan, I figured he'd be a fair barometer of where the piece really fell. He said that while it was critical, it was far from unfair.

    To some Cornhusker loyalists, anything other than complete and total support of Pelini is nothing short of treason. Then are those that remember what The Nebraska Way used to mean. I know it's beyond reasonable to expect another coach to match the level of success established by Tom Osborne.

    However, I don't think it's beyond reasonable to expect the head coach of any University of Nebraska athletic team to carry themselves in a manner that honors Osborne and the way he has presented himself for the more than 40 years he's been associated with the University.

    This is where Pelini fails. He says he doesn't care about what the media writes or says, but his actions betray his words. If he didn't care, then this wouldn't be an issue. He would have let Chatelain's article pass like a leaf blowing in the wind, but he does care, so when he says he doesn't, he's being disingenuous. Why? What's with the tough guy facade that's used to bully people who want nothing but a few minutes from him? Why not be honest? Why not be civil?

    On the day before Dirk's article was published, Bo had the perfect opportunity to tell the media exactly what he thought - That he was, in fact, worried about what had been written and said in the days following the loss to Wisconsin, but he chose not to. In essence he lied, not only to the press, but to himself.

    Unfortunately, he chose an inopportune moment to be honest. He, not Dirk, turned the buzz after the Ohio State game into a hot button topic for Husker Nation.

    A man in charge of his feelings that had a grasp of the situation would have asked Dirk for a few words in private after the press conference, but Bo isn't in charge of his emotions. That much is obvious. His past is his past. The evidence is there.

    Defend him all you like, but you know it to be true. If you or I behaved like he does in our place of employ, we would be out of a job in short order.

    That being said, I do recognize that working in a newsroom, office building or a warehouse isn't anything like being the head football coach at a legendary football program. That doesn't excuse his sideline explosions, though.

    Others like to justify Bo's behavior by saying it proves that he has his players’ backs. Tom Osborne had his players’ backs and he never ranted and raved. He did what he believed to be right and took the slings and arrows of the nation for his actions. I'm specifically referencing the Lawrence Phillips saga.

    Pelini can't even begin to imagine the glare of that spotlight, yet Osborne handled that level of scrutiny with a grace and poise that few will ever possess. However, it's a grace that we can all strive for. Yes, even Bo Pelini.

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    Tags: bo pelini, tom osborne, lawrence phillips, ohio state

  9. 2011 Oct 08

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Ohio State Game Day Thoughts


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Every week, the Husker Locker staff will be presented both questions addressing various aspects of that week's game.

    This week:

    What does Nebraska have to do to both win the game against OSU and head into the bye week confident?

    Brian: Winning the game is paramount, but at the same time, there has to be some sort of confidence in the abilities of both sides of the ball to make people feel a little easier. The patience level of many fans is thinning. I’ve said it before - winning is a great deodorant, and with the way some things stink right now...

    The defense needs to find its identity. They need to come out swinging this week and set the record straight from the get-go. They've been an area of concern for so many, but not due to lack of talent.

    It's time for these guys to show what they're made of. That will take an immense amount of confidence and leadership. If they can come together and be a dominant force this week, that will speak volumes about the team and ultimately take them into the bye week on a good note.

    Tim Beck also needs to run the ball. A lot. Let's not do any more of these 15 pass calls in a row. Play to Taylor's strengths, and this game could be exactly what is needed to rebuild confidence all around.

    Greg: Simply put, win the GAME. Not just the final score, but the turnover battle. Our offense has to out-perform their offense and our defense had better play with a chip on their shoulder. They better play angry. They were exposed last week. Time to prove they are the unit they need to be.

    Ryan: Limit turnovers and run the ball effectively. A conservative offensive gameplan should be them a grind-it-out close win. Not sure, even with a win, that they will have a lot of confidence. OSU is pretty down and should be easy pickings at home.


    I think that the two go hand in hand. First and foremost, Nebraska simply needs to win. Just like last week, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the game. They’re in the same timeslot and plenty of people are going to be watching to see if Nebraska breaks down twice on the national stage.

    Offensively, Tim Beck would do well to keep mostly conservative, but Taylor Martinez needs to have throw about seven to ten accurate passes. It seems like a given to just run the ball with Burkhead, but despite their offensive woes, Ohio State has the No. 23 rushing defense in the FBS. They also have the No. 20 pass defense and while Martinez is no Kirk Cousins, he doesn’t have to be. Simple five to ten-yard routes with the occasional long shot should suffice.

