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  1. 2012 Jan 30

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: What Fuller’s Commitment to UCLA Means for Huskers


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    When Greg Schaino decided to pack his bags for Tampa Bay, there was cheering across Husker Nation and with good reason. An opportunity had been presented to potentially flip current Scarlet Knight commitments (and Nebraska targets) Devin Fuller and Quanzell Lambert. Unfortunately, Fuller’s ultimate decision didn’t favor the Big Red.

    The New Jersey native may have tipped his hand when making his formal announcement. He had a number of hats ready to put on, but only two were pristine and non-generic: Arizona and UCLA.

    This made sense as Fuller could’ve easily be seen running an offensive system designed by new Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez. In the end, Fuller becomes the latest in a long line of high-profile Bruin commits.

    It’s possible that Fuller looked at the Cornhuskers’ current quarterback depth chart featuring Taylor Martinez, Brion Carnes, the incoming Tommy Armstrong and several talented walk-ons before deciding it was too crowded.

    Perhaps he didn’t feel that he’d be properly used or, to echo the beliefs of several Husker fans, that he’d be sitting behind Martinez until the controversial quarterback's graduation at the very least. What does this mean for Nebraska moving forward?

    Addressing Lambert first, the linebacker prospect has decided to give Rutgers’ new hire a fair shot at retaining him. Nebraska will likely keep a spot open regardless of his choice.

    While Fuller won’t be a member of Nebraska’s class, several other high profile athletes very well could be. Offensive tackle Andrus Peat, wide receiver Alonzo Moore, defensive tackles Vincent Valentine and Aaron Curry along with cornerbacks Devian Shelton and Raymond Ford are all legitimate possibilities.

    Several national pundits have Peat picking Stanford and while perhaps well-researched and legitimate predictions, that seems the almost too easy choice. The Cardinal has become a national power thanks to current San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

    They’re likely to have several players taken during the early days of the NFL draft. However, Stanford’s current commit list holds several big-time offensive line prospects.

    Brother Todd is already a Husker with cousin Avery Moss in this same class. Pundits tout the Cardinal’s recent successes, the smaller distance from home and a chance to do his own thing apart from his brother and Moss as reasons for a possible commitment to Stanford. Will that trump having family and the opportunities he does in Lincoln?

    Alonzo Moore looks to be a 50/50 shot at this point, but Husker fans shouldn’t automatically take that to be a negative. Moore could stick closer to his Louisiana home, but if he wanted to do that above all else, a commitment before now seems like it would've happened. The loss of Fuller to UCLA was unfortunate, but adding Moore to this class would dry a few tears.

    Vincent Valentine’s been preaching about a Nebraska lead for months now. Aaron Curry’s preexisting relationship with new defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski would suggest that two more big bodies will likely fill the middle of Bo Pelini’s defensive line.

    Devian Shelton and Raymond Ford’s intentions are truly unknown, but the idea of Nebraska collecting their signatures on Wednesday isn’t far-fetched. With a secondary not only clearly needing playmakers and severely lacking in depth, the opportunity for Shelton and Ford to contribute immediately appears realistic.

    Without Fuller, Nebraska’s class won’t have quite the shine it could have, but there is a genuine shot at having a class to be enthusiastic about. To be fair, there’s also the opportunity for the class to be tepid at best. The margin for error is razor-thin.

    While the Big Red has been burned a few times over the past several Signing Days, being cautiously optimistic doesn’t seem to be an unfavorable position for those hunkering down behind their 2012 National Signing Day blast shields.

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    Tags: devin fuller, quanzell lambert, andrus peat, alonzo moore, devian shelton, raymond ford, vincent valentine, aaron curry, recruiting

  2. 2012 Jan 29

    NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS: Knee-Jerk Reactions (1/29)


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    - Without any blitzing, the Senior Bowl was pretty tame overall and didn’t display David much. He did look good on special teams and it looks like he’s been fine-tuning his coverage skills, though as he played a lot of zone covered throughout the game.

    - Fonzie’s string of bad luck should be snapped at the combine. If he puts up impressive numbers there, I expect late first/early second-round pick talk to start up again

    - This year’s class of walk-ons looks packed full of talent. Hard to not like Gretna’s Andy Janovich. A fullback that knows Olympic wrestling leverage is a valuable thing.

