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  1. 2011 Apr 16

    Spring Game Underway!


    By DrNaumann

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    Nearly full stadium. Only in Nebraska! A glorified scrimmage? You bet. An opportunity for little-used walk-ons to get their 15 seconds of of fame in a relatively-full Memorial Stadium? That, too.

    Not flashy and not revealing schematically. But that doesn't mean Nebraska's Red/White Spring Game is bereft of stories. Coaches absolutely want to accomplish something in the three hours they're prowling around Tom Osborne Field looking for players to praise and critique.

    And the weather isn't so bad, either!

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  2. 2011 Mar 10

    Tailgate at the Grand Manse


    By GrandManse

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    Tailgate at the Grand Manse (10th & P) with D.R.E.A.M and Big Red Report for the Spring Game on April 16th!
    Join over 20 Husker Legends including; Niles Paul, Correll Buckhalter, Zack Bowman, and Carlos Polk!

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  3. 2009 Apr 21

    Summer Ain't for Vacation


    By HuskerLocker

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    When Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini gathered his team together two days after the end of spring practice, he delivered a simple message: Camp might be over, but summer can’t turn into a vacation if the Cornhuskers are to progress in 2009.

    “We can’t really be with them, but they need to take it upon themselves to not drop football and all the sudden pick it up in August,” Pelini said on the Big 12 coaches teleconference Tuesday. “We’ve got a long way to go as a football team. And every day, each player needs to work on their own stuff.”

    Alongside strength coach James Dobson, NU coaches have crafted personalized plans for each of the players. Midway through the summer, 2009 recruits who haven’t already enrolled will join the fray. Pelini said he expects stronger, faster Huskers by two-a-days in mid-August.

    “We have a mature enough group of kids who understand what’s at stake,” Pelini said. “We’ll be able to get that done.”

    Pelini didn’t have much publicly to add about Saturday’s Red/White Spring Game after viewing film other than, “it became obvious we have a long way to go,” especially with “young guys who need to grow up and mature.”

    The second-year head coach is counting on a stronger running game, though. NU returns Roy Helu and Quentin Castille, who combined for 1,344 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2009, and has enough experience and talent on the offensive line, Pelini said, to ease pressure on junior quarterback Zac Lee, whose speed should further help the ground game.

    “We need a couple guys to come through,” Pelini said. “We’re not as deep as I’d like right now, but we got deeper as the spring went on. I like it. I think we’re going to have a formidable running team… the talent at running back is there. We just got to make sure we develop it and make sure all the pieces of the offensive line fit.”

    An ESPN reporter asked Pelini whether he was considering adding a quarterback who’d be eligible in the fall. Former prep star and Duke basketball guard Greg Paulus has talked with NU about joining the program, offensive coordinator Shawn Watson confirmed.

    “You never say so, never, but I like the way our young guys developed,” Pelini said.

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  4. 2009 Apr 18

    SPRING GAME: Lee Makes Strides While Washington Makes Smiles


    By HuskerLocker

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    Latravis Washington made a smart observation a few days ago.

    “Nobody knows who the backup linebacker is,” he said.

    You already know the other part of that sentence.

    So the real question for Washington heading into Saturday’s Red/White Spring Game wasn’t whether the 77,000 fans at Memorial Stadium would recognize his green No. 15 jersey. It was whether he’d do anything worth remembering.

    Judging by that perfect grin he wore the post-game media room, Washington did OK by his standards – and by the coaches’.

    “I just executed the offense,” he said. “I didn’t try to do nothing out ordinary and be somebody I’m not, try to take the whole team under my hands. You’ve got to push the offense and it’ll work itself out.”

    Work itself out? Sure did – to the tune of 13-of-21 for 190 yards and two touchdowns.

    Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Yes, Washington threw some passes so high and hard they sailed blissfully into the sidelines. Yes, he fumbled a couple snaps. Yes, he rolled into a sack or two – sacks he couldn’t have escaped from without a green jersey - and failed to change a couple plays correctly.