    Defensively, this looks to be a game where Nebraska can get their secondary some confidence. OSU’s passing game is ranked No. 111 out of 120 in the FBS. If the defensive backs can play an above average game, the Cornhusker defensive line should rack up a few sacks even if Ohio State decides to go with Braxton Miller. If they decide to go with Bauserman, there’s no excuse for the defense to walk off the field without five-plus sacks and an interception for good measure.

    What three things do you personally want to see out of Nebraska this week?


    1. Win the turnover battle, for once
    2. Get playmakers the ball. The ones we are begging to let loose.
    3. Get a little of that swag back. Act like a champion, play like a champion.


    1. Dominant defense (with the secondary really stepping up)
    2. More plays with Rex Burkhead
    3. No fumbles


    1. Defense
    2. Taylor making better decisions
    3. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!


    1. Fewer turnovers
    2. More of the three-headed freshman rushing attack
    3. A capable starter across from Dennard


    1. If the Cornhuskers’ offensive line can make holes in the front seven of OSU, this game’s over. I expect the same eight to rotate, though we’ll likely see more of Choi due to the rushing attack. A dominant line will lead to good things down the road.

    2. There needs to be tightened coverage by the defensive backs. No taking plays off, no stopping short because a play seems dead. The defensive backs may be young, but they’re talented and there’s no reason for them to get seared every week, especially not by this Buckeye passing attack.

    3. Consistent play-calling by Tim Beck. If things are going well and Beck decides to switch things up to the point of panicking Martinez again, that bodes horribly for the future. This game doesn’t need to be a blowout. It simply needs to be a victory.

    Can the Nebraska defense rebound?

    Brian: I don’t know if they can rebound fully, but they can at least figure out what’s going on and who should be on the field. Ohio State’s offense can either shock Nebraska or do what's expected, and even with a dominant performance, people will still wonder about the Wisconsin game. Don’t take too much stock in a good defensive performance, but realize that it wouldn’t hurt the confidence of this defense for a big game, especially the secondary.

    Yes, they can. They are incredibly talented guys. Play as a team and it will take care of itself.

    Greg: Plain and simple: they sure as hell need to. Kid gloves are off. Maybe the Adidas gloves will be on. Make the plays.

    Ryan: Sure. There is so much talent and a win - even if it's ugly - will get this defense some confidence back.

    Brandon: Absolutely, they can. The front four is fine overall, but they’ve lacked necessary backup from the linebackers sans David thus far. BUCK and MIKE need to be figured out, though. Compton plays well enough against the run, but he’s been a liability when receivers come over the middle.

    The secondary is obviously a work in progress. It’s hard to say whether or not there will be a group that will be able to perform as well as last year, though that’s not likely. They don’t need to be All-World, though. This group simply needs to be competent and that’s not asking for more than they can deliver.

    Is OSU Taylor's "Make or Break" game?

    Brian: It could be, but at the same time, who really knows? I’m trying to give the kid a break, because he is a good player, but at the same time, Tim Beck didn’t help him at all last week. Taylor just can’t throw the ball 10-15 times a game, we have too many receivers that need to help us.

    I do think that this game, combined with the bye week coming up and the catcalls for Brion getting louder, is going to be a big part of Taylor’s legacy at Nebraska. It’s up to him, Tim Beck, and Bo to determine how it ends.

    Erin: I'm a big Martinez fan and I think he'll be fine. I'm choosing to rather support him going into OSU versus criticizing him too much. I believe he has what it takes. He just needs to find that confidence and believe in himself. He doesn't need fans or the media building him up. He clearly has the support of his team, and coaches. This game is for Martinez. Will it make or break him? Only if he lets it.

    Greg: No. That was Wisconsin. Bo has faith in the kid. If Bo sticks with Taylor, we ALL stick with Taylor.

    Ryan: No. A poor performance will still not get him pulled. Perhaps Michigan State will be the make or break game, or perhaps Bo will not bench him no matter what.

    Brandon: I wouldn’t call it Taylor’s MoB game as much as I would call it Nebraska’s. This game could really set the tone for the remainder of the year. Based on the outcome of this game, I can honestly see the 2011 squad taking any of three paths: A complete rebound, a ho-hum season or a complete collapse.