    - Grand Island quarterback Ryker Fyfe’s a steal and a half for the Huskers. He’s a guy that could find a home closer to the top of the depth chart.

    - Nebraska’s best chance at a Rutgers flip is Quanzell Lambert and he’s likely not even going to sign with anyone this Wednesday.

    - Devin Fuller to Arizona to be Pat White 2.0.

    - Abdullah, Green and Heard are fun to watch, but Imani Cross and Mike Marrow add a major bruising factor. Maryland I formation anyone?

    - Anyone else incredibly excited for Nebraska baseball to begin?

    - It’s unfortunate that Doc’s hundredth win was overshadowed by how poorly things have gone this season.

    - Can’t say there’ve been too many recent Signing Days where an entire class will be defined as a bust or not depending on the day’s outcome.

    - Wednesday’s gonna be fun.

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    Tags: senior bowl, lavonte david, alfonzo dennard, ryker fyfe, andy janovich, quanzell lambert, devin fuller, recruiting, basketball, baseball

  3. 2012 Jan 26

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Mid-Day Mailbag (1/26)


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    Bo's defense seems to rely on a shutdown corner for it to work at its best, why do you think we haven't recruited it more this year and/or do you think we have the talent at that position to be successful? – Matt Hanson

    Shutdown corners are a great thing for Pelini to have at his disposal, but they’re not essential. What’s more important is that the interior defensive linemen can occupy their men allowing for havoc at the point of attack. If Pelini’s cornerbacks can simply stick to their men like glue, this creates opportunities for coverage sacks or interceptions…in theory.

    At this point, the only guy that sticks out with the ability to be your standard “lockdown” guy is incoming JUCO transfer Mohammed Seisay. I doubt we see the output of Amukamara or Dennard, but he should be more than serviceable. Pelini knows how to pick his JUCOs.

    In terms of recruiting these guys, Nebraska has. It's just that others have done a far better job. If the Huskers grab Devian Shelton and Raymond Ford on Signing Day, that'll be a step in the right direction.

    Could Martinez actually be transplanted or are we stuck with him for the long haul? – Dan Gibson

    Despite the severe skeptics, Martinez can be jimmied from the starting spot under center. I felt the same way as those who don’t believe me now not that long ago. When Carnes was inserted as little as he was in 2011, that said, “Taylor’s the captain of this ship.”

    The thing is, Pelini wants to win, not lose four games every year. Have a look back and see why Armstrong (and maybe now Fuller?) have a legit shot: Recruiting Shows Martinez’s Spot Far From Safe

    With Greg Schiano headed to Tampa Bay, will Nebraska be able to get Devin Fuller and Quanzell Lambert? – Corey Demmings

    Like many things in recruiting, this gets a great big “maybe.” As of now, Lambert’s coach has confirmed he’s still a commit. Even if he does switch, Iowa appears to have the inside track as they were believed to be at the No. 2 spot when he selected Rutgers.

    Fuller’s more likely, but far from a lock. His commitment to the Scarlet Knights seemed like a sure thing a few hours ago. He may select Nebraska, but I can also see him getting talked down off the ledge and staying close to home. Honestly, if I were Fuller, I’d push my decision back to Signing Day and think.

    Who’s been the staff’s best recruiter this year? – Toby Adams

    John Garrison, bar none. He was incredibly meticulous and hard-working as an intern, so it doesn’t shock me that he’s a guy that may very well end up with new recruiting coordinator duties. Combine his recruiting prowess with his ability to help cobble together an overall effective offensive line and you’ve got an impressive hire.

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    Tags: bo pelini, devin fuller, quanzell lambert, mohammed seisay, taylor martinez, brion carnes, tommy armstrong, john garrison

  4. 2011 Dec 22

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: A New Commit and Regrouping


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    A wrap up of Nebraska's newest recruit, another that's on the fence, a Big Ten battle coming down to the wire an the audience of coaches visits Tommy Armstrong

    Tags: mohammed seisay, jordan westerkamp, quanzell lambert, tommy armstrong

  5. 2011 Nov 29

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: Notes From the Recruiting Trail - 11/29


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Checking in with some of the latest news and notes as Nebraska hits the recruiting trail hard.

