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  1. 2012 Oct 09

    Another "We're back" game, Another National TV blowout


    By HuskerGuru_Justin

    Blog post image

    Good afternoon Husker Nation!

    I am back from a very long break from writing to finish school. It has been almost nine months since my last blog but I am back to share some opinions with the greatest fans in the nation.

    It comes as no surprise that almost every Husker fan is disappointed about the game against Ohio State. I for one am extremely upset about the defensive effort Nebraska put forth against the Buckeyes. As the first quarter began I was a little nervous of how the Blackshirts would come out against an extremely talented and mobile quarterback in Braxton Miller. The first few Buckeye drives went great in my opinion. The Blackshirts were aggressive and got some good pressure on Miller and forced a couple sacks and some three and outs. I could not have asked for a better start from the defense. The offense started in the hole as Nebraska's special teams continues to be a weakness. Martinez threw and interception that was returned for a touchdown but I was confident he would bounce back and Taylor did leading a touchdown drive with the aide of a few big runs by superman Rex. The defense again came up with a stop and Nebraska would punch in another touchdown opening up a 14-7 lead. As a fan I was very pleased with the opening quarter and it seemed as if we were running smooth with no major issues other than a few penalties and a turnover.

    A Brett Maher field goal would put us up 17-7 and Nebraska was off an rolling offensively and defensively. The Buckeyes would eventually end that roll with a big play by Braxton Miller. After that huge run that setup a touchdown the flood gates opened on our defensive line. Nebraska got whipped up front on both sides of the ball after the impressive first quarter. I'm sure some Nebraska fans started to get that "uh oh" feeling after going into the second half down. The offense came out and scored a touchdown as that is exactly what Nebraska needed to do.

    Defensively, Nebraska just could not get a hold on Braxton Miller running and surprisingly throwing the football. Ohio State's play action passing attack go the best of the Blackshirt secondary. Nebraska's safeties were exposed by Urban Meyer's offense. The Buckeyes continued to march up and down the field and the defense could not stop them. The Husker offense did score in the second half but it wouldn't be enough. 38 points should be enough to beat most teams in the Big Ten, but when a defense cannot stop an offense it almost becomes a lost cause.

    After the game I started to wonder, is the defensive scheme to complex for our players? The answer to that can be difficult as I am not Nebraska's defensive coordinator. It becomes difficult to watch Nebraska struggle consistently each week with mobile quarterbacks. The defense has it in them obviously with a dominating second half performance against the Wisconsin Badgers. All Husker fans will agree that it is hard to watch Nebraska be so good and consistent one week and then comeback the next looking like a different team. Is it the big game mentality? Is it the scheme? the players? or lack of preparation? There are many questions one could ask. It is hard to find an answer to all of these question, but whatever is going on needs to be fixed and soon.

    To say Bo Pelini is on the hot seat is ridiculous. The guy knows how to coach its clear. We as fans have to be patient. I know it is very hard when we continue to get blown out in big games, but it is his 5th season. I am still a believer in this programs and this coach. The ship will be righted Bo Pelini understands that it has to be. With that being said what happens after the bye week? do we beat Michigan? or fall apart and have another 8-4 season? Husker Nation will soon find that answer to that question. The season is not over nor lost, Nebraska still has plenty to play for.

    Go Big Red!!! Stay loyal!

    -Justin Sommerfeld

    Follow me on twitter for more thoughts on the Big Red!

    Tags: nebraska braxton miller taylor martinez bo pelini blackshirts buckeyes

  2. 2012 Sep 03

    The Martinez We Used To Know


    By Shortister

    Fans across HuskerNation were stunned to see Taylor Martinez throw with such... oh how do I say it.. non-awkwardness during the home and season opener of the 2012 season against Southern Mississippi.

    He threw 26 completed passes out of 34, for 354 yards. His completion percentage? 76.5. That percentage was his second best ever for the Huskers.

    Wait... That wasn't his best?

    Nope. He threw 7 completed passes out of 9, throwing for a short 53 yards. (That percentage was 77.8.) The Huskers lost that game... the Bridgepoint Education Bowl in 2010, to Washington 19-7.