    As it stands, Nebraska is in control of its own destiny. They can still make it to the Big Ten Championship Game and they can still make a BCS bowl. It begins, and can end, with Ohio State.

    Score Predictions:

    Brian: 37-17 Nebraska. A pissed off offense, a crowd pumped up for Homecoming plus an Ohio State offense that not much is expected out of, even from Buckeye fans. However, even with a win, don’t think that the waters will calm down, folks.

    Greg: 30-20 Nebraska

    Brandon: Nebraska 20 Ohio State 16 – The Cornhuskers keep it on the ground for most of the game. A few big plays allow Nebraska to convert some key third downs and put enough points on the board to send Big Red fans home happy.

    Follow the panel on Twitter:

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  10. 2011 Oct 07

    The OFFICIAL Husker Locker Podcast 10/7: Blackshirts vs. Buckeyes


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Subscribe to the podcast

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    On the docket:

    A podcast featuring ONLY questions asked by you, the Husker Locker fan base:

    This week: Special guest Elika Sadeghi from Elevenwarriors.com

    - How Nebraska and Ohio State are preparing for each other
    - Would a Buckeye trade Eddie George for Tommie Frazier?
    - Adding two teams to the Big Ten
    - Impromptu steak quiz

    Follow Elika on Twitter: @steaknstiffarms

    Have a topic or question that you'd like to hear discussed? Send us an e-mail or a message to any of us on Twitter.

    Follow the roundtable on Twitter:

    Brandon: @HuskerLocker
    Brian: @btbowling
    Brett: @BigRedinTejas
    Erin: @helloerinmarie
    Greg: @thehooch36

    More info on the Husker Locker intro voice:

    Rob Kugler's Profile

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    Tags: ohio state, big ten, podcast, podcasts

  11. 2011 Oct 06

    Statistically Speaking: Ohio State


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Every week, Husker Locker is going to present some interesting numbers pertaining to that week’s game. What riddles and truths hide within the numbers? Let’s have a look:

    - 49: Miami (FL)’s rushing offense rank

    - 250: Number of rushing yards the Hurricanes had against OSU in a 24-6 Buckeye loss

    - 9: Nebraska’s rushing offense rank

    - 5.6: Average yardage per Nebraska run

    - 6-2: Bo Pelini's record following a loss

    - 4: Number of times Bo Pelini has had consecutive losses in a season

    - 7-8: Combined record of teams that Ohio State has defeated

    - 1: Number of games Ohio State has played away from home (Miami)

    - 17: Average number of points Ohio State has given up in both losses

    - 14: Number of times Ohio State quarterbacks Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller have been sacked in 2011

    - 6: Number of passes intercepted by Ohio State

    - 4: Number of passes intercepted by Ohio State during their two losses

    - 321,538: AD Tom Osborne’s salary

    - 10: Where Osborne’s salary ranks among Big Ten ADs

    - 836: Number of followers that pro-Taylor Martinez Twitter account @We_for_3 has gained since being created yesterday

    Follow us on Twitter: @huskerlocker
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    Tags: ohio state, joe bauserman, braxton miller, tom osborne, taylor martinez, bo pelini

  12. 2011 Oct 05

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Zero Towlerance - Badger Burgers


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Husker Locker's own Brian Towle steps up to the plate to give his thoughts on the world of Huskerdom and address questions asked by you, Husker Nation.

    This week, Brian reviews the Wisconsin game, takes us through the necessities of Taylor Martinez, Rex Burkhead, Jamal Turner and others during the Ohio State tilt before finally initiating a burger battle between two of America's most popular chains.

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

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    Tags: wisconsin, ohio state, tim beck, rex burkhead, taylor martinez, jamal turner

  13. 2011 Oct 03

    What You Need to Know About the Ohio State Buckeyes


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    To ensure that Husker fans know the necessities of all upcoming opponents, every week Husker Locker will be previewing Nebraska’s upcoming foe. This week: The Ohio State Buckeyes

    Ohio State Basics:

    Stadium: Ohio Stadium a.k.a. “The Shoe” (Capacity: 102,329)

    Head Coach: Luke Fickell (3-2 at Ohio State)

    2010 Season: 12-1 (Defeated Arkansas 31-26 in the Rose Bowl) – All wins eventually vacated

    Last Week: Lost to Michigan State 10-7

    Didn’t Ohio State have a poor showing last weekend, too?

