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  1. 2010 Oct 30

    Roy Helu and the o-line prove the Husker offense is bigger than Taylor Martinez


    By sportsvoice

    307 yards of offense, no, not by the whole Husker unit, but by one man, Roy Helu, on the ground. That stat pretty much sums up Nebraska's effort Saturday in the biggest win of the Bo Pelini era to date.

    The Huskers beat down the No. 7 Missouri Tigers 31-17and emphatically stated that No.14 Nebraska is not only back as one of college football's elite programs, but not content with being No. 14 any more.

    Roy Helu set the tone early, scoring on a 66-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage. The score was part of a 24-0 first quarter punch in the face that the Tigers never recovered from.

    Helu went on to rush for a Nebraska single game record of 307 yards and in the process carved himself a place in the storied pantheon of Husker backs like Heisman winner Mike Rozier and coolest back ever I.M. Hip.

    The blackshirts did their part as well, smothering Blaine Gabbert and breaking up passes all day long. The emergent Missouri rushing attack was nowhere to be found and in the final analysis, the game was never close.

    Perhaps the most impressive effort after Helu's was that of the Nebraska offensive line during their final soul crushing drive that ate up the last eight minutes and 40 seconds of the game. With the tie breaker over Missouri decided, it seems like Nebraska is now a lock for the Big 12 North Title.

    Tags: nebraska, missouri, football, game wrap up, roy helu, single game rushing record, 307 yds, black shirts, blaine gabbert, mike rozier, i, m, hip

  2. 2010 Oct 30

    Martinez will need to outscore a shifty Missouri offense playing against a tough Missouri defense


    By sportsvoice

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's pretty weird to come in ranked so much lower than another team and yet still be everybody's favorite to win.

    Both Vegas and the cliche spewing ESPN talking heads are calling for No. 14 Nebraska to upset No. 7 Missouri. Even Kirk Herbstreet, Husker hater that he is, is calling the 'skers to win, though only "because it's at home."

    Husker fans can only hope that their team isn't listening to the hype. Now would be a bad time for them to get cocky. Missouri is coming in off of that huge win against Oklahoma and though Nebraska looks like the better team on paper victory over Missouri is anything but a sure thing. Husker fans seem to think that by beating Oklahoma State's paper thin defense that means their offense is back. They're mistaken.

    Oklahoma State has given up scads of points to some pretty terrible teams. I mean really, 38 points to Troy? Missouri's defense makes them look like the weak sisters of the poor. Missouri is fourth over all in points against, they are in a completely different stratosphere than Oklahoma State,

    Missouri's defensive end Aldon Smith is no joke, neither is sophomore linebacker Zaviar Gooden. Both of them had big interceptions against Oklahoma last week. Smith is an NFL type who is big and fast. He'll be able to pressure Nebraska's Taylor Martinez in the pocket and disrupt the zone read option in ways that Oklahoma State couldn't.

    Martinez will need to over come that disruption though, because the Tigers will probably put up some points. They run a quirky offense that spreads recievers all over the field. They'll get loose for a few touchdowns for sure. Blaine Gabbert and TJ Moe will be the players to watch, though I don't see Moe owning Prince Amukamara like Justin Blackmon did last week, he's physical, fast and dangerous when Gabbert checks down to him in bubble screens.

    Missouri's offense may not have the crazy playmaking ability that Oklahoma State's does, but they have a defense that can hold Nebraska under forty, which Oklahoma State does not. Nebraska's Taylor Martinez will need to prove that he can execute against a real squad if he wants to lead his team to victory this time.

    Tags: missouri, nebraska, football, defense, weak sisters of the poor, herbstreet, oklahoma state, zone read option, taylor martinez, zaviar gooden, aldon smith, blaine gabbert, espn, in progress, tj moe, prince amukamara

  3. 2010 Oct 27

    Aldon Smith almost as daunting as QB Gabbert's arm


    By sportsvoice

    Here we go Nebraska fans. This is what you wanted, a big game against a great opponent on a giant stage and you're the favorite. Now what. Staring accross the line of scrimmage at you is the Missouri Tigers, good luck.

    Missouri's defense has a number of big time players but perhaps none more disruptive than sophmore defensive end Aldon Smith. He was a force last year totaling 11.5 sacks last season and had three sacks in three games this season before getting injured playing.

    He finally got back against Oklahoma and didn't do much, other than intercept a pass in the Missouri redzone to kill a sooner drive and then run it back 58 yards to the OU 28-yardline.

