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2010 May 05

50 Husker Fans, 50 States: West Virginia


By HuskerLocker

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We're back with another awesome edition of 50 Husker Fans, 50 States! Today, we head to West Virginia, where college professor Brian Moudry checks in with a classic tale of Big Red fandom from afar.

Like many of our best stories, Brian's relives the big memories shared with Husker fans and family. His own unique spin is to compare NU with another college where it's the "only game in town," West Virginia. Needless to say - there still isn't much of a comparison. Enjoy!

And remember: If you want to be a part of this series…you can! Just email us at sam@ne.statepaper.com. We’ve got quite few stories to tell yet, but we want yours, too!

Q: Tell us a little of your personal history as a Husker fan. Were you born into the Big Red Nation? Did you attend school there? Just decided to follow the program from afar? Did you grow up in Nebraska? How did you get to living where you are today?

A: My name is Brian Moudry and I am a 44 year old college professor living in Elkins, WV, by way of being born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I began graduate school at UNL in 1987 and as I tell friends here that if you had asked me, prior to attending Nebraska in 1987, who they played in the 1986 bowl game or how good they were, I would have not had a clue. However, after traveling to my new destiny of Lincoln in the fall of 1987, I asked someone what people do around here. Immediately, all I heard was “Go to Husker games, but be sure to wear something red !” I did, was “baptized into the Red Sea,” never missed a game the remainder of my years in Lincoln, and have followed every game with unbridled passion every since moving to WV. Interestingly enough, my best childhood friend, Mark, from Baltimore, has always been a fan of the Huskers and together we have traveled to many Husker games, home, away, and bowls. He even made the trek out to Lincoln in the late 80s and 90s to see us play Washington and Oklahoma.

How hard, or easy, is it to follow the Huskers from where you live? Do you watch the games at home? Listen on the radio? Use the internet? Is there a “watch site” in town you like to frequent? Also: How many Husker fans are there in your area?

It isn’t easy for me to follow games that aren’t on television, but thankfully I subscribe to the ESPN Gameplan and get all the regional games that don’t make it here on the coast. If by chance, the Huskers aren’t on television, I use the internet and webcasts to at least get the audio. I’m also a sucker who will shell out $29.95 or whatever the athletic department deems appropriate to watch any and all games that are on PPV. There are not many, if any, Husker fans in my area and no designated “watch site”. Needless to say, I carry the torch for Husker fans all by myself and my friends are sure to let me know all about the Husker struggles when and if they occur. The ribbing can be tough, because they know how much they mean to me, but along the same lines, I am happy to celebrate all of our victories and progress at each and every opportunity.

How often do you get back for games? What’s the last game you’ve been to? How has the Husker experience changed over the years? Will Nebraska be playing a game in your area any time soon?

I haven’t been able to get back to many home games over the past few years as my teaching schedule conflicts obviously with when UNL is in session. However, I did get back for the Penn State game in 2003 and the 1 vs. 2 Oklahoma game of 2001. WHENEVER the Huskers travel anywhere East of the Mississippi, Mark and I make every effort possible to attend. We’ve been to the Penn State, Pitt, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame road games ( a more beautiful sight my eyes have never seen as when we painted THEIR stadium RED. Truly Priceless !!) We also have traveled to the Miami and Tennessee (98) bowl games over the years as well.

What’s the predominant college or pro team in your area? How is that fan base similar or different to Nebraska’s fan base? Hear a lot of trash talk about the Big 12, or anything like that? Give us an example of how Nebraska fans might be the same or different from some of the fans in your area.

Living in WV, most everyone is a Mountaineer fan. Recently they’ve experienced some gridiron success and have been feeling very confident in themselves. Like Nebraska, they are more or less the only game in town. Yet, truly, there is no comparison in terms of fan loyalty. For a school that struggles to sell out a home schedule, how can they even hold a candle to the Big Red (sold out since 1962 and even selling out the spring football scrimmage). Most are fans in name only, because it is the “thing” to do, but don’t truly have the depth or breadth of knowledge about the game or their team that most Nebraska fans I have met. With some of Nebraska’s struggles and their successes, they’ve been more likely to trash talk some. That is until I hold 5 fingers up on one hand and a 0 on the other. Soon they realize that 5 championships, compared to 0, makes their bravado a little less meaningful. Heck, with their one big chance to make the national championship game a few years ago, they choked to Pitt at home as a 28.5 point favorite. They’ll tell you Rodriguez “threw the game” which makes it all the more funny !

Give us one or two of your favorite Husker memories. They can be from any time period.

Without a doubt, my favorite Husker memory is from 2001. Mark and I had miraculously got tickets to the 1 vs. 2 Oklahoma home game. The excitement for that game was unbelievable and I remember thinking that as we took our seats in the South Stadium end zone that something amazing was about to happen. In the middle of the fourth, as the Huskers pulled out the now infamous “Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass”, I can still remember standing next to Mark and saying, “it’s a quick handoff, wait…. Reverse…. It’s a PASS !!” and from there on out all I recall is literally flying out of my seat. As Eric Crouch caught that pass from Mike Stuntz and was running right towards us in the South endzone, I literally bodysurfed several rows forwarded onto unsuspecting and just as jubilant Husker fans. It was pandemonium and truly a memory of a lifetime.

Feel free to add anything you like.

Like so many Husker fans, I live, breathe, and devour any and everything Husker football related. When my wife and I built a house in 99, I let her decorate it any way she wished, as long as I got a “Husker” room. When my daughter was born in 2005, I adorned her in the most fashionable Husker baby wear and truthfully tell people, one of my happiest moments in life will be when she says, “Daddy, will you take me to see the Huskers play in person.” It will get done, no matter the cost or inconvenience. Gazing out on the giant “N” I let grow in my front yard, I am sure I share the same sentiment of many Husker fans when I say that even though I enjoy my summer break, I never stop thinking about the fall and Husker football. There truly is No Place Like Nebraska. Go Big Red !!

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This is a fine effort to honor fans, but you really have not thought grandly enough at all. There exists a Husker diaspora out here in the rest of the world and really want to see how far it has grown over the years, you need to continue the piece by doing piece Husker fans overseas. You can start with me in Cameroon, homeplace of half of of Mr. Suh's heritage.

– May 7, 2010 at 2:26 am

Profile image for skerhead66

Great post!! I too, was at the 2001 Oklahoma v. Nebraska game . See my post from that game at
My daughter said to me, just this past fall, "Daddy, when are you taking me to my first Husker game?" So we are planning a trip for the Nebraska v. Texas Game this October in Lincoln!!! HOpe to see you there!!


– May 6, 2010 at 11:02 am

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