    Before Nebraska received a rude welcome to the Big Ten later in the day, Ohio State was busy avoiding being held scoreless for the first time in 29 years in an eventual 10-7 loss to Michigan State.

    The Cornhuskers’ offensive line should feel pretty good about their performance by comparison. Ohio State’s gave up a whopping nine sacks.

    Have Nebraska and Ohio State ever played before?

    Yes. The Cornhuskers and Buckeyes have met twice, once in 1956 and again in 1957. Both times Nebraska lost to a top ten Ohio State team in Columbus.

    Did You Know?

    - Five major post-regular season awards were created before 1980 (Heisman, Lombardi, Maxwell, Outland, and Walter Camp). Ohio State has won the most with 25 combined.

    - 329 Buckeyes have been drafted into the NFL. 68 were first round picks and three were the first pick taken overall. 54 have played in a Super Bowl.

    - One of Ohio State’s most legendary traditions is the “Dotting of The I” where following the formation of a script “Ohio” by the marching band, a different fourth or fifth year sousaphone player stands as the “dot” in the letter “I.”

    This usually goes well. Sometimes this happens:

    Ohio State Players to Watch

    RB Daniel “Boom” Herron (Last week: Did Not Play; Returning From Suspension)

    WR Devier Posey (Last Week: Did Not Play; Returning From Suspension)

    DT Johnathan Hankins (Last Week: 7 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 FR)

    LB Andrew Sweat (Last Week: 10 tackles (4 solo), 1.5 TFL)

    DB Bradley Roby (Last Week: 4 tackles (3 solo), 1 TFL, 1 INT, 1 PBU)

    Interact with Ohio State fans at: Buckeye Planet

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    Tags: ohio state

  14. 2011 Sep 26

    Husker Heartbeat 9/26: Burkhead Feelings On Pain, NU's Place in the Big Ten and Painful Wisky Memories


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Senior running back Rex Burkhead doesn't have time for pain

    - Nebraska feels right at home in the Big Ten

    - The Huskers have a painful Madison memory from 1974

    - The good, bad and other of the Huskers' win over Wyoming

    - The Wildcat formation makes its triumphant return

    - Nebraska needs to make a big jump to knock off Wisconsin

    - Lady Huskers knock off Ohio State improving to 2-0 in Big Ten play

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    Tags: rex burkhead, wisconsin, wildcat, ohio state

  15. 2011 Sep 21

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL: A Look Around the Nation - Week Four


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brian Towle

    As the season officially turns to fall, time once again to take a look at last week’s winners and losers, and a look forward to this week’s games.

    To start us off again, the biggest gains and losses from last week


    Oklahoma – Went into a tough environment against a gritty team and found a way to win. Time to focus on running the Big 12 as it currently exists.

    Notre Dame – They needed a big game versus Michigan State and got it.

    Clemson – Things came together for the Dabo gang versus Auburn. Don’t celebrate too long though Tigers (the ones that won), as things don’t get easier.

    Miami (FL) – Very impressive how the Canes took control of that game against Ohio State.


    Arizona – Another big game for the Cats under Mike Stoops, another egg laid. Stanford ran them out of their own house.

    Michigan State - What? Why? Where did you go, D’Antonio?

    Mississippi State - That’s the best the Bulldogs can do on offense? Dan Mullen, you didn’t even give your team a chance. Let us all know when you think you can be relevant without ducking out on the big stage again.

    Ole Miss, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Auburn - May I introduce napalm to erase those bad memories?

    To this week’s watch list! All times Central:

    No. 14 Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama – (2:30 PM Saturday, CBS)

    Another week in the life of head coach Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide, another ranked SEC opponent coming into Bryant-Denny Stadium for their enjoyment. The Arkansas Razorbacks come to Tuscaloosa for a afternoon meet and greet. Head coach Bobby Petrino brings in an offense that is ranked No. 8 in the FBS in both passing and points per game. The most surprising stat is that Arkansas ranks No. 17 in points allowed, giving up a hair over 12 per game.

