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  1. 2012 Jan 05

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Audible Audibles Feat. Jeff Svoboda of Buckeye Sports Bulletin


    By HuskerLocker

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    Husker Locker's Brandon Cavanaugh sits down with some of the biggest and brightest minds in college football with the site's newest feature: Audible Audibles.

    This week, Jeff Svoboda, longtime writer for Buckeye Sports Bulletin stops by for some Big Ten banter.

    Topics include:

    - Svoboda's take on Nebraska
    - A Buckeye's take on Bo Pelini as the Huskers' head man
    - The Penn State coaching search circus
    - The Big Ten/Pac-12 merger
    - And more!

    Please enable Javascript, or download the podcast here.

    More info on the Husker Locker intro voice:
    Rob Kugler's Profile

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    Tags: bo pelini, penn state, big ten, pac 12

  2. 2011 Dec 29

    Husker Heartbeat 12/29: Beck Back in His Element, Enunwa Pushing People Around and Recruiting Up in the Air


    By HuskerLocker

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    A daily dose of what's new in Husker Nation from Monday through Friday:

    - A former Central Florida Knight, Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck is right at home in Orlando

    - Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa finds himself more than happy getting physical with opposing cornerbacks

    - Football recruiting coordination duties have yet to be officially assigned

    - The Big Ten and Pac-12 will be seeing each other far more often outside of the Rose Bowl soon

    - Husker fans are showing why bowls covet their presence by pumping money into the Orlando economy

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    Tags: tim beck, quincy enunwa, big ten, pac 12

  3. 2011 Feb 09

    Husker Heartbeat 2/9: Ready to Lift the Coaching Curtain?


    By HuskerLocker

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    Welcome to Husker Heartbeat - a sampling of links and quick wit to start your morning! Keep checking each morning, Monday-Friday, for new links! We look for the offbeat as well as the straightforward - so don’t just think of us as a typical link farm!

    A quick abbreviation key FYI: OWH=Omaha World-Herald, LJS=Lincoln Journal-Star, CN=Corn Nation, BRN=Big Red Network, HI=Huskers Illustrated, BRR=Big Red Report. If we need to add more - we will. Others, like ESPN, are self-explanatory.

    *A source close to Bo - who knows, maybe it's Bo himself? - tells the OWH's Tom Shatel that the coaching staff is complete. It is presumed that Tim Beck is perhaps the sole offensive coordinator. Dirk C writes:

    If Pelini hands the offense to Beck, Nebraska is likely to embrace the no-huddle, spread principles that swept through the Big 12 the past five years.

    “It’s high-speed football,” Warinner said.

    At Kansas, the system worked like this: Warinner surveyed the field from the press box. Beck stood on the sideline.
    Warinner called a play, and the Jayhawks lined up. He waited to see the defensive formation. Quarterback Todd Reesing looked at Beck on the sideline.

    If Warinner liked the original play, he told Beck via headset, who signaled to Reesing to run it. If Warinner wanted to audible, Beck signaled the change to Reesing.

    “That son of a gun, when he left (for Nebraska), we had to change the whole thing,” Warinner said. “We didn’t change any of the concepts, we just changed our signals and all our verbiage.”

    Kansas didn’t want an NU assistant knowing the secret signals.

    Well, only Bill Callahan in the Super Bowl thinks he doesn't need to change his signals, right?

    We know this: Beck was a huge assist in helping NU take down Kansas 45-35 in that big 2008 game - Bo's first truly solid win that year.

    *Meanwhile, Shawn Watson could be in line for a NFL job, Shatel writes.

    "A source close to Nebraska football says head coach Bo Pelini is working the phones with his NFL friends to land Watson a job in the league. And something could happen soon."

    That's nice of Bo, but, again - doesn't Watson have, like, lifelong friends coaching in the NFL? Like Bill Callahan? And others? It just seems odd that it's Bo working his contacts to get Wats a job when Wats could probably land one of those on his own.

    That's not to diminish Bo's effort here. But still...

    *Spring football dates for all 12 Big Ten teams.

    *LJS Sipple and Brian Christopherson make an early prediction that Taylor Martinez remains the No. 1 guy at quarterback. We think Cody Green will get a long, good look at the starting job. And he just might take it from Martinez.

    *Purdue has the Big Ten's worst recruiting class. For good reason.

    *Former Husker running back Kenny Wilson will play indoor football in Grand Island. Meanwhile, the guy whom Wilson was ahead of on the depth chart early in the 2006 season, Brandon Jackson, won a Super Bowl.

    *Arizona State: Your first Pac-12 South fave.

    Tags: husker heartbeat, bo pelini, shawn watson, ljs sipple, tom shatel, dirk chatelain, bill callahan, kenny wilson, brandon jackson, pac 12, tim beck, coaching search 2011

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