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  1. 2011 Nov 09

    The Inferno In Happy Valley


    By Shortister

    Alright. I know I am 1,091 miles from Penn State University right now, so I don't know the complete situation, but I do know what's being released. I also know that this is a disaster; this is an inferno right now.

    As you know, Joe Paterno was fired tonight and Graham Spanier stepped down as President due to the sexual abuse allegations that arose recently.

    Many of my friends are talking to me and are in disbelief why they fired him now. However, they aren't quite reading up on the story as they should be if they want to have a valid opinion on the matter.

    The chanting of "We Want Joe" on Beaver Ave. makes me sick, but yet, I understand it. I understand it because of the fact that JoePa had been the coach at Penn State for a very very long time. However, it makes me sick because they aren't thinking of the entire story. They are basically placing more value on college football than the protection and justice for the boys who made the allegations.

    Speculation is circling around Twitter and Facebook that someone needs to forfeit the game this week, whether it be the Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Penn State Nittany Lions. That's another thing right now I'm not completely sure about.

    Canning him via a phone call was a little classless, in my opinion. Couldn't a representative from the University go to his house and tell him in person? That's like breaking up with a spouse via phone. It is undoubtedly true that JoePa was married to Penn State.

    This entire ordeal reminds me of what happened at my the high school finals of Nebraska state soccer in 2010. Sure, that isn't even close to the magnitude of what is going on in Happy Valley, but it was sure big news at the time. No one remembers that the Lincoln East Spartans had a perfect season that year and was nationally ranked. Everyone remembers how former students threw green cards on to the field in response to playing a primarily ethnically Latino high school. I hope for the sake of college football that people do remember the JoePa legacy, and not just remember the last few weeks of his collegiate career.

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