    Granted, their games haven’t been against teams better than Missouri State and Troy, so take those numbers for what they’re worth. The Tide is ranked No. 2 in scoring defense, allowing less than a touchdown per game, so this should be a great matchup for both teams. The fact that Petrino has junior quarterback Tyler Wilson and not All-SEC Ryan Mallet will be the difference here.

    Mallett was adept at making necessary passes, and Wilson won’t have seen a defense this good all year. Saban lives for these high-pressure home games, and Petrino tends to field a team that folds like a cheap tent when away from War Memorial Stadium. This contest shouldn’t be too high scoring, but Alabama will win comfortably. If Arkansas does lose, they can’t hang their heads for long, as a battle with Texas A&M looms the next week.

    No. 7 Oklahoma St. at No. 8 Texas A&M – (2:30 PM Saturday, ABC)

    This game will crown the main challenger for Oklahoma’s Big 12 championship bid. The Cowboys had a very late, interesting game against Tulsa last week, while the Aggies wore out Idaho at home. Two of the top three passers in both the conference and FBS will be on display, as Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden goes will be looking for All-American wide out Justin Blackmon. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be taking center stage for the Aggies.

    While both offenses are stellar, the Aggies’ defense is doing their part, only giving up 10 points per contest, although they’re just two games into the season. The difference will be a Cowboy defense that looked shaky at times against Louisiana-Lafayette and Tulsa.

    Head coach Mike Gundy’s team doesn’t fear anyone, and they seem to play well with an “us against the world” mentality. This game will be close no matter what, and it’s very tough to call a winner. Regardless, the loser is not out of the conference race, but they’ll need help.

    No. 11 Florida State at No. 21 Clemson (2:30 PM Saturday, ESPN, ESPN3, etc.)

    The ACC conference slate kicks off for both teams with a visit to Death Valley for the Seminoles. Last week, Clemson played a very tough game versus Auburn, while Florida State gave Oklahoma all they could handle. FSU Quarterback E.J. Manuel has a bruised shoulder, and is questionable at best. His dual-threat abilities gave the Sooners fits, but if he isn’t ready to go, expect Clint Trickett to air it out, as the Noles proved their running game is far from effective.

    Clemson doesn’t really impress on the stat sheet, but they’ve played very well as a unit. Quarterback Tajh Boyd and running back Andre Ellington have been impressive at times for the Tigers, but in order to win this game and grab a hold of the sit at the head of the ACC Atlantic’s table, Clemson has to prove they can stop the pass. Look for the Tigers to come away with a somewhat ugly, yet convincing win, and for Florida State to go back to the drawing board.

    No. 2 LSU at No. 16 West Virginia (7:00 PM Saturday, ABC)

    The final game of the night will be live from Morgantown, when the Bayou Bengals travel to the Smoky Mountains. LSU comes into the game with their #2 ranking, but they haven’t been truly tested by anyone yet. Quarterback Jarrett Lee has managed the offense well enough to let the defense do their thing against teams like Oregon and Mississippi State.

    West Virginia comes into the game with the high-flying Dana Holgorson offense that has been more misses than hits through the season so far. While the Mountaineers’ offense, led by quarterback Geno Smith has been good, but not as great as it can be, the defense has been a tad tepid and that’s being kind. Don’t forget, this is the same team that had Maryland driving for the go ahead score late in the game last week.

    While this should be the biggest test for the LSU defense to date by far, the offense should be able to put points on the board, again without Lee doing much. West Virginia will score, but they won’t be able to be effective enough. LSU should prevail once again, but the score should be closer than people may give the Mountaineers credit for.

    Either way, it will be the most festive in-game atmosphere you may ever see, as the allowance of alcohol sales inside the stadium should bode well for the both Tiger and Mountaineer fans who likes to enjoy the occasional adult beverage…or three.

    Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Turner Gill, Kansas – That was bad, Turner. Georgia Tech just destroyed your charges. Texas Tech arrives in two weeks, and your Jayhawks had better be ready.

    Houston Nutt, Ole Miss – Vanderbilt ran you off the train tracks, sir! That’s right, Vanderbilt! I’d expect to see you bomb this week yet again, but you get to go against..

    Mark Richt, Georgia - Georgia vs. Ole Miss this week in Oxford. At least if Richt loses, he may not be fired in the tunnel going back to the locker room after the game. Houston Nutt on the other hand...