    Tags: devin fuller, quanzell lambert, deion jones, jordan diggs, andrus peat

  6. 2011 Sep 27

    NEBRASKA FOOTBALL RECRUITING: Notes From the Recruiting Trail


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    The latest news and views on who Nebraska's after on the recruiting trail, updates on inroads being made with big time players and more!

    Tags: jordan diggs, drake martinez, john papuchis, ron brown, devin fuller, brandon beaver, tyreece jiles, michael rose, quanzell lambert, jonathan bullard

  7. 2011 Sep 23



    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    Time spent on the Big Board is in italics

    1.) OT Andrus Peat (Tempe, AZ): Peat's official visit to Nebraska is only a few weeks away. Florida State appears to remain the primary opposition for the Cornhuskers in this battle, but Stanford looks to be making a push. – 16 weeks

    2.) ATH Devin Fuller (Old Tappan, NJ): Fuller has been battling a leg injury, but has still been performing well. Things appear to be on auto-pilot right now and barring some unforeseen major event that shakes things up, Fuller’s visit to see Nebraska take on Ohio State gives the Huskers ample ammunition to lock up a commit from one of the nation’s best prospects. – 16 weeks

    3.) CB Brandon Beaver (Compton, CA): Beaver scored a crucial touchdown last week leading his team to victory. Much like Fuller, it appears that he’s focused on his season and that his trip to see the Cornhuskers battle the Buckeyes will provide a much better look at his intentions. – 9 weeks

    4.) S Jordan Diggs (Cape Coral, FL): Diggs makes his second trip to Lincoln in five weeks with an official trip to see Nebraska play Ohio State. There’s a lot of love going back and forth between Diggs and the Cornhuskers. The last time this sort of communication went both ways, Nebraska landed quarterback Tommy Armstrong. – 9 weeks

    5.) CB Tyreece Jiles (Cape Coral, FL): Jiles still hasn’t officially locked in a firm commitment to be at the Ohio State/Nebraska game. At this point in the process, one has to wonder if Nebraska’s not looking elsewhere with his hesitation. – 6 weeks

    6.) DT Vincent Valentine (Edwardsville, Illinois): Like several other prospects, Big Vince has been quiet. It has to be disheartening for Nebraska’s staff that he hasn’t set a visit date yet. A trip to see the Cornhuskers take on Michigan State is possible, but Northwestern or Iowa appears more likely. – 6 weeks

    7.) DE Jonathan Bullard (Shelby, NC): Bullard’s one of the best defensive prospects in the country, he’s been to Florida and South Carolina already and apparently loved both visits. Clearly, there’s no pressure on Nebraska to wow him during his October 8 trip.

    If the Cornhuskers have any main competition, it’d have to be the Gamecocks. Spurrier’s work at South Carolina coupled with the proximity to home may be the difference. Be glad that he’s coming to see Nebraska take on Ohio State, because he may not take all five official visits. – 8 weeks

    8.) LB Quanzell Lambert (Sicklerville, NJ): Lambert has all five official visits set: Alabama, Iowa, Northwestern, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Not only could he come in and make an immediate impact for Nebraska, but the Cornhuskers can point to recent success at the position. Nebraska linebacker commit Michael Rose also plans to be in attendance and in Lambert’s ear. – 5 weeks

    *NEW* 9. WR/ATH Alonzo Moore (Winnfield, Louisiana): At one point, Nebraska was after Hialeah, Florida's Ghierry Vanderkuyp pretty heavily. That relationship appears to have fizzled, but another one’s heating up between the Cornhuskers and the talented Alonzo Moore.

    He’s been to Lincoln a number of times. He participated in a camp during which he showed skills as a wide receiver, defensive back and even at quarterback. Moore was in town last weekend to watch Nebraska pull away from the Huskies and was very impressed. It’s looking like he could be commit No. 8.

