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Possible NCAA violations?


By HuskerGuru_Justin

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This morning I was going over some news headlines and came across a post on Huskermax.com. According to the website two South Carolina players may have violated NCAA rules. C.C. Whitlock and Jadeveon Clowney were featured on a poster as hosts for a Christmas Eve party. The reason this is a possible violation is because student athletes cannot be used to promote a for-profit event.

I am not quite sure in both Clowney and Whitlock knew they were being used on the poster to advertise the party but whether or not they knew it could still be a violation. Is it me or does it seem that College Football becoming more about illegal benefits and violations than the actual game?

Clowney is a freshman defensive end that had a pretty good freshman season. He was the highest recruited player in the NCAA last year. In fact he waited till after official signing day to make his decision and commitment official to South Carolina.

Whitlock is a senior cornerback that split time with Marty Markett but is tied with team high 3 interceptions.

There is no word yet about what will happen. My guess is that we will not hear anything until after the bowl game from the NCAA. However the school could take some sort of action. Clemson University had a similar situation this season involving a Christmas party. Their Player has been cleared to play. In their situation the two players knew their image was being used.

-Justin Sommerfeld

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Find the Complete story here: http://www.po...oblem-poster/

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