    Tags: aldon smith, missouri, nebraska, in progress

  4. 2010 Oct 26

    Nebraska Battles Mizzou for Big 12 North Supremacy Saturday


    By sportsvoice

    It's been a long time since the Nebraska football team has had a game this meaningful. Last Saturday's 51-41 win over the Oklahoma State Cowboys has given the No. 14 Cornhuskers a chance to pursue greatness the likes of which they haven't seen since the glory days of Husker football.

    But it's only a chance, and certainly no definate thing. Standing in the way of NU's second chance at a Big 12 title and a possible BCS birth are the No. 7 Missouri Tigers, and you can bet that they would like nothing better than to give the Huskers a humiliating home loss as a Big 12 parting gift. Not to mention that a win over NU would solidify their position as a national title contender.

    Nebraska comes into the game somewhat of an enigma. They can be spectacular both offensively and defensively at times, but sometimes they aren't. Their defense was manhandled by Oklahoma State only to have their offensive, which had been similarly dominated the previous week by Texas come up big and save the season.

    Missouri has looked shaky at times this season as well. Before their landmark win against Oklahoma they needed a 69-yard touchdown reception from wide receiver TJ Moe with 51 seconds left in the fourth quarter to beat a scrappy San Diego State team, but unlike the Huskers no one has been able to topple the Tigers yet.

    Oddly enough, though the Tigers will come into Memorial Stadium undefeated and ranked seven spots higher than the Huskers a lot of people are still picking them to lose. MGM and Caesars Palace have Nebraska as a 7 1/2 and 8 point favorite respectively and ESPN's Pat Forde predicted Missouri to fall in his Forde-Yard Dash.

    But prognosticators can predict upsets until they're blue in the face, this is a huge game between two Big 12 contenders and no one can really predict the outcome with any certainty. That's why when the teams take the field in Lincoln, Ne., Saturday at 2:30 pm, Husker fans will be on the edge of their seats.

    Tags: nebraska, missouri, football, game preview, team ranks, vegas point spread, caesars palace, mgm, pat forde, oklahoma, tj moe, sdsu, forde yard dash, in progress, nebraska missouri game time

  5. 2010 Oct 25

    Martinez shines in 51-41 thriller, but vaunted Husker D' gives NU fans some grey hairs and Missouri awaits


    By sportsvoice

    Nebraska Cornhusker fans have been hearing about freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez's throwing ability since before the season. But until Saturday they hadn't really had a chance to see it.

    That's because Martinez hadn't needed to use his arm in most games due to his blazing foot speed, and when he did need to throw he looked raw and his receivers looked incompetent. For all of T-Mart's ultra successful ground game, it looked like his aptitude in the aerial attack was little more than speculation.

    Well, there's no more need for speculation. Not after Martinez detonated his explosive arm all over the hapless Oklahoma State secondary, brutalizing their defensive backfield for 5 touchdowns, 323 yds. and no picks while completing 25 passes in 35 attempts.

    It was a good thing for the Huskers that his arm caught fire when it did. Saturday's 51-41 track meet may have been a one sided affair in the Pokes' favor had it not. The Cowboys torched a 'Skers defense that came into the game touted as one of the best in the country and left with their tails between their legs.

    The blackshirts looked almost as bad as Oklahoma State's sad squad, who came into the contest ranked 114th nationally against the pass. Not that the they can be faulted too much for that. Saturday was OSU wide reciever phenom Justin Blackmon's heisman coming out party. Coming into the game he led the nation in both touchdowns and receiving yards, and he didn't miss a step on Saturday.

    Many experts thought that an ordinarily stout blackshirt secondary might slow him down and rivals.com tagged the match up between him and Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara as the best wide receiver quarterback matchup of the year. That ended up being pretty anti-climactic, Blackmon caught more passes against Amukamara (5) than Amukamara had allowed in every game combined leading up to the showdown in Stillwater.

    Amukamara and the rest of the blackshirts better shore up that secondary in a hurry. They'll face Blaine Gabbert when the 7th-ranked Missouri Tigers come to town next week, and while the offense he leads might not be as potent as Oklahoma State's, it still packs a lot of punch. The Tiger's defense is an intimidating group. If Nebraska gives up 41 points again, it's hard to see how Taylor Martinez will be able to bail them out.

    Tags: taylor martinez passing stats, 5 touchdowns, osu wrapup, justin blackmon, blackshirts, heisman coming out party, prince amukamara, tmart, blaine gabbert, missouri, football, cornhuskers

  6. 2010 Oct 18

    Big 12 football Big deal next week


    By sportsvoice

    Nebraska and Oklahoma fans should be in for a good show next week. There will only be 4 match ups pitting top-25 teams against each other and two of them will involve the scurs' and the Sooners.