    10. OT Evan Goodman (Lakeland, FL): Nebraska’s still in the conversation for Goodman’s services along with Arizona State (to whom he’s currently committed), Auburn and Florida State. Whomever picks Goodman up will be getting a bargain as the big man from Florida will be graduating early and can enroll come January. – 3 weeks

    Dropped out: Tommy Armstrong (Committed to Nebraska)

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    Tags: andrus peat, devin fuller, brandon beaver, jordan diggs, tyreece jiles, vincent valentine, jonathan bullard, quanzell lambert, alonzo moore, evan goodman

  8. 2011 Sep 15



    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    Time spent on the Big Board is in italics

    1.) OT Andrus Peat (Tempe, AZ): It sounds like Peat’s visit to watch Nebraska take on the Buckeyes has been solidified. As of today, Peat’s visit to Lincoln is the only official trip that he's set up. In an interesting twist, Peat may not be travelling anywhere else until his team wraps their season up. Two schools that are likely to earn visits are Texas and Florida State, the latter being Nebraska’s strongest challenger in this battle. – 15 weeks

    2.) ATH Devin Fuller (Old Tappan, NJ): Fuller was in Happy Valley to watch the Nittany Lions this past weekend, but his only scheduled official visit is still Nebraska’s bout with Ohio State. While Penn State always presents a fantastic game day atmosphere, especially when playing a team like No. 2 Alabama, Fuller appears to have his eyes set on Lincoln for now. – 15 weeks

    3.) QB Tommy Armstrong (Cibolo, Texas): It’s finally time for Armstrong to visit Lincoln. This'll be a prime opportunity to meet the other pieces of Tim Beck’s offensive puzzle. All reports up to this point have indicated extremely positive things between the two parties. A commitment by Armstrong following the weekend would be far from shocking. - 13 weeks

    4.) CB Brandon Beaver: Same song, different verse. The cornerback from Compton is being heavily pursued, but only has one official visit planned - Nebraska’s first Big Ten home game versus Ohio State. – 8 weeks

    5.) CB Tyreece Jiles (Cape Coral, FL): Things could get interesting in a hurry with Jiles. At one point, he seemed a heavy Nebraska lean, but after cutting his list down to five (Ole Miss, North Carolina, Purdue, Wake Forest and Nebraska), North Carolina is the only team that Jiles has scheduled an official visit with. He’ll be tripping to see the Tar Heels play Virginia this weekend. – 5 weeks

    6.) DT Vincent Valentine (Edwardsville, Illinois): There’s no news coming out of Big Vince’s camp this week, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering that his love for the Huskers has been in a holding pattern for a while now. – 15 weeks

    7.) S Jordan Diggs (Cape Coral, FL): Diggs flew out from Cape Coral last week to visit Lincoln. He made sure to meet up with Nebraska commit Michael Rose in Lincoln as the two have become fast friends. Diggs’ unofficial trip from Florida to watch the Huskers take on Fresno State should speak for itself, but he plans to see the Big Red in action a second time against Ohio State. Talk of the dreaded “silent commit” has already cropped up. – 8 weeks

    8.) DE Jonathan Bullard (Shelby, NC): It’s down to three: Florida, South Carolina and Nebraska. That John Papuchis has taken Nebraska this far into the process with Bullard is impressive. The Cornhuskers are Bullard’s only official visit scheduled. He’ll be adding even more star power to the Ohio State tilt. It sounds like Florida may be the team to beat. If Papuchis can get Nebraska this far, watch for the Cornhuskers to put all of their chips on the table to put one of the nation’s best defensive end prospects in scarlet and cream. – 7 weeks

    9.) LB Quanzell Lambert (Sicklerville, NJ): One of the nation’s top inside linebackers, Lambert has plans to visit Northwestern, Iowa, Nebraska and Alabama, respectively. It sounds like Oklahoma is pushing to get him scheduled as well. Linebackers coach Ross Els continues to forge a bond with the New Jersey native. A full court press before he visits Alabama is likely just in case the luster of the SEC giant is too much to refuse. – 4 weeks

    10.) OT Evan Goodman (Lakeland, FL) – Reports indicate that Goodman enjoyed his trip to Lincoln as he took in Nebraska’s 42-29 victory over the Fresno State Bulldogs. Like Peat, he doesn’t plan on scheduling any further visits until his season ends, but if he continues to trip, the Huskers are going to have some stiff competition. The defending national champion Auburn Tigers look to be next on a potential itinerary

