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The Dawn Of a New Conference...(other then the SEC)


By huskerfinatic5

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Happy New Year Husker faithful! :) Its the eve of the Nebraska-South Caroline game. I've been long looking forward to it. Time to prove that the SEC isn't the top conference in the nation. Either way the SEC is going to boast their 5th National Champion,so why not give them some tough luck in their bowls?
A lot of people have been telling me that our boys have no chance against the Gamecocks. Its either"Melvin Ingram and Clowney will shut down Burkhead and force your terrible quarterback to throw," or,"Connor Shaw and Alshon Jeffrey will be too much for the so -called Blackshirts." Pure flack. Well,I've had quite enough of it. The Big Ten has done really well during bowl season so far,aside from the Northwestern loss. Nebraska and Michigan State winning big would begin the rise of a conference that has been kept in the shadows of the SEC long enough. Of course a Michigan Sugar bowl victory and a Wisconsin victory in the grandaddy of them all would really get people talking. Anyway,here are my three reason Nebraska will beat the Gamecocks tomorrow afternoon. Read on..

1.Superman and T-Magic.
You know,I just can't seem to figure out whose the hero and whose the sidekick out of these 2! I'll go with Burkhead being the hero who always saves the day and Martinez as the one who helps him. ;) You know,this SC defense is terribly good,but they are 72nd in the nation against the run. Plus they are going against the No.13 rush attack in the country.
Let Burkhead wear them out and score 1 or 2 times and then let Martinez loose.

2.Alshon Jeffrey V.S Alfonzo Dennard
Clearly,Dennard has the edge in this match-up. He always comes ready when he goes up against one of the top receivers in the country. Jeffrey is probably a little better then Cunnigham but equal with McNutt. Fonzo's hands will be full,but he shouldn't have much trouble.

3.Special Teams
Ok,Nebraska really has nothing to worry abut here. Brett Maher shouldn't have any trouble pinning the Gamecocks deep. Enough said.

Feel free to comment and enjoy the game! Go Big Red!

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Home > huskerfinatic5’s Locker > Blog > The Dawn Of a New Conference...(other then the SEC)