    No. 3 Oklahoma will get a chance to assert its dominance against a northern division foe when they visit the 6-0 Missouri Tigers, and the now 14th ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers will be looking to rebound in a big way when they travel to Stillwater to face 17th ranked Oklahoma State.

    I'm going with the chalk this weekend. I'll tell you why in my next post.

    Tags: big 12 preview, nebraska, oklahoma, missouri, oklahoma state, rankings, huskers, cowboys, sooners, tigers

  7. 2009 Oct 01

    It's a New Year


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    “It’s a new year. I don’t get caught up in what happened last year or recent history or anything else. We’re going to go play a football game, and it’s the next game on the schedule, and that’s how we’ll treat it.”

    -- Bo Pelini.

    Comments on the 2009 Missouri game. Read more on Pelini on Missouri -- It's a New Year posted on Sept. 28, 2009.

    Tags: bo pelini, 2009 missouri game

  8. 2009 Aug 13

    Mizzou Gets 'Knocked' Up


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    So it's been a long day's journey into, oh, 1:25 in the morning here, and it seems like a perfect time to pop on my DVR and watch the first episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks" program.

    Basically the best NFL show on TV for its combination of theater, false bravado, staged antics, canned heat and yet compelling storylines, it follows one professional team through training camp. This year it's the the WKRP Bengals, which have those gems of the Callahan era, Mo Purify and Marlon Lucky fighting for roster spots. (We kid because we love, guys).

    So, while watching for them (Mo makes an appearance stuffing former Cowboys' safety Roy Williams in a toughness drill; somewhere in Lincoln, Ted Gilmore sets down his meal and wonders where that was for two years) we get another appreciable nugget regarding Missouri tight end Chase Coffman, an excellent pass-catcher who apparently needs to get a little more physical.

    His position coach's words?

    "They didn't have you doing any of this stuff at Missouri, but now you're gonna learn how to play man's football."

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    Tags: missouri, chase coffman, hbo, nfl

  9. 2009 Jul 23

    Media Tabs Huskers to Win Big 12 North


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Even though some writers in Missouri find it absolutely nuts to do so, the media went ahead and did it anyway, picking Nebraska’s football team to win the Big 12 North in a preseason poll released Thursday.

    NU got 17 of 32 first place votes and 172 points overall. Kansas was picked second with 12 first place votes and 164 total points. Two-time defending North champion Missouri, Colorado, Kansas State and Iowa State rounded out the North side.

    In the South, Texas and Oklahoma technically tied for first with 174 total points, but UT got two more first-place votes. That means some voter placed the Longhorns third, presumably behind Oklahoma State. OSU finished third in the South poll, followed by Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas A&M.

    The votes:

    North Division
    1. Nebraska (17) 172
    2. Kansas (12) 164
    3. Missouri (3) 124
    4. Colorado 100
    5. Kansas State 81
    6. Iowa State 33

    South Division
    1. Texas (17) 174
    1. Oklahoma (15) 174
    3. Oklahoma State 130
    4. Texas Tech 89
    5. Baylor 75
    6. Texas A&M 33

    Agree or disagree? Let us know with a comment. If you haven't joined, sign up for free here.

    Tags: football, big 12 media days, missouri, kansas, colorado, kansas state, iowa state

  10. 2009 Jun 02

    Fan Photo, 6/2


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This photo was taken by GoHuskers prior to the Missouri game in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium. The album is titled "Missouri Tailgates." Please post your photo!

    Tags: fan photo, missouri tailgates

  11. 2009 May 31

    Fan Photo, 5/31


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This photo was taken for the Missouri Tailgates album of GoHuskers. Please post your photo!

    Tags: fan photo, missouri tailgates

  12. 2009 May 30

    Fan Photo, 5/30


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This is from Missouri Tailgates, the album from GoHuskers. Please post your pictures!

    Tags: fan photo, missouri tailgates

  13. 2009 May 27

    Fan Photo, 4/28


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This comes from the Locker of GoHusker. Nancy and Tom were on their way to the Missouri game. The album is called Missouri Tailgates. Enjoy and upload your own photos today!

    Tags: fan photo, cornhuskers, nebraska vs, missouri 2008

  14. 2009 May 26

    Fan Photo, 5/26


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This photo comes from GoHusker and her album Missouri Tailgates from the 2008 Bo Pelini season. Enjoy and upload your own photos today!

    Tags: fan photo, cornhuskers, missouri tailgates

  15. 2009 May 22

    Fan Photo, 5/22


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This photo is from the album Missouri Tailgates by our Locker Pass friend, GoHuskers. Nancy photographed this shot a few moments before the game began in Memorial Stadium where the fans enjoyed the best of Nebraska "football" weather. Tailgate fare was not bad either!