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    Tags: andrus peat, devin fuller, tommy armstrong, brandon beaver, tyreece jiles, vincent valentine, jordan diggs, jonathan bullard, quanzell lambert, evan goodman, recruiting

  9. 2011 Sep 08



    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    Time spent on the Big Board is in italics

    1.) OT Andrus Peat (Tempe, AZ): A trip to Lincoln has been tentatively scheduled by Peat for the Ohio State game. He’ll be in very good company as several of Nebraska’s top prospects will be in town. – 14 weeks

    2.) ATH Devin Fuller (Old Tappan, NJ): Fuller is another prospect planning to travel for Nebraska’s tilt against the Buckeyes. The Cornhuskers have been working Fuller hard and when an athlete of his caliber gives a school heavy looks, they’d better pull out all of the stops. Nebraska may be in the battle for Fuller until he pulls the trigger. – 14 weeks

    3.) QB Tommy Armstrong (Cibolo, Texas): Could Nebraska partially address their need for quarterbacks during this cycle before too long? It’s been no secret that communication between Armstrong and the Cornhuskers has been frequent. He’ll be visiting next week for the Washington game. A commitment from Armstrong wouldn’t be a surprise. - 12 weeks

    4.) CB Brandon Beaver (Compton, CA): Another Ohio State game attendee, the Cornhuskers still appear to be the only team outside of the Pac-12 that Beaver is considering. Arizona, Arizona State and UCLA sound like the main competition for the uber-talented cornerback’s services. – 7 weeks

    5.) CB Tyreece Jiles (Cape Coral, FL): The Buckeye battle keeps getting bigger with the addition of a planned trip by Jiles. He’s been showing off his versatility at Cape Coral High School where he put in solid time at receiver and even ran the ball this past week. – 4 weeks

    6.) DT Vincent Valentine (Edwardsville, Illinois): A new challenger appears! While Big Vince is still high on the Cornhuskers, another Big Ten foe appears to be making up ground quickly in Illinois. Valentine plans to make trips later in the season. If Nebraska could bring him in for Northwestern or Iowa, they could seal the deal assuming his relationship with the Cornhuskers remains positive. –14 weeks

    7.) S Jordan Diggs (Cape Coral, FL): The situation with Diggs has gotten very interesting. He’s planning to visit unofficially this weekend as the Huskers take on Fresno State. In other words, he’s plunking down his own money. He’ll be attending the Ohio State game officially, but one has to wonder with Diggs making an unofficial visit from Florida if he won’t be a Nebraska commitment by then. – 7 weeks

    8.) DE Jonathan Bullard (Shelby, NC): Nebraska has never been afraid of the SEC on the football field, and apparently they’re not shaking in their shoes on the recruiting trail either. Bullard is another Ohio State game attendee and assuming he caught the Huskers’ game against UTC, he had to have come away impressed with the work of Nebraska’s defensive ends. – 6 weeks

    9.) LB Quanzell Lambert (Sicklerville, NJ): Lambert’s already lined up to visit Nebraska for their game against Michigan State. He's ranked very highly by all main recruiting services which is all well and good, but his versatility speaks for itself. He could be either a punishing MIKE linebacker or be one of the most physical outside linebackers in the Big Ten under Pelini’s watch. – 3 weeks

    *NEW* 10.) OT Evan Goodman (Lakeland, FL) – With some scholarships opening up, it’s never too early to start adding quality depth. After last year's amazing haul of offensive linemen, the Huskers appear to be in good positions with Andrus Peat and current Arizona State commit Evan Goodman. Add their potential commitments to current verbal Paul Thurston and you have another stellar crop of offensive linemen.

    Don’t let Goodman's commitment fool you. He'll be in town this weekend to watch Nebraska take on Fresno State. He’s very impressed with Nebraska’s tradition when it comes to offensive linemen, so don’t be surprised if the Cornhuskers deal ASU’s class a devastating blow.

