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  1. 2011 May 21

    Crick for Heisman?


    By thehooch36

    Nebraska sits 100-plus days from the season opener versus UT-Chattanooga on Saturday, September 3.

    The Cornhuskers are also one month removed from the Spring Game in which senior defensive tackle Jared Crick did not participate. The reasoning is understood. Why aggravate a slight injury to the anchor of the D-Line. Pundits such as ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit didn’t let that detract them from tossing around the idea that “Jared Crick could be Ndamukong Suh-like this year” as he did on May 11, 2011’s episode of ESPN College Football Live.

    Of course Crick “could” have a similar senior season to Suh. That word leaves the end result open to any potential outcome for Crick, but let’s say that he does put up similar numbers to Suh in 2011. It's a possibility, at least. In his sophomore and junior seasons, Suh combined for 110 tackles (59 solo), eight sacks, and two interceptions. Nebraska fans often include the statistic of “Buffalo quarterbacks ran over” - one.

    In his senior campaign, Suh had 82 tackles (47 solo), 12 sacks, and one pick. In his two previous seasons as a Cornhusker, Crick tallied 140 tackles (64 solo) and 18.5 sacks. It would be easy to say that his success as a sophomore was because opposing offensive lines were keying on Suh, but Jared had the same amount of tackles in 2010 and even more solo stops than the year before.

    He totaled two sacks versus Oklahoma in the 2010 Big 12 Championship Game. That could bode very well for the senior from Cozad as he prepares to take on the bigger offensive lines of the Big Ten. Interestingly enough, the mascot for Cozad High is “the Haymakers”. How fitting as Crick can deliver that knock-out punch.

    The key for Crick’s success will be who steps up and produces at the other defensive tackle spot to keep the opposing offensive linemen honest and not let them double or triple-team him. Conventional wisdom and history would lead us to believe that Baker Steinkuhler will be the Blackshirt lining up next to Jared.

    The two look to continue the inside domination that has recently spoke volumes of Bo and Carl Pelini's defense. However, Terrence Moore has made the most of his opportunities and could be in for about 35 percent of the plays. Depending on who is producing more when it matters, that percentage could change.

    If Jared Crick can increase his production as he has the past two seasons, maybe pick up a few more tackles and increase his sacks by a small amount, shouldn’t he be a legitimate contender for the Heisman Trophy?

    Better yet, shouldn’t he pack a bag for New York much like his running buddy did only a couple of years ago?

    Greg Mehochko
    Twitter: @thehooch36

    Tags: huskers, nebraska, blackshirts, jared crick, ndamukong suh, heisman, big ten, ncaa, football, defensive tackle, bo pelini, carl pelini, baker steinkuhler, terrence moore, cozad haymakers, oklahoma sooners, espn, kirk herbstreit

  2. 2010 Dec 03

    Big XII Championship Party at Jasper's Bar & Grill Saturday


    By AndyCurran

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    Good Times
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    Hey Husker Nation,

    Come join me at Jasper's Bar & Grill on 139th & O St. For drinks, good food and some great Husker gear I'll be giving out during the game.

    See you there!


    Tags: big 12 champsionship, nebraska, football, sooners, huskers, oklahoma

  3. 2010 Nov 05

    Who will face Nebraska in the Big 12 South Championship. Baylor or OSU?


    By sportsvoice

    You show me the man who predicted No. 22 Baylor and No. 19 Oklahoma State would be playing for a shot to win the Big 12 south at this point in the season and I'll show you a sports writer who's A) tripping on hallucinogenic drugs or B) a genius.

    But despite long odds the two teams stand triumphant at this point. Both the Bears and the Cowboys are part of a three-way tie with Oklahoma at the top of the south division, and they are making the rest of the country take notice. But in the words of the great Connor MacLeod, "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"

    The two are matching up this Saturday at 11:30 in what should be one of the most impressive showcases of offensive fire power in college football this year. Both of these teams end their seasons playing No. 11 Oklahoma and considering how inept Oklahoma has looked at times this year there is a good chance that if No. 7 Nebraska wins out in the north they'll be playing either OSU or Baylor for admission to a BCS bowl.

    Tags: football, nebraska, osu, baylor, oklahoma, hallucinogenic drugs, bears, cowboys, cornhuskers, game time, sooners, big 12 south

  4. 2010 Oct 30

    Martinez will need to outscore a shifty Missouri offense playing against a tough Missouri defense


    By sportsvoice

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's pretty weird to come in ranked so much lower than another team and yet still be everybody's favorite to win.