    Was this a new side of Martinez? Did he finally fix his awkward throwing stance and release? Will this decrease his interceptions? Hopefully so. I don't want to see 15 more the next two seasons like the last.. and I know I'm not the only one. What we saw on Saturday was something I was hoping and praying for. I just hope that we have a more reliable throwing QB than the Martinez that we used to know.

    Tags: taylor martinez, huskers, opener, 2012, southern mississippi

  3. 2012 Aug 27

    The Real Husker Anthem "GO BIG RED"


    By TDRChiffy

    Blog post image

    Related video

    Many others have unsuccessfully tried and failed, to create an historic, hype anthem. This is the true Anthem for the Nebraska CornHusker football team "GO BIG RED" this Anthem tells a story about the past and the present. Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers personally gave it two thumbs up.

    This year Nebraska Cornhuskers celebrates five decades of straight sell-out college football games, from November 3, 1962 'til September 01, 2012 - fifty years. It's hard to look at the numbers without being in awe. That's a long time. We've collectively gone through so many changes in this country that it would be cliche' for me to start a list, so I'll spare you. Instead I will present to some and introduce to others the hottest Husker Anthem in history, "GO BIG RED".

    When Nebraskans are collectively talking about what's happened over the length of this sell-out streak, they're talking about a lifetime of history, triumph and champions. Soon they will be talking about this hit "GO BIG RED"

    Tags: tom osborne, touchdown tommy, johnny rodgers, chiffy, thru da roof, rex burkehead, mike rozier, taylor martinez, i, m, hipp, ahman green, niles paul, black shirs, cornhuskers, nebraska football

  4. 2011 Aug 16

    Martinez Gaining Confidence


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    Offensive Coach Tim Beck indicated more growth in Quarterback Taylor Martinez. "He's much more confident playing. Again, I'm really proud of his leadership, the way he's handling everything. He's working really hard."

    Tags: taylor martinez, tim beck, nebraska offense, confidence

  5. 2011 Jul 18

    T-Magic in the No-Huddle Offense


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    For two years, Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez essentially learned one kind of language for Shawn Watson's West Coast/spread hybrid offense.

    Now he will bark out the calls and checks in Tim Beck's no-huddle, simplified attack.

    “You have to deprogram that whole offense in a three-month period,” Martinez says, echoing a term Beck has used several times. “You pretty much have to forget last year."

    Tags: taylor martinez, tim beck, nebraska offense

  6. 2011 Apr 12

    Taylor on No-huddle Offense


    By DrNaumann

    Blog post image

    For two years, Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez essentially learned one kind of language for Shawn Watson's West Coast/spread hybrid offense.

    Now he barks out the calls and checks in Tim Beck's no-huddle, simplified attack.

    “You have to deprogram that whole offense in a three-month period,” Martinez said Friday echoing a term Beck has used several times. “You pretty much have to forget last year."

    Tags: taylor martinez, tim beck, nebraska offense, nohuddle

  7. 2010 Oct 30

    Martinez will need to outscore a shifty Missouri offense playing against a tough Missouri defense


    By sportsvoice

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's pretty weird to come in ranked so much lower than another team and yet still be everybody's favorite to win.

    Both Vegas and the cliche spewing ESPN talking heads are calling for No. 14 Nebraska to upset No. 7 Missouri. Even Kirk Herbstreet, Husker hater that he is, is calling the 'skers to win, though only "because it's at home."

    Husker fans can only hope that their team isn't listening to the hype. Now would be a bad time for them to get cocky. Missouri is coming in off of that huge win against Oklahoma and though Nebraska looks like the better team on paper victory over Missouri is anything but a sure thing. Husker fans seem to think that by beating Oklahoma State's paper thin defense that means their offense is back. They're mistaken.

