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  1. 2009 Jun 04

    Pinkel Factor: Whaddya Mean, Fifth?


    By HuskerLocker

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    Poor Zou-Zou. Phil Steele laid out his predictions for the Big 12 North not long ago, and the Tigers were stuck in that fifth slot.

    Since Steele is seen as some kind of oracle in college football, the KC Star naturally chatted with the Missouri’s braintrust – Pinkel Factor, and his two new coordinators – about it.

    They play at brushing it off, but you can tell they’re not pleased.

    “There are people out there that still, apparently, they kind of view us as a program where consistency of winning at a high level is a question mark,” Pinkel said. “Obviously, there’s a lack of respect.”

    Well, uh, yeah. Melting down in two consecutive Big 12 title games – not to mention a game at Texas – with your most talented team in history tends to raise an eyebrow or two. Especially when Mizzou has to replace a varyag of talent on offense and some of the best players – Ziggy Hood, Stryker Sulak and William Moore – on defense.

    It might help, too, if the Tigers scheduled someone, anyone in the non-conference slate other than Illinois. So Mizzou goes out and gets...wait for it...Indiana.

    Now that is how you get respect. You take your two best seasons in the last 30 and all the TV exposure that goes along with it, you march confidently out into the scheduling world, and sign a Big Ten team that hasn't won a bowl game in 17 years and just two in the last 30 years.

    Zou Zou, we know Northwestern gave you all kinds of fits in the Alamo Bowl, but it doesn't mean you have to schedule the only Big Ten team that's consistently worse than Northwestern. Other than Illinois, we mean.

    At any rate, a revealing article, because the two coordinators, Yost and Steckel, talk at length about the team’s overall strategy in 2009. You’ll notice it fits much of what we talked about in our 2009 spring opponent report on the Tigers.

    Missouri will run the ball more. Maybe a lot more, with new quarterback Blaine Gabbert calling the plays. Not that Gabbert isn’t immensely gifted, but he is not going to go a whole week in practice without an incomplete pass, as Chase Daniel often claimed he did. Daniel was indeed an accurate passer, and built perfectly for the offense, which was, after all, built for him.

    On defense, the Tigers will gamble and blitz more. They’ll need to, frankly, because the front four just won’t be able to generate as strong of a pass rush as it did in 2008. That’ll put the Tigers’ young secondary on a major island at times, and we’ll see how well they survive.

    What do you think of Pinkel and his crew and team? Let us know in the comments section.

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  2. 2009 May 18

    More Mizzou Madness


    By HuskerLocker

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    This time it comes from one of our fine friends from the south, Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune columnist Dave Matter, who selects Nebraska third in the Big 12 North – behind Missouri, of course – for a curious reason:

    “But there are big shoes to fill for an offense that wasn’t all that explosive anyway.”

    We understand that Matter lives in Zou-Zou (that’s pronounced zhoo-zhoo, as spoken by Amelie) where the touchdowns flow like boxed wine at a ladies’ candle party, but 12th nationally in total offense – and 17th nationally scoring offense – that’s the top ten percent of “explosion.” Maybe Matter was considering that extra half-yard per play the Tigers averaged.

    We like for Missouri for third because of the Pinkel Factor.

    How that's for random and poorly researched?

    We’ve got our eye on you, Matter. Our eye.

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