    Rick Neuheisel - UCLA, Mike Riley - Oregon State – UCLA vs. Oregon State. The winner gets to live. For how long, who knows? At least the players’ families will be watching.

    Mike Stoops, Arizona – This is getting old, sir. Your team wasn’t prepared and you were outcoached..again. Oregon comes to town this week, so I recommend drafting excuses right now.

    BONUS: Dan Beebe - Big 12 Commissioner (for now) – It was really your fault after all, wasn’t it Dan?

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    Tags: oklahoma, florida state, miami, ohio state, notre dame, arizona, michigan state, mississippi state, ole miss, kansas, pittsburgh, auburn, arkansas, alabama, oklahoma state, texas a, m, clemson, lsu, west virginia, turner gill, houston nutt, mark richt, mike riley, dan beebe

  16. 2011 Sep 14

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL: A Look Around the Nation - Week Three


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brian Towle

    That’s right. We both know what time it is. Again, before we look at this week, let’s take a moment to remember last weekend’s winners and losers.


    Michigan – Opening the “new” Big House at night was a rousing success with a comeback win against Notre Dame. The Wolverine defense needs to improve, but overall a great experience.

    Iowa State – A great win to win the paper mache Cy-Hawk trophy. Make sure to use Gorilla Glue while putting that thing back together.

    South Carolina – Congrats on pulling out a tough win in Athens. The Gamecocks now have the upper hand on the SEC East. (CLICK-CLACK)

    Arizona State – A good win on a national stage for their program. Since the Pac-12 crown is somewhat up for grabs, Mizzou was great preparation for the conference schedule.


    Notre Dame – Maybe Brian Kelly is this year’s Gerry Faust. Cursed? Who knows.

    Missouri – Another big game for the Tigers, more questionable decisions by Gary Pinkel.

    North Carolina State – How is Russell Wilson playing fo.... oh, yeah. He was told to pack up and split.

    Georgia, Louisville, Memphis, Iowa - Here’s your sign:

    Now, on with the show! All times CST, of course.

    No. 3 LSU at No. 25 Mississippi State – (7 PM Thursday, ESPN/ESPN3/ESPN 3D, etc.)

    Thursday night SEC football comes at us with Les Miles and the Tigers heading to in Starkville to face Dan Mullen’s Bulldogs. Last week, the Tigers took care of business against Northwestern State, while Mississippi State was shafted out of their game thanks to bad officiating at Auburn (Look at the tape). While Jarrett Lee’s stats aren’t very good, he’s been what Miles needs - an efficient game manager that keeps the Tigers out of in-game ruts.

    Mississippi State’s playmakers were discussed last week, and while quarterback Chris Reif put them in some bad situations, Mississippi State running back Vick Ballard is the real deal. Since Les Miles hasn’t had an appendectomy to remove Mr. Ed’s horseshoe out of his spleen, LSU should do well enough to squeak out a win on the road before get a beignet by Friday morning.

    No. 15 Michigan State at Notre Dame (2:30 PM, NBC)

    Notre Dame has very little time to lick their wounds before Mark D’Antonio brings his savvy Spartans into the confines of South Bend. While Michigan State has been alright offensively, the defense has been stout, giving up only six points in two games.

    This is already a make-or-break game for Brian Kelly. Starting 0-3 with a schedule that should probably have resulted in an 2-1 start at worst could spell doom for him in a hurry.

    Sticking with Tommy Rees at quarterback is Notre Dame's best option. Rees made some great throws last week. The defense...well…Kirk Cousins should have his first 300-plus yard passing game of the year. The Spartans will win in South Bend, making the soft howls for Kelly’s job even louder.

    Tennessee at No. 16 Florida (2:30 PM, CBS)

    Derek Dooley marches into The Swamp for an afternoon romp with Will Muschamp and the Florida Gators. Tennessee surprised a lot of people last week with their borderline convincing win at home against a decent Cincinnati team. For Florida, this will be the first test after warm-ups against Florida Atlantic and UAB.

    Muschamp has the defense operating well, while Charlie Wies has done a fine job with John Brantley. Which Tennessee team shows up this week? The Vols are still young, but Dooley makes them grind out tough games, and obviously this is no exception. Florida has enough defensive ability to keep Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray and running back Tauren Poole quiet enough for Florida to pull away late.