    Both Vegas and the cliche spewing ESPN talking heads are calling for No. 14 Nebraska to upset No. 7 Missouri. Even Kirk Herbstreet, Husker hater that he is, is calling the 'skers to win, though only "because it's at home."

    Husker fans can only hope that their team isn't listening to the hype. Now would be a bad time for them to get cocky. Missouri is coming in off of that huge win against Oklahoma and though Nebraska looks like the better team on paper victory over Missouri is anything but a sure thing. Husker fans seem to think that by beating Oklahoma State's paper thin defense that means their offense is back. They're mistaken.

    Oklahoma State has given up scads of points to some pretty terrible teams. I mean really, 38 points to Troy? Missouri's defense makes them look like the weak sisters of the poor. Missouri is fourth over all in points against, they are in a completely different stratosphere than Oklahoma State,

    Missouri's defensive end Aldon Smith is no joke, neither is sophomore linebacker Zaviar Gooden. Both of them had big interceptions against Oklahoma last week. Smith is an NFL type who is big and fast. He'll be able to pressure Nebraska's Taylor Martinez in the pocket and disrupt the zone read option in ways that Oklahoma State couldn't.

    Martinez will need to over come that disruption though, because the Tigers will probably put up some points. They run a quirky offense that spreads recievers all over the field. They'll get loose for a few touchdowns for sure. Blaine Gabbert and TJ Moe will be the players to watch, though I don't see Moe owning Prince Amukamara like Justin Blackmon did last week, he's physical, fast and dangerous when Gabbert checks down to him in bubble screens.

    Missouri's offense may not have the crazy playmaking ability that Oklahoma State's does, but they have a defense that can hold Nebraska under forty, which Oklahoma State does not. Nebraska's Taylor Martinez will need to prove that he can execute against a real squad if he wants to lead his team to victory this time.

    Tags: missouri, nebraska, football, defense, weak sisters of the poor, herbstreet, oklahoma state, zone read option, taylor martinez, zaviar gooden, aldon smith, blaine gabbert, espn, in progress, tj moe, prince amukamara

  5. 2010 Oct 29

    Oklahoma State Game 2010


    By Casker

    Blog post image

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    This was a great experience. I met my dad and Uncle in Oklahoma City to watch this game. We arrived early and tailgated with the Oklahoma Husker Club. They really did a knock out job of arranging this tailgate including the Sidetracks band, Famous Dave's BBQ and shuttle service to/from the game! This was held at a local high school which was kind enough to let us use their facilities (parking lots and restrooms).

    The game was also awesome. It was great to see T Mart show the nation he can run AND pass! We all agreed that we watched T Mart mature as a player throughout the game. He made some very smart decisions as the game went on, which gave us more confidence in our QB.

    The main thing I want to comment on is the players. I flew from CA to OK just to watch them, so obviously I support them 100%. What bothered me was the casual attitude the players had towards the fans, to the point that they basically ignored us. I realize they don't care if I personally fly to watch them play a game, but what bothers me more is watching the players - the entire team - walk into the locker room while ignoring the thousands of screaming and cheering Husker fans. A few players looked at the crowd and only 2-3 players actually raised a hand, first or helmet towards them.

    Are they ignoring us? Are they trying to stay focused, and if so, why can't they enjoy the win at the end of the game? Why are they so vocal about struggling with "pressures" of playing at home?

    This is frustrating, but I support them still. Go Big Red!

    Tags: oklahoma state cowboys pokes away game fans support ignore home games struggle

  6. 2010 Oct 26

    Nebraska Battles Mizzou for Big 12 North Supremacy Saturday


    By sportsvoice

    It's been a long time since the Nebraska football team has had a game this meaningful. Last Saturday's 51-41 win over the Oklahoma State Cowboys has given the No. 14 Cornhuskers a chance to pursue greatness the likes of which they haven't seen since the glory days of Husker football.

    But it's only a chance, and certainly no definate thing. Standing in the way of NU's second chance at a Big 12 title and a possible BCS birth are the No. 7 Missouri Tigers, and you can bet that they would like nothing better than to give the Huskers a humiliating home loss as a Big 12 parting gift. Not to mention that a win over NU would solidify their position as a national title contender.

    Nebraska comes into the game somewhat of an enigma. They can be spectacular both offensively and defensively at times, but sometimes they aren't. Their defense was manhandled by Oklahoma State only to have their offensive, which had been similarly dominated the previous week by Texas come up big and save the season.

    Missouri has looked shaky at times this season as well. Before their landmark win against Oklahoma they needed a 69-yard touchdown reception from wide receiver TJ Moe with 51 seconds left in the fourth quarter to beat a scrappy San Diego State team, but unlike the Huskers no one has been able to topple the Tigers yet.