    Please post your photos on the Fan Photo of the Day!

    Tags: fan photo, missouri tailgates, gohuskers

  16. 2009 May 17

    Fan Photo, 5/17


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    This photo comes from the Missouri game tailgate before the Memorial Stadium contest. The weather was great for football on that Saturday, and these fans were excited and hopeful. The album's called Missoui Tailgating.

    Enjoy and upload photos of your own.

    Tags: photo of the day, cornhuskers, missouri tigers

  17. 2009 Apr 30

    Big 12 Schedules In The Cellar, and Mizzou's Squarely Under The Stairs


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    At least when it comes to scheduling BCS opponents in non-conference games.

    Prop-a-la-drops to the Daily Oklahoman's Berry Tramel for doing the research that shows Big 12 teams scheduled only 23 percent (11 of 48) of its non-league games against BCS foes from the ACC, Big East, SEC, Pac 10 and Big Ten conferences. Compare that to:

    50 percent in the Pac 10
    41 percent in the ACC
    40 percent in the Big East
    32 percent in the Big Ten
    29 percent in the SEC

    Texas and Texas Tech don't play any BCS schools. UT's platter of Louisiana-Monroe, Wyoming, Central Florida and UTEP is particularly indefensible.

    Nebraska, still operating under the old Steve Pederson scheduling standard, plays three Sun Belt teams - Florida Atlantic, Louisiana-Lafayette and Arkansas State - along with a game at Virginia Tech. It gets worse in 2010 with games vs. Idaho, Western Kentucky and, God help us, South Dakota State. Hopefully, Bo Pelini tries to get out of that game, even though he's said, in the past, he wouldn't. NU has no business hosting SDSU. None.

    But credit where it's due: Pelini and Director of Football Operation Jeff Jamrog have been pretty aggressive in the last year, notching deals with Wyoming, Southern Mississippi and Fresno State, along with a tentative deal with Miami (Fla.), which still isn't officially on the schedule yet. While Fresno and USM aren't BCS schools, they could compete consistently in one. Wyoming, while no one's idea of a powerhouse, is at least a regional opponent with solid standing in Division I for many years.

    At any rate, NU, even under Pederson, always maintained some integrity. The 2007 schedule - road game at Wake Forest, home with USC, Ball State and Nevada - involved four bowl teams. Even if a year like 1986 never comes around again - the Huskers faced Florida State and Oregon at home and Illinois and South Carolina on the road that season - Nebraska can hold its head up. Ditto for Colorado, which doesn't shy away BCS teams, and Oklahoma, which schedules one pastry per year, but balances it with two solid games (in 2009 it's BYU and Miami).

    But can one really, at this point, excuse Texas Tech and Missouri?

    The Red Raiders actively avoid tough non-conference games season after season. They haven't played a non-league BCS foe since 2003. Why? Mike Leach's bunch carries itself like a Mountain West or WAC program. There are currently, through 2011 no BCS opponents at all on Tech's schedule. Surely the Red Raiders have had offers. Is New Mexico and Houston the best Leach can do?

    The Tigers, meanwhile, tout themselves as a national program that's apparently "arrived."

    OK then - when will they start scheduling like it?

    Here are the teams Mizzou has scheduled from 2010 until 2015:

    McNeese State
    Toledo (head coach Gary Pinkel's former school)
    Southern Illinois

    Now, here are the teams Nebraska has scheduled thus far in that same time:

    Miami (Fla.)
    Fresno State
    Southern Mississippi
    South Dakota State
    Western Kentucky

    You tell us: Which one looks like the team that just won two consecutive Big 12 North titles?

    Mizzou likes to hide behind its neutral game with Illinois and call that a sufficient challenge. The Illini aren't bad - they went to the Rose Bowl after the 2007 season - but if St. Louis is as far as Pinkel's boys are willing to go...

    Since former head coach Larry Smith left the building Mizzou has scheduled two non-league BCS opponents - Ole Miss and Illinois. That's it.

    Folks, that's not arriving.

    We save a special place for Bill Snyder, whose Kansas State teams will now actively pursue dogs and actively attempt to reverse the one good thing Ron Prince did, which was schedule better non-conference opponents.

    The Big 12 administrative folks have brayed at league schools to schedule better teams. Certain coaches won't out of nothing more than fear of losing. Whether that's money or victories, what lesson does that send to the student-athletes? On the one hand, you tell them to compete at the highest level. On the other, you hide in an ivory tower and wait for October.

    If the league really wanted to make an impact on this issue, it would build in number of BCS teams scheduled in the non-conference season, and the records of those teams, into the tiebreaker system.

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