    No. 17 Ohio State at Miami (7 PM, ESPN)

    Dolphins Stadium gets stunk up and unfilled again for a Miami Hurricanes home game, this time against THE Ohio State University. Jacory Harris and his talented, arm-punting ways make their debut after a one game suspension and Ohio State gets a few players back themselves. Many nicknames are being used for this game, but how about “a rout”?

    Al Golden pulled plenty of effort out of the Canes in Maryland, but Luke Fickell gets more out of his Buckeyes. Ohio State’s Joe Bauserman seems to be the man at quarterback, even with the talented Braxton Miller on the sidelines.

    Miami will be ready to play, but the Buckeye defense should give Harris fits. Jacory is either money or counterfeit, there’s no middle ground. The Bucks should win easily, but if Bauserman struggles, the calls for Miller will get louder.

    No. 1 Oklahoma at No. 5 Florida State (7 PM, ABC)

    The game of the year: this week’s version will come from Tallahassee as Big Game Bob brings his loaded Sooners to take on Jimbo Fischer’s hyped yet virtually untested Seminoles.

    Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones and wide receiver Ryan Broyles will be ready to test a defense that had what were essentially paid scrimmages from Louisiana-Monroe and Charleston Southern thus far.

    Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel has been stellar so far this year, completing passes at a 66-percent clip. However, the most alarming thing for the Seminoles is their running game, or lack thereof. With only 262 yards total through two games, Florida State will have to do much better on the ground to challenge the Sooners.

    This game comes down to attitude. Oklahoma breathes this type of big game air all the time, while Florida State hasn’t had a reason to feel the nerves yet. Jones should have a good day, and the Sooners should win this one, but a close score won’t truly tell the story.

    Coaches on the Hot Seat:

    Brian Kelly, Notre Dame: As mentioned above, sitting at 0-3 would not be a good thing. Yes, you are close to making hay with this team, and you more than likely won’t be getting fired any time soon, but you need this game against MSU.

    Mike Riley, Oregon State: We all knew your team had no chance against Wisconsin. Negative four-yard punts didn’t help, but let’s accept it and move on. You have two weeks to prep for UCLA which may or may not get a skull-kicking by a pissed off Texas team. Get better fast, sir or start looking up moving companies.

    Mark Richt, Georgia: Again, your Bulldogs played pretty well against a better team. However, you again came up short. The Dawgs are playing well, but they just need to put together four quarters of good football. Your game against Coastal Carolina is a paid scrimmage, so use it wisely.

    Mike Stoops, Arizona: That beating you took in Stillwater was harsh, yet was seen a mile away. Don’t breathe easy just yet, because Andrew Luck is coming to town. Lose this one badly, and things could turn ugly.

    Larry Porter, Memphis: This is one of the few jobs in America where you seriously have no chance before your nameplate is put on the door. The school has shown they don’t care about the program and the warnings that Tommy West issued when he was fired haven’t been heard. Few expected you to get clobbered by Arkansas State, though. Is it possible to keep things close against Austin Peay?

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  17. 2011 Aug 19

    THE OFFICIAL Husker Locker Podcast 8/19: Big Red Executioners


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Subscribe to the podcast

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

    On the docket:

    A podcast featuring ONLY questions asked by you, the Husker Locker fan base.

    - Could NU see a switch to the 3-4?
    - Will the switch drop on a Miami death penalty?
    - Is the NFL setting a precedent with Terrelle Pryor's suspension?
    - Ohio State's place in the polls
    - The cornerback outlook without Alfonzo Dennard

    Have a topic or question that you'd like to hear discussed? Send us an e-mail or a message to any of us on Twitter.

    Follow the roundtable on Twitter:

    Brandon: @HuskerLocker
    Brian: @btbowling
    Brett: @BigRedinTejas
    Erin: @helloerinmarie
    Greg: @thehooch36

    More info on the Husker Locker intro voice:

    Rob Kugler's Profile

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    Tags: miami, terelle pryor, ohio state, alfonzo dennard, podcast, podcasts

  18. 2011 Jun 27

    Husker Heartbeat 6/27: Big Ten Study Underway, a Big Red Horseshoe and Heisman Rankings


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Nebraska's already studying their Big Ten foes carefully

    - A big, red horseshoe should look very familiar to the Cornhuskers

    - Nebraska's Heisman winners are ranked: Crouch, Rozier and Rodgers

    - Former Husker Jared Tomich teaches high schoolers

    - Huskers reeling in versatile keepers

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    Tags: big ten, ohio state, eric crouch, johnny rodgers, mike rozier, jared tomich

  19. 2011 Jun 15

    Big Ten Preseason Rankings – Leaders Division: Part Two


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Erin Sorensen

    With the bottom half of the Leaders division rankings established, it’s time to add the three at the top. The previous group was comprised of Indiana, Purdue and Illinois leaving Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin. Who will win the division and head to Indianapolis for the inaugural Big Ten Championship game?

