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  1. 2012 Jan 29

    NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS: Knee-Jerk Reactions (1/29)


    By HuskerLocker

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    By Brandon Cavanaugh

    - Without any blitzing, the Senior Bowl was pretty tame overall and didn’t display David much. He did look good on special teams and it looks like he’s been fine-tuning his coverage skills, though as he played a lot of zone covered throughout the game.

    - Fonzie’s string of bad luck should be snapped at the combine. If he puts up impressive numbers there, I expect late first/early second-round pick talk to start up again

    - This year’s class of walk-ons looks packed full of talent. Hard to not like Gretna’s Andy Janovich. A fullback that knows Olympic wrestling leverage is a valuable thing.

    - Grand Island quarterback Ryker Fyfe’s a steal and a half for the Huskers. He’s a guy that could find a home closer to the top of the depth chart.

    - Nebraska’s best chance at a Rutgers flip is Quanzell Lambert and he’s likely not even going to sign with anyone this Wednesday.

    - Devin Fuller to Arizona to be Pat White 2.0.

    - Abdullah, Green and Heard are fun to watch, but Imani Cross and Mike Marrow add a major bruising factor. Maryland I formation anyone?

    - Anyone else incredibly excited for Nebraska baseball to begin?

    - It’s unfortunate that Doc’s hundredth win was overshadowed by how poorly things have gone this season.

    - Can’t say there’ve been too many recent Signing Days where an entire class will be defined as a bust or not depending on the day’s outcome.

    - Wednesday’s gonna be fun.

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    Tags: senior bowl, lavonte david, alfonzo dennard, ryker fyfe, andy janovich, quanzell lambert, devin fuller, recruiting, basketball, baseball

  2. 2012 Jan 28

    NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS: Senior Bowl Game Day Thoughts


    By HuskerLocker

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    Every week, the Husker Locker staff sits down and is presented a number of questions addressing various aspects of Nebraska Cornhuskers sports. What's in the Big Red's future?

    This week:

    What does the commitment of running back Imani Cross tell you about Nebraska's remaining spots for this recruiting class?

    Brian: That the staff felt the urge to have a “big” back in the fold. Been told that Cross would be similar to a Quentin Castille or a Trey Robinson in that aspect. Nebraska could certainly use one, especially in short yardage/goal line situations to help take some of the beating Rex gets.

    Erin: First, Imani Cross is a huge get. His commitment also gives me a lot of hope for the remaining spots. It shows that a lot of work has been put in to get some top recruits. I do question the need for a standout running back in the class however, seeing as Nebraska has three young guys sitting and waiting behind Rex Burkhead as it is. A top get is a top get, so we'll leave it at that. Ultimately, Cross shows a lot of promise for the remaining spots in the class.

    Brandon: If Nebraska was scrambling to secure bigger and better recruits, Cross wouldn’t be on the commitment list. There’s likely a number of guys lined up, ready to announce on Signing Day.

    Stanford received their fifth offensive lineman commit of this cycle last Thursday. Does this help Nebraska's case with Andrus Peat?

    Brian: Maybe. If Stanford is stockpiled at offensive line and Peat knows he could play immediately in Lincoln, that has to help him make his decision. That being said, who knows what will happen if Andrus does come to Nebraska? We all thought Tyler Moore would see the field a lot last season.

    Erin: It can't hurt it, can it? Andrus Peat would be a fantastic grab for Nebraska, so hopefully Stanford's long list of lineman's in one recruiting class will encourage him to consider Nebraska more than ever.

    Brandon: Not only does it help Nebraska’s case, but you’ve got to think Peat’s decision has already been made. Depth chart comparisons favor the Huskers, but so does family in Andrus’ brother and cousin (Avery Moss).

    Nebraska basketball is now 11-9 with their road win over Iowa. How does this team need to finish for you to consider the season salvaged?

    Brian: if Nebraska can squeeze 16 wins out (which, after seeing two of their last three games, isn’t as far fetched as you would like to believe), then it’s a season worth something.

    Does that keep Doc around? Who knows? I do think 15 wins is his Mendoza line. Anything below that and he’s as good as gone. If Doc does stay, I will be truly disappointed in that there are much better coaches out there who would cherish this job.

    Erin: To consider this season salvaged... I don't think this season was ever at a point to salvage. Nebraska fans knew what to expect so at this point, any big win is just that - a big win. The inconsistency is still too strong. For me, the season would have been "salvaged" had Nebraska beat Ohio State after beating Indiana. At this point going forward, I'm just going to cheer for a win and enjoy it at that.

    Brandon: Wins against Northwestern, Minnesota (twice), Penn State, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa (again) along with a split between Michigan and Michigan State to finish the regular season 19-10. At least one win in the Big Ten tournament to be 20-11 at worst heading into the postseason.

    At that point, Nebraska would likely get into the NIT as a mid-level seed. Win one more game there and Doc has a reason to keep his job.

    Do you believe Alfonzo Dennard's injury and non-participation in the Senior Bowl will cost him come the NFL Draft?

    Brian: Oh yes. The draft is fairly deep at cornerback, and Dennard didn’t have a great practice before the injury was disclosed. The week more than likely cost him the first round. Still hoping that the Cowboys take him to be a replacement to Terrence Newman.

    Erin: What's going to hurt him more is the comments that were made about him prior to the injury. Those reporting he wasn't as quick as once though, or not as agile. All of that will come back to haunt him more than an injury.

    The injury hurts his draft status more now that he can't prove anyone wrong. NFL teams are going to have to take Dennard at face value and hope his college stats meant something. However, if they listen to the reporters saying he wasn't "that" great, it could be pretty costly.

    Brandon: There seems to be about a 75/25 split saying that he’s a great athlete or that because of the altercation at the Capital One Bowl, his practice performances and injury, he’s slipping fast. NFL offices know what Dennard’s capable of. If he shows up at the Combine and dominates, any negatives he may have picked up during this past week will be wiped away.

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