    Oddly enough, though the Tigers will come into Memorial Stadium undefeated and ranked seven spots higher than the Huskers a lot of people are still picking them to lose. MGM and Caesars Palace have Nebraska as a 7 1/2 and 8 point favorite respectively and ESPN's Pat Forde predicted Missouri to fall in his Forde-Yard Dash.

    But prognosticators can predict upsets until they're blue in the face, this is a huge game between two Big 12 contenders and no one can really predict the outcome with any certainty. That's why when the teams take the field in Lincoln, Ne., Saturday at 2:30 pm, Husker fans will be on the edge of their seats.

    Tags: nebraska, missouri, football, game preview, team ranks, vegas point spread, caesars palace, mgm, pat forde, oklahoma, tj moe, sdsu, forde yard dash, in progress, nebraska missouri game time

  7. 2010 Oct 21

    Amukamara vs. Blackmon. The immovable object vs. the unstoppable force


    By sportsvoice

    Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara will need to be at his best in Nebraska's 2:30 pm game in Stillwater, OK., Saturday.

    He and the rest of the Cornhuskers' vaunted secondary have the potential to shut down one of the nation's top offences, but it's all in the execution, and Amukamara will need to lead the way.

    The blackshirts are about to face an arial assault unlike anything they've seen yet, and for a defense that was embarassed by poor tackling last week, it'll be a chance to re-stake its claim to dominance against some of the best competition they'll ever see in college. That'll be easier said than done.

    Oklahoma State's offensive stats are ridiculous. They're third in the nation in passing yards and second in points scored. If their quarterback Brandon Weeden keeps racking up passing yards at this clip, he's going to finish with up with just under 4,000 yds. on the season. And Weeden's not even the blackshirts' main worry.

    Wide receiver Justin Blackmon will probably be looked at as the most dangerous man on the field. Blackmon not only leads his team in receiving yards and touchdowns, he also leads the nation. At some point this neo-Dez Bryant is going to be matched up against the Husker's Amukamura, and that should be some good TV.

    Rivals.com has touted this as, "mabye the best wide-reciever cornerback matchup of the season."

    The two athletes' are both big time college players. But unlike Amukamara, who is a proven veteran. Blackmon is new to the national spotlight. He's been burning slow and incompetent defenses all year long and he's never gone up against a corner of Amukamara's caliber. It'll be interesting to see if Amukamara can check him. If Blackmon is what he seems the Blackshirts are going to have their hands full.

    Blackmon emerged on the scene seemingly from out of no-where after accumulating only 260 yards a season ago. This season he has exploded for 955 yards and 12 touchdowns over the first six games. Blackmon has yet to gain less then 125 yards in any game this season and has scored at least one touchdown in every game. Scarier still, he is coming off of a season high 207 yards against Texas Tech.

    But before big red teeth get to chattering, it's worth noting that Blackmon and the Cowboys have yet to play a defense worth mentioning, and, the pass Nebraska's secondary isn't just worth mentioning, it's one of the best.

    Tags: nu vs osu gametime, prince amukamara, nebraska, oklahoma state, stillwater, secondary, receivers, cornhuskers, brandon weeden, dez bryant, offensive stats

  8. 2010 Oct 20

    Husker D may be the key


    By sportsvoice

    It's do or die this week for the 14th ranked Nebraska football team. After a stunning defeat at the hands of the now 22nd ranked Longhorns of Texas, a loss to 17th ranked Oklahoma State could mean a step backward towards mediocrity and obscurity. But a win over the Cowboys puts the Huskers right back into the thick of the Big 12 race with a chance to play their way back into a BCS bowl.

    The game shapes up to be an interesting contrast of styles. Oklahoma State wings the ball all over the place, they're 3rd in the nation in passing. Nebraska on the other hand likes to bludgeon people into submission with their 4th ranked rushing attack.

    That's not to say that Nebraska will be the only team that can run the ball though. The Cowpoke's Kendall Hunter has tallied 838 rushing yards on the year thus far, good for sixth nationally in rushing yards. That's six spots higher than Taylor Martinez just in case you were wondering.

    But even with Kendall's impressive early season effort, the pokes are still only averaging a middling 174.3 rushing yards per game which puts them 41st over all. Which means if the Huskers can shut Kendall down than the pokes having nothing else to throw at them on the ground.

    That's good news for Nebraska, because the Huskers have the stingiest pass defense in the country. The cowboys need will need to figure out some way to beat it though, because if they don't this game could get ugly in a hurry. Their defense has looked downright bad at times this season and if Taylor Martinez can hold on to the ball he should be able to run by them as if they were standing still.