    Dropped out: WR/ATH Ghierry Van der Kuyp (Lack of communication)

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    Tags: andrus peat, devin fuller, tommy armstrong, brandon beaver, tyreece jiles, vincent valentine, jordan diggs, jonathan bullard, quanzell lambert, evan goodman, recruiting

  10. 2011 Aug 21



    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    Time spent on the Big Board is in italics

    1.) OT Andrus Peat (Tempe, AZ): It looks like there may be a stalemate here. Notre Dame, Texas, Florida State and Nebraska are the Peat’s “Final Four”. That’s likely not to change until he starts making official visits. – 12 weeks

    2.) ATH Devin Fuller (Old Tappan, NJ): Fuller has a handful of top-tier schools in his “Elite 11.” None of them can rest easy, because that number is getting ready to shrink by approximately six in the next few weeks. Nebraska is recruiting Fuller with a wide range of offensive ideas in mind much like Jamal Turner. A strong showing by Nebraska’s offensive versus the Mocs may solidify the Big Red’s place in Fuller’s Fab Five. – 12 weeks

    3.) QB Tommy Armstrong (Cibolo, Texas): While the Cornhuskers have serious competition for Armstrong’s services in Southern Miss, the Cornhuskers have two big things going for them right now: Bubba Starling’s not coming to Lincoln this year and Armstrong’s will visit in mid-September with no USM trip made as of yet. - 8 weeks

    4.) CB Brandon Beaver (Compton, CA): Beaver could’ve committed to someone by now as he was going to have a press conference set up to announce, but he’s decided to wait until after his visits. He only has his trip to Lincoln set up as of now. Rumors have floated about him leaning towards a couple of Pac-12 schools, but with the press conference cancellation, one has to wonder if Nebraska’s Corey Raymond has an ace up his sleeve. – 5 weeks

    5.) CB Tyreece Jiles (Cape Coral, FL): There was a high probability that Miami (FL) was going to be in a good position to land Jiles. With scandal surrounding The U, that potential might have fallen through. He’s getting attention from other in-state schools, but he’s holding an actual offer from Nebraska. – 2 weeks

    6.) DT Vincent Valentine (Edwardsville, Illinois): The end of Valentine’s recruitment features a potential recruiting reenactment of the 1996 Fiesta Bowl. Nebraska and Florida are going to likely be the only two schools to get an official visit from Big Vince. The Cornhuskers have been the team to beat for a while now. Florida’s going to have to pull out all the stops to get him to sway. –12 weeks

    7.) S Jordan Diggs (Cape Coral, FL): The U.S. Army All-American Game participant is taking the recruiting process slow and steady. He has approximately 10 schools that he’s eyeballing the hardest including Michigan State, Tennessee, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Nebraska. His visit for the Ohio State tilt is still on and with Nebraska commit-turned-cheerleader Michael Rose attending, Diggs may be a Cornhusker following that weekend. – 5 weeks

    8.) DE Jonathan Bullard (Shelby, NC): Nebraska’s sitting surprisingly high with Bullard. The Cornhuskers are doing all they can to remain in this fight for one of the best defensive end prospects in the country. Right now, Florida, Alabama, Clemson and South Carolina look to be the primary competition. With the Cornhuskers severe need of defensive ends, the depth chart and game day atmosphere during Bullard’s visit should keep NU on his list until at least late in the season. – 4 weeks

    *NEW* 9.) LB Quanzell Lambert (Sicklerville, NJ): The Cornhuskers have Michael Rose and Deion Jones, but when you have a need for quality linebackers and the ear of an athlete like Lambert, you go for a talented trifecta. Nebraska’s main competition for the stud prospect looks to be Alabama, Oklahoma and Northwestern. It’s not shocking that Ron Brown has been dispatched to help recruit the New Jersey native. Brown appears to enjoy swinging for the fences when it comes to bringing in young talent.

    10.) WR/ATH Ghierry Van der Kuyp (Hialeah, FL): Van der Kuyp still doesn’t have a trip to Nebraska set up, but his interest level appears to remain the same. Not much has come out of his camp lately, but with the college football season rapidly approaching, expect some official visits to be scheduled in a hurry. – 6 weeks

    Dropped out: DE Taiwan Johnson (More immediate need at LB)

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    Tags: andrus peat, devin fuller, tommy armstrong, ghierry van der kuyp, vincent valentine, jordan diggs, brandon beaver, tyreece jiles, johnathan bullard, quanzell lambert

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