    3. Ohio State

    The Buckeyes' program has been nothing less than a circus since the end of last year. What originated as several players being suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season has now become much worse. Beloved head coach Jim Tressel resigned and quarterback Terrell Pryor has departed leaving a disastrous scandal in their wake. What does this mean for THE Ohio State University?

    The Buckeyes still have four players that will be sitting out until the team faces Nebraska in October. While Ohio State is not at a complete loss for talent, young guys like quarterback Braxton Miller will have to step up and fill the void of those not playing.

    Even interim head coach Luke Fickell has much to prove in 2011, but he appears up to the challenge. The season won’t be a total bust for Ohio State, but it won’t be a pretty sight either. If the team can stay mentally strong through the season and weather the storm surrounding the program, 2012 could bring the Buckeyes back among the Big Ten elite. They likely won't be taking the conference title again this year, though.

    Odds of winning the Big Ten Championship: 12/1

    2. Penn State

    The 2010 season was disappointing for Penn State, a team that finished 7-6 overall and 0-4 against ranked foes. In 2011, the Nittany Lions have the opportunity to take advantage of Ohio State’s shortcomings and place themselves high in the Leaders division.

    While the offense needs plenty of work having lost nearly the entire line, the defense will be a strength. In fact, Penn State is returning both its entire defensive line and secondary.

    The Nittany Lions will have home-field advantage during many defining games this season including Alabama and Nebraska's visits to Happy Valley. Providing one of the most intimidating venues in both the conference and across the country, Penn State will use their environment to gain a mental advantage. Don’t expect another 7-6 season from the Nittany Lions. 10 wins is not only an obtainable goal, but very realistic.

    Odds of winning the Big Ten Championship: 6/1

    1. Wisconsin

    “Wisconsin doesn’t lose in Madison.” This statement rings true more often than not as Wisconsin has a 43-4 record at home since 2004. With eight home games in 2011 and Ohio State’s struggles, it seems like conditions could not be better for the Badgers to make a run at the Big Ten title.

    However, Wisconsin has a number of holes to fill on offense. It’s easy to assume that doing so shouldn’t be too much of an issue for a team that outscored Michigan, Indiana, and Northwestern by a combined score of 201-71 last season. Don’t forget the 2011 Rose Bowl, though. TCU stunned a Badgers team that hadn’t lost in three months with their unique offense and suffocating defense.

    This season, Wisconsin will be relying on players like running backs Montee Ball and James White and sophomore quarterback Jon Budmayr to step up. If the offense can provide answers for current question marks and stay healthy, Wisconsin may not skip a beat.

    Odds of winning the Big Ten Championship: 2/1

    Who will Wisconsin face in the Big Ten Championship? Find out when the Big Ten preseason power rankings reveal the fate of the Legends division.

    Leaders 4-6, Legends 4-6

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    Tags: ohio state, buckeyes, penn state, nittany lions, wisconsin, badgers, big ten, big 10

  20. 2011 Jun 15

    Husker Heartbeat 6/15: Former Husker Recovering, Pelini & Martinez and the Tunnel Walk


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - Former Husker Tony Veland wounded in shooting

    - Point/Counterpoint: Pelini & Martinez

    - There are swings and misses for quarterbacks, too

    - Which tradition is better: Ohio State's "Dotting The 'I'" or Nebraska's Tunnel Walk horseshoe smack?

    - Jimmy Boy's Big Ten Picks: Where does Nebraska rank?

    - Huskers offer a 2012 transfer to watch

    - Nebraska softball finishes No. 21

    - Husker trainer to be honored

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    Tags: tony veland, bo pelini, taylor martinez, cody green, bubba starling, ohio state, softball

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