    In the final analysis this will be a showcase game for the Big 12, with two of the nations premier offenses squaring off against each other. But while this could be a classic, I don't think it will be. That Oklahoma State defense is suspect, and their offenses' strength is the pass, which also happens to be the strength of Nebraska's defense. The current Vegas point spread ranges from 5 1/2 to 6 in favor of Nebraska depending on which casino you ask. It could certainly get uglier than that if an angry Nebraska team comes out and plays up to its potential.

    Tags: nebraska, oklahoma state, football, point spread, matchup preview, offensive and defensive rankings, strengths and weaknesses of both teams, prediction, contrast of playing styles, current ap poll rankings, kendall hunter, taylor martinez

  9. 2010 Oct 18

    Big 12 football Big deal next week


    By sportsvoice

    Nebraska and Oklahoma fans should be in for a good show next week. There will only be 4 match ups pitting top-25 teams against each other and two of them will involve the scurs' and the Sooners.

    No. 3 Oklahoma will get a chance to assert its dominance against a northern division foe when they visit the 6-0 Missouri Tigers, and the now 14th ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers will be looking to rebound in a big way when they travel to Stillwater to face 17th ranked Oklahoma State.

    I'm going with the chalk this weekend. I'll tell you why in my next post.

    Tags: big 12 preview, nebraska, oklahoma, missouri, oklahoma state, rankings, huskers, cowboys, sooners, tigers

  10. 2009 Nov 03

    Tom Osborne on Oklahoma-Nebraska Games


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    “The fans used to think Oklahoma was the enemy. They actually made us better.”

    -- former Nebraska Head Coach, now AD Tom Osborne.

    "Early in my coaching career we lost five straight times to Oklahoma which did not go over very well in Nebraska. But I can say each time we lost we learned a lot, we became a better team. We lost seven straight bowl games at one point and I think each one of those losses was very instructional. So sometimes losing can be the most important thing that happens to you. It depends on how you react to it."

    Tags: tom osborne, nebraska, oklahoma, football

  11. 2009 Jun 22

    2009 National CFB: Five Teams Poised to Fall


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    Periodically throughout the summer, we'll be offering some insights on the national college football scene, both through our burning questions, and through top and bottom five lists.

    You can access the entire archive right here, or by the NCFB tag at the bottom of this blog.

    Today, we consider five teams that will take a step back – and maybe a dramatic one – in 2009.

    South Carolina: Steve Spurrier has a date with irrelevancy, and it’s been coming for two years. In 2009, it finally arrives, as the Gamecocks face a brutal schedule. Three out of their four best opponents – Florida, Mississippi, Clemson – are at home, while pick em games vs. Tennessee, NC State and Arkansas are all on the road. Throw in a game at Alabama, and it’s a slate that USC’s uncertain offense just can’t handle. Five wins – maybe. Home games vs. Kentucky and Vanderbilt won’t be gimmes.

    As for Spurrier – one has to wonder whether he’s got the patience or the stomach for the turf war the SEC East is about to become. Lane Kiffin resembles a more reckless, younger version of Spurrier. Urban Meyer could win awards for his insolence. The SEC’s revenue-sharing plan has given Vandy and Kentucky a real shot at competing. Georgia is still Georgia. Recruiting down there is a nightmare, and Clemson’s on the way back up now that Tommy Bowden’s out of picture. We suspect a retirement, soon.

    Southern California: Blasphemy? Nope – just reality. The Trojans will boast one of the nation’s sturdiest running games, and Aaron Corp/Matt Barkley should capably fill shoes previously worn by Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, John David Booty and Mark Sanchez.

    But the defense, awe-inspiring in 2008, needs a year to retool after losing nine of the top 12 tacklers. We suspect, for the first time in five years, that opposing teams might really gain some traction running the ball on USC. The September-October schedule is really tough – games at Ohio State, California, Notre Dame and Oregon – and we could see a trap set in one of the two final home games vs. UCLA and Arizona. The Trojans could still win 10 games. If not, don’t be surprised.

    Utah: No undefeated season this year. The Utes lose quarterback Brian Johnson, their top four receivers and one of the nation’s best punter/kickers Louie Sakoda, who a consensus first-team All American. Throw in games at Oregon and the three best teams in Mountain West – BYU, TCU and UNLV – and you get the picture. A rebuilding job in Salt Lake City.

    Wake Forest: The smoke and mirrors are going to run out for Jim Grobe’s crew. The non-conference schedule, with games at Navy and vs. Baylor and Stanford, is sneaky hard, especially for a team that lost all of its starting linebackers. And while the conference schedule seems manageable from afar, we see take Wake taking a hard dive with home games vs. Miami, Florida State and NC State and road games at Clemson and Georgia Tech. Something’s gotta give in the ACC, and this year, it’s the Deacs. Seven losses. Maybe more.

