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Quote of the Day, 6/4


By DrNaumann

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"If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work." -- William Shakespeare.

The poet seems to write the common sense we all know. It truly describes why we find our Cornhusker sporting life so refreshing, and why we wait in anticipation for fall.

This quote is from Henry IV, Part 2, I.ii.208-209. "Coach" Shakespeare writes in this play about the sporting life in the 15th century and the interactions between a young prince, Hal; and, his closest friend and mentor Falstaff, a jovial, aging, witty criminal. Falstaff and some of Hal's other friends have won wealth and power at the Battle of Shrewsbury. We watch Falstaff, now an army captain, drink in a London tavern and travel around the countryside to recruit young men to serve in the upcoming battles.

He touts the sporting life and the battles to be won for the aging King Henry IV and the upcoming prince Hal. The young prince ends up at his father's house as the King is dying and vows to be a responsible King. As the play closes we see the new King Henry V place Falstaff in his rightful place.

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Home > DrNaumann’s Locker > Blog > Quote of the Day, 6/4