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2008 Dec 06

Time for Boycott, Mack


By SMcKewon

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Imagine you’re Mack Brown this morning.

You are the coach of Texas Longhorns. Big name, big money, big influence. You feel wronged by a BCS system that not only put a team you beat – Oklahoma – into the national championship, but a team a from, at least in 2008, a noticeably weaker conference – Florida – in the title game, too. You lost one game, on the road, on the second-to-last play, to an 11-1 Texas Tech playing the biggest home game in school history. OU, as we already covered, lost to your team on a neutral site. Florida lost at home to an 8-4 team.

So now you’re heading to Tempe, Ariz., to play in the Fiesta Bowl. Against undefeated upstart Utah? No. Of course not. You’ll get 9-2 Ohio State, whose fans, we’re sure, are jazzed to head to Phoenix for the fourth time in seven years, whose offense resembles, on most days, a rundown rickshaw. And you’ll play this marquee game on Jan. 5 – a Monday, of all days – so as to maximize BCS television ratings. In other words, your kids get to sit around Tempe for seven days; half of it after New Year’s, surrounded by about as much fan energy as you’d find at a lawn darts tournament.

You know this is no kind of reward. You know that the BCS isn’t merely keeping you out of the national championship game. It’s making money off your big name, and the controversy of keeping you out of the national championship game.

You’re Mack Brown, coach of the kings of college football. What do you do?

You walk. Away. And make the BCS stick Texas Tech and Ohio State in Tempe for a ratings craptacular. They can rename it the Ford Festiva Bowl.

Yeah, you walk. Out of principle. To make a statement. To shake things up. To actually do something while every other coach merely crows about it.

If it’s really wrong – and you’ve said enough words to make us think you do – you wouldn’t validate it by taking a hand-me-down game. You take a stand, if only for one year, and just see what kind of ripples it makes. Maybe the apple cart tumbles down a flight of stairs. Maybe the buzz only lasts through January. But if you really think the BCS has it wrong, why participate in it? Why feed the beast?

Is the money? You’re Texas. You have all the money you need. And some boosters would love you for it. What – you think they won’t show up at the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 2 to watch Texas play Mississippi? Of course they will.

Is it the anger of the Big 12? Screw the Big 12. You own the Big 12 anyway, you have since the inception of it, and, besides, the Big 12 screwed you, didn’t it? An eye for an eye.
Is it the media? Forget the media. What do we know? What have we ever known? We stuck Alabama at No. 1 by default all season by virtue of its position in the SEC, when the SEC is about as impressive as a stack of beer cans behind the Georgia Dome Saturday night.

And if you do walk, don’t proverbially fall on your sword, suggesting Texas Tech “earned” a BCS bid by beating you. Don’t patronize. Don’t play the good guy. The BCS will not be thwarted by Gary Cooper or Jimmy Stewart. It needs a Clint Eastwood.

Say it plain. You don’t care who goes to the Fiesta Bowl in 2009. Invite Boise State, invite Georgia Tech, invite New Orleans Tech. It just isn’t going to be you. Your players will stay home for Christmas and New Year’s and happily beat the crap out of the team Florida couldn’t defeat at its own place back in September. After all, if UF does upset OU on a neutral site, well, so did you. All that’s left for the Associated Press voters to look at is common opponents. And if you’ve got a “W” next to Ole Miss, well, what else is there to consider?

You’re Mack Brown, and you’ve got a shot to produce something more than a little lip service.

Would you walk?

Or would you eat BCS leftovers in Scottsdale?

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I love it.

– Dec 7, 2008 at 4:26 pm

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