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2009 Nov 28

Big 12 Rankings, Week 13


By HuskerLocker

Big 12 Rankings after the final week of regular season play.

1.Texas (12-0 overall, 8-0 in the Big 12 Conference, beat Texas A&M 49-39) The Longhorns' secondary looked especially lazy vs. the Aggies. Clearly, UT was looking past an A&M team that only plays well half of the time. Fortunately for Mack Brown, Colt McCoy and his trio of receivers packed their A game, and the Aggies' secondary never met a tackle they could actually make.

2. Nebraska (9-3, 6-2, beat Colorado 28-20) Bo Pelini put on an unhappy face after the game, but, trust us: He put that game behind him ten seconds after NU walked out of Folsom Field. Nebraska earned an ugly win with special teams and timely turnovers, and a similar formula is merely a good start vs. Texas. The Cornhuskers' offense has to show up. Has to.

3. Texas Tech (8-4, 5-3, beat Baylor 20-13) If Tech and NU switch schedules, you do realize the Red Raiders probably go to Dallas with one loss – right? Excellent season for Mike Leach, in retrospect. Rough first month. Terrific recovery. A defense that will only get better in 2010. Will Leach stick around? He damn well should: His team is the Big 12 South favorite next year.

4. Oklahoma (7-5, 5-3, beat Oklahoma State 27-0) OU is so much tougher at home than, well, just about any team in America. If Bob Stoops had any carping critics, that Bedlam Beatdown shut them up until the bowl game, anyway.

5. Oklahoma State (9-3, 6-2, lost to Oklahoma 27-0) Boy, that was cute. Mike Gundy is still 0-fer vs. OU and UT, and he didn't get any closer in 2009. OSU lacks some essential toughness in big games; with a Fiesta Bowl berth in hand, to play like that – T. Boone Pickens won't like it. Not one bit.

6. Missouri (8-4, 4-4, beat Kansas 41-39) Nice late season comeback by the Tigers, who won four of their last five (and should have won all five). The secondary needs work. The running game, now that Blaine Gabbert is more healthy, finally seems to be coming around. Was Mizzou lucky to win Saturday? A little. But we think, if the Tigers had to score a touchdown to win, they could have.

7. Kansas State (6-6, 4-4, Season over) Bill Snyder is busy working over this offense for 2010 – and looking for a JUCO quarterback to run the show.

8. Texas A&M (6-6, 3-5, lost to Texas 49-39) It's just our opinion, but A&M should lobby like crazy to avoid playing Navy in the Texas Bowl. There's no upside to playing that game for the Aggies, especially if Navy drops 30 points and 300 rushing yards. A&M is better off vying for the Independence, where a surprisingly nice draw (7-5 Tennessee or 7-5 Kentucky) awaits.

9. Iowa State (6-6, 3-5, Idle) ISU may benefit more from extra bowl practices than any other Big 12 team. The question is: Will it be spent preparing for the flexbone option?

10. Kansas (5-7, 1-7, lost to Missouri 41-39) If Mark Mangino does keep his job – as his current players seem to think he should – he'll be faced with living down one of the strangest three offensive calls I've seen in Big 12 history. Forget the disciplinary nonsense – what was Mangino thinking with two passes and a quarterback draw out of the end zone with a three-point lead? What a wasted, brilliant effort from Todd Reesing and Dez Briscoe.

11. Colorado (3-9, 2-6, lost to Nebraska 28-20) You know why I admire CU? Because, if Dan Hawkins is to keep his job after 2010, he has to navigate a non-conference schedule of Colorado State, Hawai'i, Georgia and California. Make Mack Brown do that every year. Make Bob Stoops do it. The Buffaloes' decision-makers apparently have low expectations for their program, and little interest in helping their coach achieve those mediocre goals.

12. Baylor (4-8, 1-7, lost to Texas Tech 20-13) A lost year for Art Briles and his crew. Back at it in 2010 – with a healthy Robert Griffin in the lineup.

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Thanks for eliminating the ties. Your ratings are very good, but I would move OSU to #2 and TTU to #3.

– Nov 30, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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