    Oklahoma State has given up scads of points to some pretty terrible teams. I mean really, 38 points to Troy? Missouri's defense makes them look like the weak sisters of the poor. Missouri is fourth over all in points against, they are in a completely different stratosphere than Oklahoma State,

    Missouri's defensive end Aldon Smith is no joke, neither is sophomore linebacker Zaviar Gooden. Both of them had big interceptions against Oklahoma last week. Smith is an NFL type who is big and fast. He'll be able to pressure Nebraska's Taylor Martinez in the pocket and disrupt the zone read option in ways that Oklahoma State couldn't.

    Martinez will need to over come that disruption though, because the Tigers will probably put up some points. They run a quirky offense that spreads recievers all over the field. They'll get loose for a few touchdowns for sure. Blaine Gabbert and TJ Moe will be the players to watch, though I don't see Moe owning Prince Amukamara like Justin Blackmon did last week, he's physical, fast and dangerous when Gabbert checks down to him in bubble screens.

    Missouri's offense may not have the crazy playmaking ability that Oklahoma State's does, but they have a defense that can hold Nebraska under forty, which Oklahoma State does not. Nebraska's Taylor Martinez will need to prove that he can execute against a real squad if he wants to lead his team to victory this time.

    Tags: missouri, nebraska, football, defense, weak sisters of the poor, herbstreet, oklahoma state, zone read option, taylor martinez, zaviar gooden, aldon smith, blaine gabbert, espn, in progress, tj moe, prince amukamara

  8. 2010 Oct 25

    Martinez shines in 51-41 thriller, but vaunted Husker D' gives NU fans some grey hairs and Missouri awaits


    By sportsvoice

    Nebraska Cornhusker fans have been hearing about freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez's throwing ability since before the season. But until Saturday they hadn't really had a chance to see it.

    That's because Martinez hadn't needed to use his arm in most games due to his blazing foot speed, and when he did need to throw he looked raw and his receivers looked incompetent. For all of T-Mart's ultra successful ground game, it looked like his aptitude in the aerial attack was little more than speculation.

    Well, there's no more need for speculation. Not after Martinez detonated his explosive arm all over the hapless Oklahoma State secondary, brutalizing their defensive backfield for 5 touchdowns, 323 yds. and no picks while completing 25 passes in 35 attempts.

    It was a good thing for the Huskers that his arm caught fire when it did. Saturday's 51-41 track meet may have been a one sided affair in the Pokes' favor had it not. The Cowboys torched a 'Skers defense that came into the game touted as one of the best in the country and left with their tails between their legs.

    The blackshirts looked almost as bad as Oklahoma State's sad squad, who came into the contest ranked 114th nationally against the pass. Not that the they can be faulted too much for that. Saturday was OSU wide reciever phenom Justin Blackmon's heisman coming out party. Coming into the game he led the nation in both touchdowns and receiving yards, and he didn't miss a step on Saturday.

    Many experts thought that an ordinarily stout blackshirt secondary might slow him down and rivals.com tagged the match up between him and Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara as the best wide receiver quarterback matchup of the year. That ended up being pretty anti-climactic, Blackmon caught more passes against Amukamara (5) than Amukamara had allowed in every game combined leading up to the showdown in Stillwater.

    Amukamara and the rest of the blackshirts better shore up that secondary in a hurry. They'll face Blaine Gabbert when the 7th-ranked Missouri Tigers come to town next week, and while the offense he leads might not be as potent as Oklahoma State's, it still packs a lot of punch. The Tiger's defense is an intimidating group. If Nebraska gives up 41 points again, it's hard to see how Taylor Martinez will be able to bail them out.

    Tags: taylor martinez passing stats, 5 touchdowns, osu wrapup, justin blackmon, blackshirts, heisman coming out party, prince amukamara, tmart, blaine gabbert, missouri, football, cornhuskers

  9. 2010 Oct 20

    Husker D may be the key


    By sportsvoice

    It's do or die this week for the 14th ranked Nebraska football team. After a stunning defeat at the hands of the now 22nd ranked Longhorns of Texas, a loss to 17th ranked Oklahoma State could mean a step backward towards mediocrity and obscurity. But a win over the Cowboys puts the Huskers right back into the thick of the Big 12 race with a chance to play their way back into a BCS bowl.

