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  1. 2011 May 21

    Crick for Heisman?


    By thehooch36

    Nebraska sits 100-plus days from the season opener versus UT-Chattanooga on Saturday, September 3.

    The Cornhuskers are also one month removed from the Spring Game in which senior defensive tackle Jared Crick did not participate. The reasoning is understood. Why aggravate a slight injury to the anchor of the D-Line. Pundits such as ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit didn’t let that detract them from tossing around the idea that “Jared Crick could be Ndamukong Suh-like this year” as he did on May 11, 2011’s episode of ESPN College Football Live.

    Of course Crick “could” have a similar senior season to Suh. That word leaves the end result open to any potential outcome for Crick, but let’s say that he does put up similar numbers to Suh in 2011. It's a possibility, at least. In his sophomore and junior seasons, Suh combined for 110 tackles (59 solo), eight sacks, and two interceptions. Nebraska fans often include the statistic of “Buffalo quarterbacks ran over” - one.

    In his senior campaign, Suh had 82 tackles (47 solo), 12 sacks, and one pick. In his two previous seasons as a Cornhusker, Crick tallied 140 tackles (64 solo) and 18.5 sacks. It would be easy to say that his success as a sophomore was because opposing offensive lines were keying on Suh, but Jared had the same amount of tackles in 2010 and even more solo stops than the year before.

    He totaled two sacks versus Oklahoma in the 2010 Big 12 Championship Game. That could bode very well for the senior from Cozad as he prepares to take on the bigger offensive lines of the Big Ten. Interestingly enough, the mascot for Cozad High is “the Haymakers”. How fitting as Crick can deliver that knock-out punch.

    The key for Crick’s success will be who steps up and produces at the other defensive tackle spot to keep the opposing offensive linemen honest and not let them double or triple-team him. Conventional wisdom and history would lead us to believe that Baker Steinkuhler will be the Blackshirt lining up next to Jared.

    The two look to continue the inside domination that has recently spoke volumes of Bo and Carl Pelini's defense. However, Terrence Moore has made the most of his opportunities and could be in for about 35 percent of the plays. Depending on who is producing more when it matters, that percentage could change.

    If Jared Crick can increase his production as he has the past two seasons, maybe pick up a few more tackles and increase his sacks by a small amount, shouldn’t he be a legitimate contender for the Heisman Trophy?

    Better yet, shouldn’t he pack a bag for New York much like his running buddy did only a couple of years ago?

    Greg Mehochko
    Twitter: @thehooch36

    Tags: huskers, nebraska, blackshirts, jared crick, ndamukong suh, heisman, big ten, ncaa, football, defensive tackle, bo pelini, carl pelini, baker steinkuhler, terrence moore, cozad haymakers, oklahoma sooners, espn, kirk herbstreit

  2. 2010 Mar 12

    Quote of the Day 3/12


    By HuskerLocker

    "I can't imagine a better defensive lineman in the country ... The numbers he puts up and the things he does athletically at that size, he’s a very dominant player. He’s a great, great football player. I can’t a imagine a lot of other defensive tackles like him in the country. I’d like to see them.”

    -Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel on Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh

    Tags: quote of the day, ndamukong suh

  3. 2010 Mar 03

    I used to think ESPN was an accurate source for football...


    By huskermaniac28

    Blog post image

    ... and then they ranked Gerald McCoy ahead of Ndamukong Suh (not to mention Eric Berry, who is also significantly better at his position than McCoy is at his). Despite the stats, the workouts, and all other indications staring them in the face, the "expert" NFL Draft analysts (most notably supergenius Todd McShay) insist on rating McCoy (2010 All American, 34 tackles, 6 sacks) ahead of Suh (2010 All American, Nagurski Award/Bednarik Award/Outland Award/Lombardi Award winner, Heisman Trophy Finalist, 82 tackles, 12 sacks, int) because he is a "better all around DT". Not really that important, i just found this a bit amusing.

    Tags: ndamukong suh vs, gerald mccoy, ndamukong suh, 2010 nfl draft, espn

  4. 2010 Feb 26

    Quote of the Day 2/26


    By HuskerLocker

    “(Some teammates) call me “Ducky”, because they think I look like Ducky from The Land Before Time. They tagged that to me. They said the dance I did after the touchdown and after the sack against Western Michigan is the “Ducky Dance”. They definitely gave me something for that.”

    former Nebraska defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh

    Tags: quote of the day, ndamukong suh

  5. 2010 Jan 28

    Quote of the Day 1/28


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    “I've always wanted to be a joy to these fans.”

    -defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

    Tags: quote of the day, ndamukong suh

  6. 2009 Aug 22

    Quote of the Day 8/25


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    “There’s not a lot of guys like him physically, I promise you that, he’s got a strength that I’ve never seen on the football field. With him, it’s fun to coach.” -- Carl Pelini

    Cornhusker Defensive Coach remarks on senior, Ndamukong Suh.

    Tags: carl pelini, ndamukong suh, cornhusker defense

  7. 2009 Jul 17

    Big 12 Media Days Lineup Set


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Nebraska's first up at the Big 12 Media Days, showing up in Dallas on July 27.

    And if you had any doubt about the importance and leadership of junior running back Roy Helu, you shouldn't: He was one of the three head coach Bo Pelini chose to speak on behalf of the team, along with center Jacob Hickman and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

    We knew it wouldn't be Zac Lee, as he hasn't "officially" won the QB job until sometime this fall.

    But Helu, just a junior, has emerged as a unique role model on this NU team. The guy wears his faith and heart on his sleeve, and he's become what Shawn Watson and, yes, Bill Callahan, thought he would: A complete back. Plus, he should be an interesting interview down there. He doesn't always give the most likely answer.

    Tags: big 12 media days, roy helu, ndamukong suh, jacob hickman, bo pelini

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