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  1. 2011 Mar 17

    Private Label Program


    By BandiolaSpice

    Got a big event coming up? A wedding for example? Or want a special corporate gift? Create your very own spice, with your own label!!

    The Private Label Program of Bandiola Spice gives you or your company the opportunity to control the sales of a product and measure the outcome of marketing and sales strategies. If you are a Chef, culinary professional, food blogger, work in the food business or you are motivated about business opportunities, Bandiola Spice can help you create a spice that reflects your identity and support your branding. If would like to know more about this, please read all about it at http://bandio...abel-program/

    Don't forget: Bandiola Spice, enhancing the simple pleasures!

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  2. 2011 Mar 16

    Grilled Ribeye!


    By BandiolaSpice

    Blog post image

    And we're back with more mouthwatering recipes for you!

    What would you say if your dinner was a grilled ribeye, marinated in Bandiola Spice Steak Seasoning?? You'll love it, no doubt!
    Check out what The Dutchess (aka Hanneke Eerden) at her website http://www.th...illed-ribeye/ has to say about this:

    " Is there anything better than a ribeye, marinated for 24 hours in Steak Seasoning from Bandiola Spice, and then grilled….??

    You don’t have to answer this, because there isn’t. I tested it for you (yeah it’s a tough job…I know…), and oh my…this was good!! Great rich flavors, that perfectly match with the beef. Because this was the first time I used these spices, I didn’t use too much, but it was perfect.

    I served it with a delicious potato salad and a Merlot from Argentina…wow, it really made my day!"

    How about that, Husker Fans! Hurry to order this Steak Seasoning at http://www.bandiolaspice.com/ and enjoy!

    Don't forget: Bandiola Spice, enhancing the simple pleasures!

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  3. 2011 Mar 04

    Win FREE Bandiola Spices!


    By BandiolaSpice

    Hey Husker Fans! Are you familiar yet with the Bandiola Spice Company? Our pursuit, our passion, is making food not merely something you eat, but something to experience. You put the love into you cooking, right? We put ours into the products we create. The goal at Bandiola Spice Company goes beyond making your food taste better!

    We, from Bandiola Spice, use only the finest ingredients and never compromise on quality. At this moment we have eleven unique blends in our range and still growing, and making spicy new plans!

    And that’s why we’re proud to announce that The Dutchess Cooks is teaming up with Bandiola Spice! Soon on your plate: Bandiola Spice recipes by The Dutchess Cooks!

    The Dutchess Cooks is about cooking, baking, grilling and mouth watering healthy recipes, created by Hanneke Eerden. Check out her website: www.TheDutchessCooks.com and don’t forget to “like” her Fan Page www.facebook....DutchessCooks on Facebook!

    And this is only the beginning, so you better get ready to spice up your 2011 Husker Season!

    Last but not least: do you want to win a FREE set of Bandiola Spices?? Then join our Fan Page on Facebook: http://www.fa...8646423852066 This way you’ll never miss a recipe, spicy news and get lots of information.

    With Bandiola Spice you’re always a winner!

    The winner of the FREE set of Bandiola Spices will be announced on March 31.

    We’ll be back soon with more exciting news, so stay tuned and in the meantime don’t forget: Bandiola Spice, Enhancing the Simple Pleasures!

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