    The game shapes up to be an interesting contrast of styles. Oklahoma State wings the ball all over the place, they're 3rd in the nation in passing. Nebraska on the other hand likes to bludgeon people into submission with their 4th ranked rushing attack.

    That's not to say that Nebraska will be the only team that can run the ball though. The Cowpoke's Kendall Hunter has tallied 838 rushing yards on the year thus far, good for sixth nationally in rushing yards. That's six spots higher than Taylor Martinez just in case you were wondering.

    But even with Kendall's impressive early season effort, the pokes are still only averaging a middling 174.3 rushing yards per game which puts them 41st over all. Which means if the Huskers can shut Kendall down than the pokes having nothing else to throw at them on the ground.

    That's good news for Nebraska, because the Huskers have the stingiest pass defense in the country. The cowboys need will need to figure out some way to beat it though, because if they don't this game could get ugly in a hurry. Their defense has looked downright bad at times this season and if Taylor Martinez can hold on to the ball he should be able to run by them as if they were standing still.

    In the final analysis this will be a showcase game for the Big 12, with two of the nations premier offenses squaring off against each other. But while this could be a classic, I don't think it will be. That Oklahoma State defense is suspect, and their offenses' strength is the pass, which also happens to be the strength of Nebraska's defense. The current Vegas point spread ranges from 5 1/2 to 6 in favor of Nebraska depending on which casino you ask. It could certainly get uglier than that if an angry Nebraska team comes out and plays up to its potential.

    Tags: nebraska, oklahoma state, football, point spread, matchup preview, offensive and defensive rankings, strengths and weaknesses of both teams, prediction, contrast of playing styles, current ap poll rankings, kendall hunter, taylor martinez

  10. 2010 Oct 16

    Tuck Fexas, one last time.


    By sportsvoice

    As I look at all the obnoxious finger pointing going out from NU's disgruntled sports snobs after the recent 20-13 loss, I still think Nebraska looked very good.

    Taylor Martinez is still ungodly fast, even though he's still a freshman, and makes bad throws left and right when he gets rattled.

    He will likely improve into one of the better quarterbacks of the decade before it's all said and done; and certainly one of the best Nebraska quarterbacks of the decade. He is gifted with the kind of play making ability that could turn Bo Pelini's Huskers into a dynasty.

    But, Nebraska's star offensive weapon has been roughed up twice now this season, and twice he’s been pulled from his starting position. Enter Zac Lee, he hands off the ball very well.

    Luckily he hands the ball off to Nebraska's impressive stable of running backs. They are the real power of Nebraska's dynamic offense.

    Though T-Mart’s (my new less stupid nickname for Martinez) hands are suspect at times, and it's clear that Bo Pelini is not amused with the his habit of coughing up the football, as observed from his benchings, when he's not screwing up he combines with those backs to form a potent offensive threat.

    Martinez is clearly a talented playmaker who gives Nebraska the chance of breaking off eighty yards from scrimmage every time he touches the ball, but when defenses key on him he hasn't been able to distribute the ball well enough to take advantage of opportunities that open up in the passing game as yet. Lee is a nice safe substitute to for when Martinez needs to cool his heels. Though he stares down recievers, he can make at least some of the big throws under pressure.

    And really, a chunk of rock with a football taped to it could probably steer this defense, with those running back through the remaining schedule. The Huskers defense is that nasty, and their running backs and offensive line that good. When Martinez is going it gives the Huskers the kind of offensive and defensive punch that can send shivers down the spine of opponents.

    With Martinez's play making ability and Lee's ability not to screw up the Huskers could still get a shot at a BCS bowl in the Big 12 Championship despite a couple of tough matchups coming up. Oklahoma State and Missouri loom and the Huskers will need to show a better effort than they did in the Texas game. But, if the Huskers can do that it offers a golden opportunity Husker fans everywhere.

    Even though Nebraska couldn't beat Texas in the final showdown, winning the conference championship would still give Husker fans a chance to say Tuck Fexas, with the first two letter reversed, with feeling, one last time.

    Tags: nebraska, texas, football, taylor martinez, zac lee, rock with football taped to it, nebraska running backs, tuck fexas

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