    Oklahoma State: We make risky calls sometimes around here, and this is our riskiest. While many predict a breakout season for the Cowboys this year similar to the one Texas Tech (sorta) experienced last year, we go in the opposite direction.

    Part of it is a matter of pressure and expectations. At Tech, Mike Leach crafts his teams to his liking, toils away from the state’s major newspapers, and keeps perspective and occasionally gets a pass from the media because of it. Not Mike Gundy, for obvious reasons: The watchful eye of T. Boone Pickens, and, well, this little moment.

    The Cowboys also host Georgia to open the season, the most significant season-opener since, oh, whenever. OSU buckled in Athens back in 2007, and its fan base can taste a win here. If the Pokes can’t beat a Dawg team that’s replacing its top quarterback, running back and receiver, well, you can imagine the pressure that goes on the team, and Gundy, after that.

    Thirdly, Oklahoma State couldn’t stop the pass in last year, and, with replacing three starters in the secondary, we don’t forsee it this year. Couple that with a front seven that gave up at least 110 yards in nine of 13 games, and you’ve got a defense poised for a major meltdown in 2009. Gundy seems to know as much, which is why he signed up coordinator-for-hire Bill Young to do something – anything – with the defense.

    Finally, well, we just don’t trust the HC. Don’t trust a guy so involved in the offense that he turns his back on an awful defense to go draw up plays. Worked like a real peach in the last quarter of the season, when OSU went 1-3 and gave up more than 500 yards per game, didn’t it? We see too many similarities in Stillwater – meddlesome administration, aloof coaching, mercenary, cerebral guys on defense – to what happened at Nebraska in 2007.

    Tags: ncfb, oklahoma state

  12. 2009 May 21

    The Big 12 Tiebreaker Stays


    By HuskerLocker

    Blog post image

    We're glad that got resolved.

    Weigh in here. Do you like the decision? Don't you?

    Tags: big 12, texas, oklahoma

  13. 2009 Mar 10

    Florida-OU Redux? Spare us.


    By SMcKewon

    Blog post image

    Early odds from Bodog are out on next year's BCS national championship games. They favor Florida and Oklahoma (and USC, which has the same odds as OU).

    Hoo-ray. Not.

    Remember that some of these are sucker bets anyway. Notre Dame has pretty good odds, 30-1 which is meaningless. The Irish won't be within ten miles of a national title in 2009. Even if the schedule is pretty friendly.

    Nebraska goes off at 55/1. Behind OU (5/1), UT (8/1) and Oklahoma State(50/1). Ahead of everybody else in the Big 12.

    Want a good bet? Try that Virginia Tech at 20-1. If Tech gets past Alabama and Nebraska, the ACC is highly manageable.

    And, yeah, we like Florida, too.

    The whole odds. We credit The Wiz of Odds for finding it but repost them here because they're a little hard to read on that site:

    Alabama 22/1
    Arizona 100/1
    Arizona State 150/1
    Arkansas 150/1
    Auburn 150/1
    Boise State 100/1
    Boston College 100/1
    California 60/1
    Cincinnati 90/1
    Clemson 60/1
    Colorado 100/1
    Florida 7/4
    Florida State 30/1
    Georgia 50/1
    Georgia Tech 50/1
    Illinois 80/1
    Iowa 75/1
    Kansas 75/1
    Kansas State 175/1
    Kentucky 125/1
    Louisville 150/1
    LSU 20/1
    Maryland 200/1
    Miami Florida 35/1
    Michigan 120/1
    Michigan State 100/1
    Missouri 90/1
    Nebraska 55/1
    North Carolina 45/1
    North Carolina State 100/1
    Notre Dame 30/1
    Ohio State 17/2
    Oklahoma 5/1
    Oklahoma State 50/1
    Oregon 20/1
    Oregon State 100/1
    Penn State 35/1
    Pittsburgh 60/1
    Rutgers 125/1
    South Carolina 100/1
    South Florida 80/1
    Tennessee 100/1
    Texas 8/1
    Texas A&M 150/1
    Texas Tech 60/1
    UCLA 150/1
    Utah 125/1
    USC 5/1
    Virginia 100/1
    Virginia Tech 20/1
    Wake Forest 80/1
    Washington 200/1
    West Virginia 75/1
    Wisconsin 100/1
    Field (Any Other Team) 20/1

    Locker Pass is getting more sponsors all the time! Check it out!

    Tags: football, oklahoma, florida, usc, texas, oklahoma state

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