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Quote of the Day 5/13


By DrNaumann

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"We know what we are,but we know not what we may be." -William Shakespeare

This quote is from one of the most famous plays, Hamlet, IV.v.43. This is a powerful message as we look to the coming season and the new young "stars" that might be unfolding in the Husker Nation.

Hamlet was young, full of innocence,thought and sentiment. You get weary sometimes as he tries to "think to hard' about his game plan. However, he does make the tough decisions when the circumstances call for action.

Hamlet means many things to many people. The names can be found in Icelandic legend and means "fool," in celtic it means "furious, and full of action." Shakespeare most likely knew the meanings of the name that he attached to his longest play. Probably most pressing on his mind was the death of his eleven year old son four years earlier. His son was named Hamlet.

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Home > DrNaumann’s Locker > Blog > Quote of the Day 5/13