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Quote of the Day 8/13


By DrNaumann

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"Becoming a Division I football player, becoming a starting quarterback, winning a national championship as a coach, three national titles, and being undefeated for two and a half years. Coach Osborne started and reached his goal—seeing a great coach doing things the right way and treating people the right way and showing people you can be a nice guy and still win” -- Turner Gill

In “Then Osborne Said to Rozier” by Steven Richardson, published by Triumph Books in 2008, former Cornhusker Quarterback and coach, Turner Gill lists above the rewards of being in Nebraska. Current Buffalo Head Coach Gill had his best year in 1983 when he passed for 1,516 yards and fourteen touchdowns.

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Home > DrNaumann’s Locker > Blog > Quote of the Day 8/13