    “There were some things that, even when he made plays, he did something wrong,” head coach Bo Pelini said.

    But here’s the thing: He made plays.

    Washington lacks the polish of a great college quarterback. Yet the presence is there. And the daring is there. While Zac Lee and Cody Green mostly played catch with tight ends held the ball considering more high percentage throws, Washington flung a few in there. And he was rewarded for it with nice grabs from Chris Brooks and Antonio Bell.

    Generally, No. 15 progressed through his reads, only forced a couple dangerous passes – and Washington throws so hard he’ll be hard to intercept anyway – and stepped up when necessary.

    The best part of his game? The attitude. After shying away from the quarterback spotlight for two years – Washington thought it too time-consuming and too difficult – he’s embracing with what has to be the biggest smile on the team. He makes offensive coordinator Shawn Watson’s job easier. He makes his receivers laugh. And he’s handled the media as well as Zac Lee.

    The number and hometown – Bradenton, Fla. – might remind you of Tommie Frazier. His demeanor couldn’t be more different.

    “As far as backing up Zac Lee – it’d be a wonderful deal for me,” Washington said.

    And chances are quite good that Washington, if he stays healthy progresses reasonably well in the fall, will be the No. 2 quarterback through the non-conference season. Kody Spano won’t be ready by the Florida Atlantic game. Maybe by Missouri – maybe, although I doubt he’ll be ready at all –but not during September.

    And judging by his so-so work Saturday, Cody Green needs time and seasoning. Pelini called him a “nervous camper.” I’ll be more blunt: Until the second half, when he was facing more scrubs, Green seemed to be thinking too much. He double-clutched a couple throws. He seemed cautious. Although he threw a beautiful incompletion late in the fourth quarter on a go route, most of Green’s throws were about as long as a backyard game of catch with your dad. NU coaches had him on a pretty tight leash.

    Washington was, too. Ditto Lee, for that matter. Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson was a little too conservative with Lee’s first couple drives; the No. 1 quarterback didn’t hit his stride until Watson stretched the White defense downfield a little bit.

    What Husker fans saw out of Lee should be some of the norm in 2009. He’s good at routes over the middle. He throws a flat ball, but he’s got decent touch. He’s athletic, as he showed on a jump screen pass to Quentin Castille. Lee doesn’t love pressure, but what quarterback does?

    Best of all, Lee didn’t make too many “dumb passes.” He had a chance to force one to Menelik Holt, but threw it wide and to the outside, where only Holt could catch it, and only with a great grab that Holt didn’t make. Another pass to Ben Cotton was thrown to the far end zone pylon instead of into double coverage. Cotton didn’t get there, but Lee made the right decision.

    It was, of course, impossible to tell what these guys would look like running with the ball. We may not know much about Lee until the first snaps of the FAU game. Until then, it’ll be hands off No. 3 in the most dramatic way.

    Hands off them all. There is much more for all of them to learn.

    “We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Watson said. “But we’ve got talent, I know that. And anytime you’ve got talent and a willing soul, you can get it done.”

    Sums up the position – and Latravis Washington – pretty well.

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  5. 2009 Apr 17

    Quote of the Day 4/18


    By DrNaumann

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    “It’s kind of mind-boggling. It’s still a practice…and we’ve got twice as many (people) as in my hometown.” -- Bo Pelini

    Remember, it’s not a real game. Nebraska’s Red/White Spring Game today is important to players trying to impress the coaches. The fans in the Memorial Stadium crowd will be tingling with excitement as we get a preview of the 2009 season. It’s still the magic of a Husker home game, especially to those who do not have season tickets.

    Head coach Bo Pelini provides these fans of the Big Red Nation with a significant look into the future by dividing the teams with NU’s red offensive line against an equally good white defensive line.

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  6. 2009 Apr 17

    Husker Locker Spring Game Chat!


    By HuskerLocker

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    The Chat has Begun!

    Here's the Link

    Tags: springtime with bo, spring game 2009

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